Soul/Spiritual abuse

Soul/Spiritual Abuse
Where psychological, emotional, spiritual and mental abuse that has been sadistically applied in layers to the psyche. Different traumas of psychological and emotional development help shape the personality along with conditioning from society, parenting, religion and all other aspects of authority, conceal the truth of the trauma. It’s a slow and crippling disease that’s spreading throughout humanity.
You’re not supposed to be weak; you’re powerful, bigger than your ego and mind and far more superior to those voices in your head. Your heart is capable of miracles, if you just overcome your fears. Your heart seeks a different truth. It’s seeks connections, community, unity, oneness, freedom.
It will find that connections in the most hellish of circumstances of experience.
Perpetrators of abuse are essentially spiritually devoid, lacking any empathy and craving domination and power. They can be compared to a robot or a clone. As they are able to function perfectly? How do you spot an enemy?
Spirituality is the very essence of your true voice, your power, all those traits and qualities that are suffocated by the fear based reactions we all have. Ego tricks of the mind. The ego isn’t the bad guy, it’s designed to make you confront your fears and conquer them. You can either conquer or be conquered by a power darker than your own.
Spirituality is energy, an energy that gives, without wanting anything back. It forgives, without permission. Its compassion, empathy, innocence, grace and unconditional love. It’s knows no prejudice. It’s endless and gives each one of us a feeling of connection. It’s humbling and serves a greater humanity.
Fear is driven and charged by wrath, anxiety, helplessness, vanity, greed, gluttony and prejudice. These sins all feed the generator. When you drop the fears, you access the grace of pure love.
Our spirit is that consciousness that resides deep within. It knows no evil. It can see without eyes, hear without ears, smell without scent, taste without flavour and touch without physicality. It’s knows without knowing.
Our soul and mind can work in tandem, the mind talks, the soul feels. In the stomach, the soul has another voice that the mind struggles to comprehend. The soul’s voice is the voice of intuition, the tool we all need that delivers us to safety. It’s a knowing, trusting force.
We’re all born the same, we all have a soul, we have a mind, we feel emotions, we can dream. However, were not all born equal? Don’t be fooled into believing everybody is just like you. You will lose vital life force energy from those who come from the dark side agenda. Like vampires are only able to function at night, there is a breed among humanity that can only survive by stealing your life force, your energy. They are able to function as a normal human being, through siphoning your higher emotions of compassion and forgiveness, which makes the perpetrators look normal. However, through engaging with a soulless being, you will notice how exhilarated they become during exchanges of power over. By engaging you into fear based emotions. They feed on fear, just like vampires feed on blood. It’s everywhere and as society is so enmeshed in media stories of tragedy and war, collectively, we spiritual beings are being tricked into giving the generator of darkness energy- power.
Their agenda is to feed off fear. They exist as sure as the sun shines each day and the moon shines at night. They live among you and they will continue to breed and grow further into their demonic nature, until we collectively stop playing with them the mind games they need to survive.
We’re all taught to believe love can conquer hate! A common misconception that can be interpreted wrong, love can only conquer hate by walking away from them. You can’t love a spiritless person; they have a black hole that no amount of love and goodness can fill. They’re bottomless pit will never be sated, but your endless supply of energy and love will deplete you, eventually a mental or emotional illness will take over, and your life energy will slowly die. Your intuition is being attacked and suffocated.
There’s a war going on right in front of your eyes. It’s not a physical war, that’s a decoy to turn you away from what really happening inside.
As within so without. If your wage a war with your ego against someone else and feed your demons, how can you condemn the war happening in the world today. By engaging in the trap and returning to the battle with more ammunition to stop the enemy. No. Standing up and fighting back to physical wars is contributing to the collective fear of humanity. Your brothers and sisters are dying because your failing to acknowledge your part in the darkness.
It’s all about power, what are you doing with yours!