Financial abuse

Financial abuse is a tactic to encourage dependency. It’s to ensure all financial control remains in one person’s hands, the oppressor. The purpose is to enable further degradation and humiliation against the victim. You can’t be trusted with the finances, you can’t be trusted with your own memory, let alone be able to have some financial responsibility, which your quite capable of managing. This undermines your self esteem and self worth.
One of the tactics of financial abuse, is where you both agree to a joint bank account and you pool all your wages in to the account, but the other one doesn’t. Or you share a joint account and the purpose of not having your own account is to ensure, you never accumulate any resources to leave. Another aspect to this abuse is where you both have joint credit agreements, and your the one paying for them. The same applies to joint credit cards, and the other is spending innocuous amounts of the money.
A more insidious tactic of financial abuse is where the person claims to have in insurance policy or something like a cash injection from a blame/claim dispute, or a fabricated inheritance but is unable to get their hands on the cash as its in the process of being issued, so they depend on your financial generosity to carry them through until the pay check arrives. By the time it does arrive, if it does arrive, and isn’t another pathological lie, another drama or financial outlay is impending and the money you’ve been handing over, never returns.
Handing over the rent or mortgage money to your spouse to pay bills with, and later discovering your going to be evicted as they didn’t pay the mortgage or rent. This in taking money without consent. You gave money to pay for your living expenses and your other half spent this on having a wild time.
The tactic’s for financial rape are endless, it usually begins with small sums that are repaid back, to enable and develop trust, then the larger sums of money come into effect.
Financial abuse is endless and is designed to get you under full control of the oppressor, to ensure that your will not venture away from them and encourages full dependancy to the disordered personality

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