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Narcissism works along a continuum, we’re all responsible for our own narcissism. Healthy narcissism is self care, pride in our appearance and achievements. Pathological narcissism is where the ego has shut down to higher emotions such as compassion, empathy and sharing. The ego has taken control of the person and everything is directed to the pacify, the narcissistic wound.

Narcissism is created in childhood through our ego and our personal experiences. These experiences support the development of our psyche. We learn and decipher good and bad experiences and label these experiences according to our psyche development. Depending on whether the experience was abandonment, abuse or rejection. Our psyche then holds this experience and decides how to overcome the painful reaction. As children we tend to want to please our care givers and will usually respond this way, when it is further rejected, the psych starts to develop coping skills to alleviate internal pain. These coping skills help to shape your emotional resilience to upsetting events, or will create an internal, emotional shut down, the result of which, is either neurosis or psychosis.

Not all narcissists are psychopaths, but all psychopaths are narcissists. Statistics claim 4% of our society are psychopaths and 6% are narcissists. There are many more who have never been caught, so these statistics are inaccurate. Psychopaths are experts at faking all human emotions, they can mirror, act and imitate all human behaviours, with Oscar performing acting skills. They are devoid of any morality, empathy and compassion. They consider these weak and pathetic, but will easily mimic, copy and replicate them to obtain your power from you. They are unable to feel anything emotionally, they are robots in human form. The one and only emotion that they can feel is anger, they have already shut down the pathway of love. Anger is the ruling force within their personality and attitude, uncontrollable rage is a weapon, a tool to obtain power. Not just to terrorise you, but to extract power from your fear. Fear is energy, this fear feeds the collective unconscious and is the common denominator in social constructions. The collective is the power behind the structure, change is needed. People need to unite together to overcome social injustice. One voice stands alone, but a collective group has far more power than one leader. The structure of society is designed to keep the elite, as elite, and the rest of society must obey their orders. When a group of people unite to challenge those at the top, the collective unconscious is changed. The population as a whole is far more powerful than those who sit at the top creating a new law. The only way to topple a structure or change a law, is to collectively join together, as a unified army.


© Copyright 2015. Kelly Bristow all rights reserved.

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