Free resources

Mindfulness for Anxiety and Stress

A mini e book about anxiety, stress and how to overcome anxious and fearful situations with mindfulness. Including some colouring pages of mandalas for relaxation!


mini-ebook Chakra’s, on mother earth and how they relate to humanity, including lots of colouring pages for you to download and indulge yourself.

colouring-resources Grab some crayons or pencils and get lost in the moment, colouring the delightful mandalas. Mini E-book to print out and colour.

chakras Chakra powerpoint; a short video explaining the seven chakras

a-prison-without-walls-powerpoint A sneaky snapshot of the story line!

The Oracle

Mindfulness for anxiety and stress. A mini book I made that explains the nature of anxiety and some helpful tips to overcome stress and gain control of your life.