Recommendations for healing after trauma and abuse


This sight is brilliant is will help you gain some clarity. It was a lifeline for me, to realise the glib and false charm the psychopath emits. There is also a forum, for you to connect and share your confusion with others who have experienced the same or a similiar ordeal.

Psychopaths are MASTER MANIPULATORS… a wolf in sheeps clothing, and this site will help you educate yourself to all their tricks!

A psychopth has a predatory nature, and their method is control. If they can’t control YOU, they will control how everybody see’s you. So be prepared to lose everything, they want to destroy your self worth, your reputation, your family, EVERYTHING.

Everybody will believe his/her too. Possessed by the jezebel spirit, they exude pure unudulterated EVIL with a capital E. Driven on hatred, contempt and a hunger for power of control. These people may be your best friend, your boss your spouse, your parent and…. your worst nightmare.

They work in all fields, and we now live in times of duality, so they will be mirroring you, until they have full control over you, then they start to show their true colours, you must educate yourself, and learn to read the signs.

During the abuse, you’re whole psycholigical and neurological system will be dysfunctional, and this is the point. They are master manipulators, and will use their ‘nice’ exterior to lure and groom you.

The greatest trick the DEVIL ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist…. he doesn’t have red horns or fangs, like the books try to tell you, he’s likely to be handsome, and everything you ever dreamed of, only to come along a shatter every one of them….

The man/woman of your dreams WILL COST YOU YOUR LIFE… Educate yourself and be aware and AWAKEN to their behaviour…

Emotionally stable and emotionally unstable are the two new labels that appear to be overwriting the previous 10 personality disorder spectrum… Including autism and aspergers disorder…

In my experience, a psychopath uses PTSD and victimhood as a grooming tool, to lure you in as bait… so be aware…. They will use, abuse and discard because they can… All your higher emotions of compassion, empathy and kimdness are what they NEED.. To survive!

Psychopathy IS A personality disorder…. and a very dangerous one. This website has some amazing tools to help you regain your mental wellbeing.

IT ISN’T you that is damaged…. It’s your mirror… They are showing their true colours and essesntially, they need the help the most.

The best revenge you can show to someone who took great pleasure in destroying you, is to move on, cut off contact (supply) and get help and most of all, to heal yourself….

DO NOT wait for an apology, they see nothing wrong with their behaviour, infact, they enjoyed playing the carrot and stick MIND GAME on you… You will go to your grave wanting to know why…. They are cowards and operate bihind the scenes, flying monkeys will be employed to torment and torture you, scapegoating you for tellijg the truth…

Stop caring and mirror back the same behaviour they morrored to you… these peolle cannot be helped, they thrive on deception and abuse… Return all the love and compassion you gave so willingly, back to YOURSELF…

Your just a pawn in their game for power and control… toxic to the core, they cannot be helped, .

A fantastic site, with detailed articles explaining PTSD and personality disorders

The site offers help for family members living with a loved one who has a personality disorder and offers great advice.


After the shock, when you finally come to terms with the truth that you were abused, this woman is briliant.

Her work is focussed on narcissistic abuse, although not everybody who has narcissistic personality. disorder is a psychopath, every psychopath does have narcissism…

Narcissistic abuse is sinister and totally insidious, ranging from emotional, spiritual, sexual, psychological and also physical. Melanie explains how we learn to accept abuse from childhood programming, trauma’s from where our carefivers should of protected us to understanding your own psycholigical make up and how it was re-wired to accept abuse.


This young man is brilliant. A modern day Shaman, and a spiritual life coach. He doesn’t cover recovery from abuse, but he does explain the spiritual dimesions, the incubus and succubus – or jezebel spirit…

If you didnt find what you needed with the other websites, and understand the 4th Dimension/ Astral dimension. This guy is highly recommended. Especially if you want to understand the invisible realm, RYAN really nails it.

He’s also an NDE survivor too, so a great site for understanding the other dimesnions.

They target EMPATHS, becasue they are lookijg for love. to be loved, becasue they are unable to create or feel their own sense of belonging, disconnected from source consciousness, they NEED you more than you need them…. so if you naturally absorb other peoples pain and suffering, you will be targeted…