Opposites Attract

Narcissus and Echo were once lovers in Greek mythology. A story where narcissus was only able to love his mirror reflection (masculinity) was adored by the echo (femininity). But he didn’t love her, because he could only love himself.
When you’re only able to love yourself, you’re disconnected and separate, unable to survive, on your own. You search and seek out validation for your insecurities.
Narcissus is the part of our persona, or better known as the ego. A part of ourselves that is constructed through childhood. This part of us creates defences against internal trauma; it’s constructed to react to survival instincts, defence mechanisms to protect the ego from attack. Its function comes into action when we are defensive against something in our own ego, our own hidden, buried and vehemently denied trauma. Because pain hurts! Our ego is designed to guide us through human life and lives solely in our head.
Echo is not the female aspect of narcissus which mythology would have you believe. Echo, is the voice the ego needs to survive. Echo is the polar opposite of Narcissus. Which thinks Echo is love, as everything he sees in the pool of water is reflected back to him, he can hear echo, repeat the same words he spoke, validating narcissisms importance. Consolidating the ego voice. Echo is the polarity of narcissus. The two dance together in perfect harmony. Narcissus believes he is God, and Echo obeys the master. A story that exemplifies the masculine and feminine energies at play in the world today.
When we love ourselves from the ego, we judge ourselves by the mirror in front of us. ‘I love my legs, they’re perfect, my best asset and everyone looks and stares at me, they envy my beauty’. Or ‘I love my car, it’s newer than everyone’s in the street. (Pride,) they want to be me. They can see how great I am’. A common thread that runs rampant in your psyche, this is feeding the E.G.O. And suffocating your truth, smothering what really needs to be felt, what yearns to speak, what aches to be acknowledged and nurtured. It’s love for the sake of love. It forgives as that its essence. It’s freedom.
Echo is the mirror of our existence and it can be seen everywhere, on TV, in the music we listen to, what people we choose to attach to, echo are our attachments that we place on objects, possessions or people. We expect echo to reflect back to us how great we are, and how loved we are. Attachments to love are a condition we teach ourselves, from our parents. We’re all conditioned to some degree.
Conditioned by fear.
Conditioned to not eat the extra piece of cake – because we’ll get fat. Conditioned to learn to read and write – because we won’t get a job. Conditioned to please someone – because we believe that’s how we obtain love. Because we’re all too afraid to stand alone. Echo is the ego’s defence. Echo doesn’t stop, because that’s all she is, an echo, a reflection.
Neither narcissus or Echo has a gender. They form the story of your life. Your ego drives you forward everyday, in a positive or a negative way. Positively our ego pushes us past our limitations and helps us to achieve. Negatively, the ego holds us back, procrastinating and the black fog of mental insecurity follows us around. The Echo is the mirror of what we are seeking from our ego.
Love is our heart. The heart has an alternative mission and this voice of purity and innocence is suffocated by ego drives and demands from the material world.
We’re plagued with insecurity, anxiety and fears, developed throughout life from different experiences. Society designs the story and we obey the script. Suffocating the heart further and further away from the harmony and peace it yearns to seek.
The ego is that judgemental, insecure voice, chastising you or holding you back from becoming, from speaking your soul truth, because of anxiety and fear of ridicule or being ostracised from our loved ones. Fear of being judged because our ego loves to judge.
Narcissism in the 21st century is rampant and growing by the second. Why, because it makes you feel alive, makes you feel like your somebody, someone special, filling your imagination with grandiosity and power. It’s a seductive and forceful energy, full of confidence and bursting with vigour. Giving you all your hearts desires! Everybody and everything echo’s backed to you the wonder and awe you see in yourself. You are loved.
Then the mask slips. Something goes wrong, as it always does eventually. The perfection of your life suddenly stops being perfect. Then the invisible war starts all over again.