The nature of the Universal Mind

The nature of the Universal Mind is;
Omniscience (all knowing),
Omnipotence (all powerful),
Omnificence (all creative) and
Omnipresence (always present).

Know that this too is your nature. You have access to all knowledge, known and unknown; you have access to an infinite power for which nothing is impossible; you have access to the limitless creativity of the One Creator. All these attributes are present within you at all times in their potential form.

Neuroscience is a wonderful thing. We have MRIs that can show which parts of our brains are active when we engage in problem-solving, creativity, memory and such. It has figuratively dissected our brains into all of their parts and can see brain damage from traumas and strokes. Our brains are physical things, with cells made up of molecules and atoms. Our brain is like a giant computer programme, running on software that each individual has accumulated through life experiences. Through repetition and repeatedly practicing a new skill, we master it!

Quantum physics is also a wonderful thing. It now tells us that there ultimately is no matter – no molecules or atoms. They can be smashed and smashed in particle accelerators until there is nothing there – energy. Given this fact, we now have realized that every bit of matter in the universe is, at its core, only energy. Including our brains.

Medicine has documented, on numerous occasions, instances of brain death (no activity in the brain whatsoever, as measured by EEGs) and then a return to life of the individual who was medically dead. The people who have experienced a near death experience share very similar stories – hovering over their bodies in a state of awareness, or moving toward a light, experiences of feeling out of the physical body. Brain death, clearly does reverse. If so, why only for some?

All is Mind. Everything is processed in the mind, which then passes on instructions to the bodily systems, thus; endocrine, CNS, central nervous system, PNS, peripheral nervous system, digestion, temperature, hunger, sex etc. When mind is aligned and in balance from inside, the reality is reflected outside.

Here are the thoughts and beliefs that we must nurture until they are dominant and all of the ego thoughts have been dispelled.

We must first surrender to this force and understand that our body and our brain are not in control – only our thoughts are.
Accept that within this energy of the Universal Mind is creativity and that you can connect to that creativity. Visualize your connection as a hose as creative thought and energy coming through that hose into you. This is where inspiration comes from, where you find your ‘calling,’ and where your next ‘big idea’ resides.
Practice kindness. There is no need to give into those old ego thoughts that have been residing in that memory portion of your brain. You don’t have to be unkind to anyone or any creature. High consciousness comes when we understand that kindness benefits us as much as the other person.
Love. It comes from kindness, really, and it means that we give up our need to judge and to be angry or resentful. We recognize that everyone is on his/her own path to enlightenment. We will all get there eventually because we are all connected through the Universal Mind. How can we not love ourselves?
Beauty. Focus on the beauty all around you. When you do this continuously, you can see the beauty in others and in a maggot. Everything is as it should be and in that, there is beauty.
Expansion. We expand consciousness with our correct thoughts and realize that there are no limitations in the Mind. We begin to understand that there is an unlimited supply of energy for us to increase our awareness.
Abundance. This is just like an expansion. If there is only energy and it cannot be created or destroyed, then we have an unlimited supply of that energy to bring abundance to ourselves. We are just re-arranging that energy.
Receptivity. We must be receptive to the unlimited supply of energy that is ours to tap into. This goes back to the initial idea of surrender. And with surrender, comes peace – beautiful peace.
Meditation, staying at peace, replacing all negative thoughts with the understanding that the Universal Mind is an unlimited supply of energy and intention – these are the things that will raise our consciousness, keep the connection clean and bring us joy.
Gratitude. We expand and this allows gratitude to take a dominant stance in our mind and life. Gratitude opens the channels for abundance faster.

The results of expanding our consciousness rewards us with the capacity to work with heightened or extra sensory perception. The ability to read through a situation, without the need for use of language. Body language, intentions and negative energies are quickly picked up by the individual, enabling the individual to learn and build on dormant skills.