Four Rooms

Mental Room
In the mental room we store our values and beliefs; we also hold our conscious awareness here along with focused attention and personal accountability. Assumptions and expectations that drive our experience. How we perceive well-being and our power to change it. Some think of this room as the masculine part of themselves, as mentally, we rationalise and plan strategies using masculine energy. In the mental room, we believe, and what we believe is a thought, which is the root of all physical action and experience.

The emotional room,
This room is filled with our numerous emotions. Impatience, frustration, anger, resentment and emotional clutter that is too overwhelming to organise. We also react on auto pilot from the emotional room, we react to life events rather than using the mental room to help balance the emotions. All feelings are stored here that have accumulated over your lifetime. Feelings imprinted by sensory stimulus or mental stimulus. Our positive feelings are also stored here, such as compassion, empathy and joy.

Physical room,
This is the body, what we experience in life through all of our senses, not just what we eat and drink and the physical activity. Physically, we respond to everything that has its roots in the mental and emotional room. Some refer to the physical room as taking in food and saying things like, ‘you are what you eat.’ But it’s my much more complex than that. The physical is the product or manifestation of our beliefs and stress is triggered in the mental room, accompanied by an emotional reaction that stokes the fires and instructs the pituitary gland with associated actions. The physical room is reacting to internal stimulus such as anxiety, palpitations, sweating and restlessness.
To feel alive, we need to get in touch with our physical body and make a connection between the mind and the body. To harmonise our body from the sensory input we accumulate on a daily basis and to take control of our body. Eating consciously and engaging in relaxation and breathing helps to integrate the three systems. When stress becomes overwhelming, the body reacts to it, through sweating and bowel urgency.

The spirit room,
This is where we identify what makes us come alive. What ignites the real passion and essence of who we are? What inspires joy and brings us in line with the flow and essence of who we are. How we express our values and where we find deeper meaning and purpose in all of life. In this room we find new sources of creativity, energy and peace. This room is when we discover what truly feeds us, and nourishes our true essence or soul. Some refer to this room as feminine energy. Being in nature, painting or engaging in a passion that evokes joy, caring for those in need or travelling to new shores. Anything that we feel inspired to do. The spirit room seeks solace in silence or mediation, serving others or doing what we love.

From the Novel – A Prison Without Walls.