Sometimes, you have to be CRUEL in order to BE KIND. That means walking away from something, or someone, who is not good for you! If you’re waiting for an apology… you’ll be waiting a long time!

Evil minds and their intentions against other people, they can never see the error of their behaviour… blind to their own ignorance and hiding behind a facade of false bravado…

They have wounds too! Big ones, probably bigger than your inner child wounds.. and healing these wounds is their responsibility!

Having a high level of empathy means you absorb the other persons emotions and attempt to fix the situation….. STOP…. Learn to understand your intuition and inner knowing, as this gift will help you to find the boundary between what is your emotion, and what belongs to the other!

Walking away takes strength, courage and COMPASSION and what most people don’t realise about compassion, is that, letting go, letting the other person be who they are, knowing that you have tried everything you can… is kindness… this is true, non judgemental compassion…. accepting and letting them BE!

Nobody is perfect… we all have some damage… whether the damage came from the home, school, intimate relationship or through work! We all have our own troubles to deal with… some people will support you through this, others will want to destroy you from this….


Love isn’t always rainbows, roses and chocolates, sometimes love hurts! And it is in the pain, that the light creeps out. Living in a war zone with someone who is broken and damaged will only bring you further down into their misery.

Compassion is to allow, accept and ultimately, let go…

Reacting to dysfunctional behaviours, is more harmful to both parties, because it brings the mature person, down the the level of the aggressor, fighting fire with fire has never produced a healthy solution. Hate and violence will never resolve anything.

The feminine is the mature, compassionate, receptive aspect we have within, that allows us to truly accept the other person, as they are. The truth is, you, nor I, can save someone else from their own self sabotage and destructive behaviours. The saboteur has to understand that they have to save themselves.

And YOU, have to respect yourself and protect yourself.

Violence is everywhere….. Intimate violence is so prolific and embedded into everything these days, self violence against societal violence.

In this blog site, you will be able to find everything regarding sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissism and the polar opposite – empath. If you have recently discovered you have been or are in a relationship with someone toxic, negative, damaged, following a path of self sabatage, the best advice I can offer you, is to leave… get out…. move on.

See it for what it is…. its a lesson, not a life sentance, staying in a prison without walls!

Sometimes, letting them BE, will ironically, set YOU FREE.

Take you sword of truth, and cut through the bullshit… fighting back will only fan the flames that poisoned the connection in the first instant… Take your dignity (whats left of it) and give yourself the gift of freedom…. by letting go and moving on…

There is no compromising, or communicating with someone, who doesn’t SEE you or your worth… without compromise, there is no balance.

You CAN’T change anybody, you can’t help someone who refuses to acknowledge they need help.


Let your divine Feminine RISE up, with compassion and kindness, walk away from the conflict zone. In every victim, there you will meet the villain, because the villain plays the victims, so well!

It was a lesson, or a blessing… Sometimes, its both!

You will never win a war with a toxic, damaged individual…. if you find that you lost someone, but found yourself… YOU WON!

Not all battles require blood, guns, knives and broken bones… so much damage is created through words, malicious and vindictive intent, misunderstandings, all these concepts have the potential to destroy!

The lesson… to learn about what love actually IS!

The blessing…. you no longer have to live in the war zone… the war is over!

Now you have to journey back… to heal the original WOUNDS.

Some people insist that you can’t heal and thrive after C-ptsd or PTSD…. THE TRUTH IS… YOU CAN!

Just like the road traffic accident survivor learns to walk again, so too can you learn to live, and thrive again…. after PTSD.

Good luck on your journey… I hope these blog articles help you in discovering who you truly are!