Astral ABUSE and RAPE!

In a relationship with these parasites, they will use you, and abuse you, to continue sleeping around with prostitutes while you stay at home and play the doting spouse. It’s all about control and SEXUAL DOMINATION. Trust me…  they want you DEAD. They ENVY and HATE you so much that the very fact that you can breathe, with the capacity to LOVE which irritates them immensely. They have no HEART and NO LOVE to share… they NEED you to OBEY and COMPLY to their timetable, demands and sexual slavery.

Insidious I know, but this is the truth about domestic abuse and psychopathic spouses. They RAPE you astrally and abuse you physically… they cannot be helped or cured because YOU are the one who has the problem… They are immune to any self reflection and DON’T EXPECT AN APOLOGY… because cowards do not apologise. They HIDE, they LIE and the CHEAT!

They’re IGNORANCE and their blatant REJECTION towards your GOOD intentions are exactly WHAT THEY NEED TO SURVIVE… you have to STARVE them….

Please don’t try to fight them, challenge them or even engage with them, you DESERVE to be RESPECTED for the very BEING that you are. Do NOT take revenge against them, KARMA will do that for you… They CANNOT see you; they only see your sexual energy and you are FOOD! They will NOT return anything to you… all you will get back from trying to help them is…. rejection…ignorance… abandonment… abuse…rape… YOU are NOT GOOD ENOUGH for them. You’re not pretty enough, you’re not young enough, you will NEVER BE ENOUGH!

There is so much that’s talked about regarding soulmates, twin flames, kundalini energy, some are experiencing a heightened connection, others are experiencing confusion, and many are wondering if this is a real love connection or an insidious possession. A feeling of being bewitched, claimed or owned is some strange unconscious way.

In the astral realm, there are three layers, and the lower level is populated by demonic activity, where SOCIOPATHS and PSYCHOPATHS roam the skies at night, looking for an EMPATH with a bright light to devour, claim and… yep, RAPE!

This is where the twin flame journey takes a nosedive and possession of the person happens, which is why domestic violence and intimate abuse is becoming such an epidemic these days! And it’s not just intimate violence either!

Your eyes meet… You see them in the flesh and fall instantly in love… but wait, somehow something feels off, wrong, and even strange. You can’t leave them because you believe they are ‘THE ONE’ the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with? They know all about you, they know where you’re going, who you’ve been with and what you have been doing? What you’re eating etc… How do they know this much about you huh?

This is where the Astral realm comes into play. We can all astral travel…only many of us don’t remember doing this or how we do it… this is where the ALL-SEEING EYE comes into play. They can watch you every second of the day… AS A FALSE GOD!

In the astral realm, we all venture up here during THETA brain activity, a world within your mind and outside of your mind, and it is in this dimension – where psychopaths RAPE, possess and claim, their next victim!

So that when you meet them in reality, you have this familiar feeling that you’ve met them before? You know them from a past life maybe, or that your destined to be together!!! Oh no, the TRUTH is stranger than FICTION!

Don’t be fooled! Because the Astral realm is where the sociopaths and psychopaths roam the skies, looking for a bright light -YOUR’S.  Darkness cannot drive out darkness, there is a reason behind why you have fallen in love with a DARK KNIGHT. He’s abusive, insensitive, arrogant, ignorant and outright damaged and he DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. He has NO LIGHT to share and NO LOVE to give. LOVE does not RAPE and ABUSE when you’re defenceless. Like a THIEF IN THE NIGHT, they are coming to RAPE and CLAIM you…

Astral Rape is when you can feel the coccyx of your spine in great pain… You’ll wake wondering what the pain is… it will make you curl into a foetal position because its so painful and you’ll be screaming out for GOD to help you!

You cannot fight them, because its all happening behind the veil!

And as the veil is now lifting and thinning, people are WAKING up to this activity and DECEPTIVE CONTROL.

That’s PSYCHOPATH’s for you! It’s all happening in the ASTRAL realm first! Then they will try and convince you that your both soulmates!!!! It’s Bullshit!

EMPATH’s…. Please, Please, Please PROTECT YOURSELF. And finally, stop caring, STOP CARING ABOUT THEM, that’s the TRAP… that’s what they want you to do! It’s all abuse against your higher emotions and most of all YOUR SPIRIT!

Damaged people can be fixed, Psychopaths CAN’T, because they enjoy belittling you, mocking you, trying to manipulate you like a puppet for their fun and play! It’s all happening behind the veil! The all-seeing EYE!

KNOW YOUR WORTH. you are loveable, you are worthy of a love so powerful and pure, don’t give discounts to cheap people… You CANNOT HELP THEM… THEY DONT WANT HELP….

Protect yourself and your heart, you are loved so much by your maker and master… keep GOD in your heart because he is more powerful than any of these parasitic leeches.