The Day I met MY (invisible) TWIN – It’s not what you think!


“… the primeval man was round, his back and sides forming a circle; and he had four hands and four feet, one head with two faces, looking opposite ways, set on a round neck and precisely alike; also four ears, two privy members, and the remainder to correspond… Terrible was their might and strength, and the thoughts of their hearts were great, and they made an attack upon the gods…”

No, this isn’t a post about romance or finding love. The twin flame movement appears to follow the romance route only. for me, discovering my Twin within, was the journey to discovering my TRUE SELF.

Your invisible TWIN is the invisible other half of YOU. And….. once you fuse with your TWIN, you will then ascend… to meet the creator of the new world. Once you have met the creator, your KUNDALINI will no longer fall down back to your coccyx, your kundalini now rests, safely in the HEART with the SEED of GOD!

The real me, the real aspect of what I am and what I look like underneath this body from which I hide, or rather, what is concealed from the real world and also how I made my passage and found UTOPIA.


It was during a deep trance, I was walking down a long hallway. Navigating through a labyrinth in my MIND. And I entered a door, I was standing in front of two women and then as I passed the two women, I saw a huge mirror, and my reflection in the mirror.

The next part is really hard to explain in words, there was a big mirror, and I could see myself behind the mirror, projecting to MYSELF?

Strange I know, but it was a surreal experience… My TWIN was ME, and I am my TWIN!

Sigmund Freud, the psychologist told a story of Narcissus where he was obsessed with himself and his own reflection, well the experience I had correlated to what Freud meant. Although I wasn’t obsessing over myself like narcissus was in the pool of water. I was completely blown away at what I looked like, without a body too!

It appears that underneath the body, the muscles, the nerves and the emotions, there is this protoplasmic field, a tiny spark of electricity is what operates the soul! What was most revealing was the cord that connects the heart to the MIND.

It looks like electricity, but the electricity doesn’t function all over the body, it is very localised, in the spiritual sight.

This experience led me to research and discover more about my psyche, and what I realised was, the TWIN I met at the Mirror, is the same translucent figure I saw, when I drowned as a small child.

Behind every physical act, there is an invisible force, and it is this invisible force, you want to control.

The TWIN ray or twin flame that new age movements promote twin flames as a romantic ideal? Yet for me, when I met my TWIN, I wasn’t aware at the time, nut I am aware now, that the twin ray, is within you. It is YOU.

The ego is controlled by the left brain. Dreams emerge from the RIGHT brain during sleep and the left brain during waking hours, therefore, during waking hours, the LEFT brain tries to block the RIGHT brain, because the LEFT brain is the inner TYRANT and operates through the EGO.

Our right brain is neutral, neither negative or positive, so you could say that the RIGHT brain is the SOURCE and our connection to SOURCE is through the INVISIBLE TWIN.

Our body is an interface, a computer, the brain is the hard drive and the left and right brain is the split in the psyche, and also represent the split in the world when you become conscious.

The RIGHT brain is the sleeping GIANT, and works like a movie projector and when you meet your (REAL) ‘SELF’ you will understand this too. The objective from this point, would be to programme the projectionist, which is where the symbols of the ancient times, operate’s to a beat of its own drum.

It gets better from here onwards; your dreams will become very important and insightful.

they will be either;

  • Prohpetic
  • Magical
  • Supernatural
  • pragmatic.

Our left brain battles with the right brain due to ego domination and control. during sleep, the ego cannot dominate or control which leaves the right brain to freely produce.

MIND is everywhere. MIND is everything. MIND is where it all begins and ends…. It’s alla MIND GAME.

When you finally meet yourself, and you realise – It’s all YOU…. it’s YOU… unraveling and traveling along the different timelines and dimensions in this amazing matrix, we call LIFE.

Your invisible TWIN is YOU…. It’s all you…

Since I won my game, Which was in August 2014…. Last year I was hoodwinked and taken hostage, without giving my consent… to the false matrix and negative plane by the MEN in BLACK…. the Holograms behind the veil of illusion and also, a discovery of a FALSE MATRIX with a FALSE white LIGHT, the ritualistic sacrifices… I remember the dungeons… Rapists and more rapists, biochemical implants and coccyx/kundalini biochemical implants… A false LIGHT MAN… Leading the unconscious public.. to their enslavement!

The creator HAS no NAME and does not speak…. so some of the adventures I have had with narcissistic holographic voices claiming to be the voice of some FAKE GOD punishing me… look at what you’ve one…. it’s all your fault this is… i hope you find the person who raped you…yada yada yada… Completely Narcissistic Mind games the lower 4th density plane. Yes… I have been dragged to hell…

Big huge tip for the unawakened… the creator of the 5th world is a benevolent, humble gentle man… he is NOT A TYRANT ABUSIVE ENTITY. And, he does not have a BEARD!!!! FFS

Avalon… Mount Meru. the fifth world… whatever you want to call this utopian PLANET… it’s definitely not this world, which is the illusion… The real purpose for every soul is to find their way home to the age of aquarius… UTOPIA… HEAVEN. It’s REAL and we Source players, are all going HOME! This is the last incarnation on this planet, don’t waste it worrying about the planet, it’s not salvageable… UTOPIA is on the other side.