Narcissism – Disconnection from the CREATOR

The lower three is the enemy, these being: Fear, Desire and Social Conditioning. The lower world is the unconscious aspect of ourselves.

In religious texts, this would be the Devil or Satan, in psychological terminology, this would be Narcissism. The underworld represents the lower three Chakras’s, Root, Sacral and Solar.. the disconnection from source. This is what religious texts mean when they say Lucifer fell from heaven.

Metaphorically speaking.

The first chakra is FEAR and the shadow to this is ANGER

The second chakra is Sacral, on one side this is DESIRE and the shadow to this is Sexual impulse and instinct, even perversion of sexual desires.

The third chakra is the Solar, and this represents Social conditioning,


By conquering the lower three chakra’s, of both the shadow and the light side, the journey back to SOURCE is ignited.

This is what biblical texts mean when they say SECOND COMING or the RESERUCTION.

This is the SPIRITUAL birth.

Four is three around one, the three being the triad and the one being the BELOVED, or SOURCE, GOD, THE CREATOR, THE FATHER whatever name resonates bests to your understanding, this is the marriage of the BRIDE and CHRIST! Where the masculine and feminine and soul self unites with the BELOVED. The higher self (pineal) unites with the heart, (source creator) and the SELF is illuminated.

Religious books are not meant literally, rather they explain things symbolically and through metaphors.

The lower ego is the enemy to enlightenment or illumination. Your EGO when stuck in the underworld or in the lower three chakra’s, is the enemy to YOU. What you see and perceive, judge outside of yourself, in others, points to a problem or defence mechanism with your own soul.

The rebirth or the reconnection to universal SOURCE is activated through the heart.


This is why you hear people say god is love, because love SOURCE gives LIFE to the heart, to the soul, through pain and joy.

To achieve NIRVANA or BLISS you have to follow your bliss – follow your heart.

Psychologically the lower three are levels in individual planes that the soul has to overcome, much like a test or trial, to level up. Blame, expectation and entitlement all belong in the lower three – (underworld.)

In religious texts these three represent. Greed, Lust and Pride in the self or EGO. Which is then played out in society, relationships, cultural traditions etc…the enemy is within.

That which you HATE is a lesson for you to look within yourself and ask WHY! Why do you hate XY or Z? because that which you hate in another is your DEMON showing itself to YOU.

The polar opposite to love is not hate, it is indifference and egotism.

Narcissism is the disconnection from SOURCE or from the HEART, the BELOVED.

Where religious texts say Lucifer was once an angel, and rebelled against God, what this means symbolically is that Lucifer is the EGO, we all have an EGO in much the same manner, and he chose to rebel against the HEART, he was effectively thrown down from heaven (the HEART level) to RULE over others as opposed to be RULED by the HEART, and this is the psychological metaphor that helps us understand NARCISSISM.

The LIBIDO is the life force energy, it isn’t SEXUAL, it is HEART ENERGY.

Therefore narcissism means the person seeks to BE LOVED (admired, adulated, idolised) because they have lost their connection to the BELOVED.

Transcending duality is to accept life of both good and eil… as it is..

It is what it is!

There is something for everyone here on the earth plane and each good is balanced with something equally bad!

The Kail Yuga is another metaphorical symbolical reference to how the past present and future all occur simultaneously… The Kali Yuga is a metaphoric representation to dying before the age of 18!

You don’t have to DIE physically… A spiritual death is how we can understand the ‘sign of the current times.’ THE GREAT AWAKENING OF THE GREAT SPIRIT. By the time youths reach the age of puberty, the environment and cultural conditioning takes hold of them in a powerful way.

True illumination is the journey in overcoming;

  • FEAR and ANGER/ANXIETY – blame
  • LUST and DESIRE – expectation

We ALL fall from heaven when we follow the desires of the EGO, where the personality becomes more and more fragmented, and the demons, devil inside grows ever larger… EGOTISM or NARCISSISM

Christ was crucified inside, you are Christ, we are all Christ, he isn’t a person per se, it was a stage of psychological development, where he demonstrated METAPHORICALLY how we are reborn. We Die to the LITTLE EGO, the lower world within.

This is the PATH of the SOUL the way to NIRVANA.

Consciousness lives in the heart, and at death, it exits from the heart (I’ve WITNESSED this with my own EYES). The soul is the SPARK or CONSCIOUSNESS, the SEED is in the HEART.


This reality is we are only a tiny drop in the vast ocean… We are all interconnected via the photoplasmic energy of the HEART.

The cosmos is a vast pace, with vast potential. The mystery and meaning to life is to re-connect with SOURCE, the UNIVERSAL MIND, The CREATOR, bridging the gap between spirituality and physicality, Self MIND to Universal MIND, SOUL/SPIRIT to the GREAT SPIRIT.

SOURCE is who you are, you just have to REALISE this.