Possession, schizophrenia and PTSD!

A study by Neuner, Pfeiffer, Schauer-Kaiser, Odenwald et al. (2012) Found that reports of spirit possession were related to trauma exposure (such as sexual assault and being forced to kill), to psychological distress, and to higher rates of suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder. Most interesting is that this study was in youths aged between 12 and 25 years in war-affected regions of Northern Uganda. They compared youths who had been abducted and forced to fight as child soldiers in the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army.

Disassociation and personality disorders are commonly associated with PTSD and trauma, and demonology could be a viable answer to the worlds current epidemic of trauma related illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and PTSD! Beliefs about spirit possession is a form of explanation that has meant that many who have been suffering debilitating and distressing psychological problems have been persecuted and physically abused rather than offered the support and treatment they need.

Child abuse is an intensely traumatic experience and literature shows us that the creation of sub personalities protect the psyche from the horrors of their experience, fracturing the mind and causing much distress to the child.

Eastern cultures could answer the worlds biggest pandemic regarding mental health – with the current rise in dark magic, black magic and the fourth density of reality, and other satanic materials flooding the media, jinn and witchcraft may be the cause of these ever expanding illnesses populating the planet.

Eastern religions explain that – The jinn exist and are alive; There are red jinn, black jinn and green jinn, and there are jinn who fly, jinn who travel under water, and jinn who cross the deserts and wildernesses. They can take on different forms such as rabbits, small children and animals, snakes, cats and dogs. they have powers of understanding and are subject to commands and prohibitions.

The jinn have some powers over men, such tampering with their houses by setting them on fire, throwing furniture and household contents about or appearing in human form and causing some kinds of physical harm, such as paralysis of a limb, tightness in the chest, a permanent headache or any other kind of sickness for which medical treatment does not bring about a cure but rather makes it worse, or insanity (manipulated suicide) when the jinn focus their harm on the brain, but such cases and such powers over man are extremely limited.

The spiritual realm is part of the collective consciousness and also the collective unconscious, and the unconscious is the unseen world of immaterial, the dark side of everything.

As religion tells us that god is good and righteous, therefore, due to duality, there must also me a dark side to this which would be equally as powerful, namely satanic!

However; the unconscious is not just evil by nature, it is also the source of the highest good!. Not only dark but also light, not only bestial, semi human and demonic, but superhuman, spiritual and in the classical sense of the word ‘Divine’ C Jung.

Some sources of eastern teaching go on to say that each of us, at birth are assigned two jinn, one would be that of an angel, and the other being that of something darker, or demonic, the devil.

The stories such as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde exemplify this concept, where the Doctor surrenders to the dark side of his nature, and one kill or murder, brings him to the mercy of the side which the person has chosen to FEED.

Native American culture calls this the ‘Two Wolves’ western culture calls this the angel and devil, and Asian it’s yin and yang! The whole world over agrees that there is a light and darkness to our psychology.

The eastern religions explain the paranormal immaterial world in greater detail than the western world. As the Islam religion is older than the western religions, it makes sense to try to understand the teachings, and what they reveal about paranormal activity and witchcraft.

Because the jinn have light bodies (that are not dense), there is no rational reason why they should not enter the bodies of the sons of Adam, and there is no text which contradicts this idea.

There are some jinn who can overpower humans and make them hear voices and see things and feel that someone is following them and make them scared inside their own homes. The western world calls this schizophrenia whereas the eastern world calls this jinn possession.

Charlatans, such as fake healers, fake leaders and fake guru’s or prophets will find fertile ground for their falsehood and the devils will help them in that. So, people will believe that the jinn are able to know the unseen, bring benefit and ward off harm, which are attributes that belong only to Allaah.

The jinn tell many lies and we cannot be certain that what a jinn says is true, hence the channellers and fake healers use this as a breeding ground to spread disinformation and false truths.

In fact, some types of witchcraft have an effect on people’s hearts, in matters of love and hate, casting good and bad thoughts into their minds, and on their bodies, causing pain and sickness.

In fact, witchcraft is based on hidden matters which may be learned; some of it is real and emanates from evil souls in cooperation with evil spirits, causing harm to people, property and relationships by means of incantations and special tools.

How to tell if it is an evil spell or mental illness!

  • Does the patient see dreams, and what kind are they?
  • Does he feel pain in his stomach, and when did it begin?
  • Does he have a headache or feel heaviness in his head or body?
  • Does he feel tightness in his chest?

When jinn are present in waking reality, the frontal lobe will feel thick and heavy, the chest and heart area will feel like suffocation, crushing, and the stomach will feel heavy and sickness.

In Western societies demonology survived as an explanation of mental health problems right up until the eighteenth century, when witchcraft and demonic possession were common explanations for psychopathology.  It may not be depression that the person is experiencing, maybe there is some truth in demon possession and moreover; witchcraft and the Evil EYE projected or sent to another via a jinn possession.




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