The Spiral back to Spirit self.

The decisive question for man is; is he related to something INFINITE or NOT! 

C. Jung

The purpose of life is to re-connect back to the soul, to re-connect to source. Re-incarnation is part of the cycle of life and death, where the soul keeps returning back into the loop, to try again to escape from the constraints of the physical and re-member all soul fragments of the journey, since the birth of the soul.

Life is a journey, a series of events, karmic cycles and debts, soul contracts and lessons, tricks, traps and tests that the soul must conquer, in order to achieve self actualisation and connect to Divinity. You could say it’s like a game or WEB of SNAKES and LADDERS.

Snakes, being the TRAUMA and DECEPTION and the ladders meaning climbing up or levelling up, the game of life!

Sacred Geometry and Symbols govern the universe in which all souls exist. The sequence of 3-6-9 is the KEY to accessing the creative aspect of consciousness, re-connecting to source enables the seeker to explore the world around in material matter and the world within, immaterial.

Finding the ‘holy grail’ the ‘philosophers stone’ or ‘immortality’ is a journey the seeker takes, by exploring the world within, descending into VOID in order to discover them ’SELF’ and the SOURCE of ALL creation. The SOURCE of all that is – to Ascend up into the higher regions of the cosmos, to learn from the creator, who created LIFE.

As with all of life’s trials there are traps and tests along the path. In order for any seeker to discover them self, first they must ‘LOSE THEMELF’ to unlearn everything they have been taught. The road less travelled is the path back to the beginning of soul’s creation, re-uniting with the GOD HEAD, or SOURCE, Universal mind, the infinite is incomprehensible to the limited human mind, which is why the path, or journey, is a journey each initiate must travel – alone.

Everybody’s path is different and unique to their blueprint, therefore, what one person understands and perceives is different the ‘other’. There is a role and a purpose for every living creature, to live together, embracing the differences we each have, and to accept the fact that, one person’s life story is not that same as another persons story.

No two sides of any difference is the same, because perception is unique.

Perception is individual. Shaped by beliefs and often, PREJUDICE.

Numbers can often help a guide to UNDERSTANDING oneself and the nature, or path that the soul travels.

We are all individual and also equally the same, in which we are interconnected as opposed to being separated – we all have different cultures, traditions and values that are passed down from generations which add to our learning, or may even inhibit our learning.

One of the biggest lessons we all have to conquer is the ego and the individual mind. As with anything created in this world, there is always its equal opposite that mirrors the created. This is duality and polarity, and the MIND is the origin of the PSYCHE, the world operates on PSYCHOLOGICAL constructs, defence mechanisms and falling into belief patterns of GOOD and BAD.

A never-ending spiral, where the beginning meets the end and the end, is the return to the beginning, a return to innocence!

One being (oneness) that we are interconnected, connected to a greater force or source than the tiny atom/fractal which we are within. The seed of SOURCE is as tiny as the atom, which sits inside the heart, and when connected to the MIND, enables the seeker to discover the TRUTH of their existence.

One – the beginning of self, the single CELL the single spark of divinity in the SOUL. Inside the HEART.  Just as the sperm penetrates the egg, two opposing forces become one being or a physical body, according to Buddhism, the soul enters at day 49!

Therefore, the beginning is not the whole truth to how or where the soul begins! Two separate cells, make one, (the physical body) and the soul is yet to arrive in this physical body that is building itself.

At first breathe, the source of creation begins. The ‘ONE’ being your ’self’ and the other being the Creator! The purpose and meaning of why we are created, is the quest to find THYSELF.


Duality, two halves of the whole – Lower self and higher self united. The material world and the immaterial world. The inner-verse inside, and the outer universe in the world of realty.

  • The dream, inside the dream.
  • The illusion of the illusion.
  • The EGO and the SOUL/SELF

There are TWO directions the soul can travel, either to serve ‘SELF’ thus; EGO or to serve the spirit SELF, that which is the divinity within!

As duality is a split between love and hate, or persona and shadow, this split occurs during childhood and the persons true self buried beneath experience, traditions and often, conditions set by the parents, society and religion. The true self is repressed during formative years, as children are wiser that adults give them credit for, their true nature is revealed by the way they love.

Conditions are set, by the generations before them, a child has no voice or no choice in how they are raised and what conditions are put upon them, they learn from the environment and the world they live in. Duality splits the psyche into Good behaviour, and bad behaviour! Shame, guilt and disdain are taught to children, unconsciously!  

Love has a dualistic nature too – one serves the EGO the other serves the SELF!


  • Positive (PERSONA)                      Negative (SHADOW)
  • Higher Self                                       Lower EGO
  • Agape – Altruistic                             Mania – Possessive/Co-Dependant
  • Eros – Passionate                              Ludus – Game playing
  • Storge – Friendship                         Pragma – Practical

Where love rules, there is no will to power, and where power rules, there love is lacking. For One is the shadow to the other. C. Jung.

Thus; Co-dependancy! (duality and polarity)

Three is the number of the triad, the triad being the mother, father and child. Or the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. Ego, Id, and superego. The shadow, the persona and the ego. Hind brain, mid brain, and fore brain.

The hind brain is the reptilian brain, which operates on the LOWER EGO and lower three chakra’s – guilt, shame and self worth.

The Mid brain is the monkey brain, and emotionally driven – defence mechanisms against emotional pain. Both the hind brain and monkey brain contribute to the splitting of the psyche, into good and bad.

The fore brain is the Logical brain, operating all three brains is THE TRINITY! The centre of the trinity being the God aspect of SELF.

The three is the trinity that is achieved after the lower six have been actioned, via the Ego or the higher self.

CHOICE, everybody has a choice – EGO to serve self or SOUL/SPIRIT to serve the higher GOD/SOURCE self.

One ascends the self to higher dimensions and the other descends the ego down into HADES, the lower dimensions!   

The trinity is the three, connect to the SELF or EGO and Three become FOUR

  • FIRE
  • AIR

The four elements of LIFE

Four has many examples, four seasons, four elements, four leaf clover, four Fore Fathers of humanity, four blood groups….. The list is endless.

The upper duality and the lower duality of the four types of human relationships can be observed in this example. Four types; Two males. Two females

Lower Ego development – SERVING EGO (SHADOW SIDE OF EGO)

Male – Don Juan (seducer/manipulator) Use of force to overtake woman, to control and abuse.

Female (Seducer/Jezebel) Use of Sexuality, to seduce, control, abuse.

Higher self development – SERVING SELF (GOD/DESS within) SPIRIT

Male – Protector of divinity in woman – surrenders to feminine power (Honours)Female – Receives, embraces divinity in man unites heaven to earth.  Masculine to feminine (Unites)

The purpose for women is to bring the masculine into the self for integration. The purpose for men, is to raise the feminine up, for integration.

Unfortunately, because society has been indoctrinated into the patriarchal system of power over and control, many men, will fail to enlighten, or self actualise because they fail to integrate their feminine!

Five – platonic solids in ALL

Five personality types, five elements which include the Earth, Wind, Fire, Air ad Aether! These all coincide with sacred geometry.

  • Fire to the tetrahedron,
  • Earth to the cube,
  • Air to the octahedron,
  • Water to the icosahedron.
  • Cosmos to the dodecahedron

Five elements that contain all life within and without! The platonic solids exist inside and outside, in the inner-verse and in the material universe.

What is inside each human is the inner nonmaterial universe, and what is discovered outside the human is the material universe!

Six – multi dimensional bodies;

  • Cellular
  • Biological
  • Neurological
  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Six is the number of Man.

Six is the number for Carbon, what man is made of!

Six multi dimensional bodies, plus three (lower ego or higher ego) = Nine

Nine being the highest single number. Nine being the total composite of the personality that leads to discovery of SELF.

The self might equally be called the GOD within us            C. Jung.

The Perfect Ten = 10  The Ouroboros encircling the single GOD/ SELF

All nine aspects of the personality, with the soul, which is either positively charged, or negatively charged, depending on the EGO and which way it chooses to Ascend, or Descend determines if the person has achieved true enlightenment, or if they have been possessed. One connects to the upper universal world, the other descends into the lower EGO world. Driven by the lower aspects of materialistic objects, desires, and NEEDS.

Beliefs are constructs of the lower self (EGO) and is no substitute for INNER EXPERIENCE.

An EGO cannot achieve GOD or Christ consciousness, it can however, be tricked into believing they have met ‘Masters’ or become a Master. A master of HADES, but not a MASTER of the COSMOS. The non attached, without EGO can achieve true enlightenment and GOD or Christ consciousness it is the heart of the child within that conquers. You don’t have to DIE before you can live, the EGO has to DIE before you obtain unity to Christ consciousness.

You are not your EGO, the EGO is the slave to the master, not a master to the EGO (Slave)!

Redemption is about uniting to the DEITY within. The the ouroboros is the singular dividing entity that keeps duality and polarity in action, separating self from higher self. The ouroboros that slays itself, brings himself to life, fertilizes himself and gives birth to himself – this is the deity within, the immortal aspect – Divinity. God/Unity consciousness, the unity to all that is.

Religion is a DEFENCE against the experience of GOD        C. Jung.

Religion DIVIDES the self from itself, further separating itself from consciousness and from Divinity.   

The ONE, is the ENLIGHTENED with the ouroboros circling itself! = 10 is self redemption and self actualisation. GOD within is birthed!

The ONE is you, YOU are who you have been seeking all your life.

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