4th Dimensional Entities and Parasitic Attachments

The astral plane is populated with FALSE MASTERS, posing as ASCENDED beings and like everything in duality, there are good and bad teachers populating the internet, television that spread messages of ‘Love and Light’. These FALSE masters are basically LOWER beings/ENTITIES that have hi-jacked the astral plane and the EARTH WORLD.

The astral is the fourth dimension the Earth world is the third dimension.

Their purpose is to spread FEAR and disinformation because these entities have not completed the ‘MASTERY of ASCENSION,’ some would claim they have ‘sold their soul!’ Others would say they are soulless!

The truth is, they are lost souls who have not completed the ascension journey. Some have been POSSESSED by DEMONS and these lost souls are soulless, stuck in the 4D astral plane.

No saviour can save them, they have to do this work themselves, by taking RESPONSIBILITY, for their own DARKNESS and GREED! Their DEMONS are their own making, no saviour, messiah, drug, hypnosis method or any other DEITY can remove this for them. It’s an INSIDE JOB. The problem, is that NARCISSISTS don’t see they ARE the PROBLEM! They BLAME everybody else!

Psychological transformation occurs when another personality is created within you and your thinking – different thought forms represent different aspects of YOU, it doesn’t define you as a being, because you are none of your personalities, you are pure spirit – personality DEFINES you as a PERSON.

DEMON possession occurs when the persons SPIRIT has been shattered or it surrendered to DEMON possession. True inner alchemy is where a person psychological make up has shifted up the hierarchy, and the spirit remains intact. Demonic possession by a darker more evil nature where a person has been possessed ‘spiritually’ and DESCENDED down the hierarchy; therefore ‘lacks a SPIRIT/soul.’

Their only way to survive is to SIPHON ENERGY from SOURCE beings – humans who have a STRONG connection to ‘God/Source consciousness.’ They suck the energy from humans who are still VEILED by the ILLUSION and have these humans have no memory of who they are inside their human body.

These entities do not have the ability to connect to their own power or source and CANNOT create their own template of existence of their own. They can only IMITATE, copy or REFLECT and MIRROR information to humans in order to get them to make a FREE WILLED DECISION that goes in THEIR favour!

This is where entities use ‘implied consent, via INTERNET (ETHERNET) connections!

These beings have lost their connection to their higher self, and are now stuck in the lower dimension 4D frequency, this is how they SIPHON off energy for their survival.

They have the ability to see in 3D and 4D, their technology consists of HOLOGRAM INSERTS, low vibrational energy fields and GRIDS, matrix copies that DISTORT realities, timeline interference machines and SCALAR energy.

Around your home is an energy grid, where these entities use the internet/network grid to utilise the scalar energy to HARM YOU. You will know you have been attacked by the scalar energy via electrical shocks around the HEART CHAKRA.

FAKE HEALERS, and FAKE GURU’S spread disinformation, leading people into despair and depression. To INTENTIONALLY lower the persona vibrational field. Depression is how these lower entities siphon (food) energy supply from humans.

Any GURU that tells you that you don’t have a soul, has revealed their ignorance and informed you they are FAKE – all you have to do is LISTEN & OBSERVE!

Some channellings give a little information of truth to LURE the person in, these false teachers, channelers, guru’s and very tricky, because they use, love and light, false biblical religious figures to lead the human into giving their power away through ‘WORSHIP.’ It also leads the person to look for answers outside of themselves, to take answers from these FALSE MASTERS instead of going within.

YOU are the MASTER – YOU are the ONE, you’re looking for….. It’s YOU.

This is their ‘HOOK’ into your energy field, their ulterior motive is DECEPTION. One of the major FEAR TACTICS these false GURU’s/TEACHERS/LEADERS tell you is to trick you into believing a SAVIOR is coming to SAVE HUMANITY, or that humanity is in danger of becoming extinct!!

The saviours are already here, there just not on the world stage!

The true saviours are operating on high vibrational frequency, because it takes someone with SOURCE connection to connect with TRUE ASCENDED MASTERS – these higher ascended masters DO NOT HAVE A BIBLICAL NAME, as they are ENERGY! These ascended masters are here to assist humanity in EVOLUTION and the ASCENSION process and these people are the TRUE LEADERS, ACTIVATORS and TEACHERS for this current time frame.

The true ascended MASTERS are here to ASSIST with HEALING, INFORMATION GATHERING and LEADERS in AWAKENING people. They use their voices through WRITING, VIDEOS, and BOOKS to share information that carry the codes to awaken ALL 12 strands of DNA.

These humans, who ARE higher dimensional beings in human form, once activated are capable of phenomenal superhuman powers, such as; intuition, telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, time manipulation, transfiguration, invincibility, up to totally outrageous feats that the mind cannot comprehend. They are here to uplift humans out of the lower vibrational frequency as humanity is NOW SHIFTING UP from the current 3D time frame.

The current matrix is collapsing due to the high frequency light codes that are currently imploding on the planet.

The matrix field is currently distorted through artificial intelligence, computer based mind programmes, satellite rays and frequency fences. Exciting the matrix and ascending involves clearing one’s own frequency field above the fence of MIND CONTROL and cleaning the body of lower vibrational technology.

Incarnated masters can only help other beings once they have cleared their energy field of low vibrational energies, implants, hitchhikers (disembodied souls) an 4D entities. The incarnated masters connect with the higher self to integrate all of their lost souls’ aspects on other levels of the matrix and other LIVES since their return back into the 3D matrix!

When you connect with a REAL ASCENDED master, beyond the veil of illusion, they rarely have a name and they give clear, concise information and detailed MESSAGES that go straight to the HEART.

4D entities exist in the DARK and as the DARK CANNOT CREATE, they will use any means necessary to TRICK, DUPE, CON an DECEIVE in order to SIPHON energy and lower a SOURCE HUMAN.

Identifying these impostors take Discernment and research;

  1. Educate yourself on NARCISSISM, as many online entities will study your profile to make a connection to you, in order to obtain ‘implied consent.’
  2. Mirroring behaviour – they will mirror everything back to you. They will claim to have had the same experiences as you, to bait you.
  3. Online, they will connect through negative comments, they will express blame, anger, victim mentality, all to HOOK you. They NEED your kindness, care and compassion and use your EMOTIONS to bait you. Its all emotional ABUSE tactics. Emotional abuse is how they get FED!
  4. Once consent has been given, they will siphon away your SOURCE energy. Honestly ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can be used, and you will be abused. These entities are RUTHLESS and BRUTAL.
  5. Flattery, pity, victim hood – all these concepts are found in their communication.

Humanity is shifting, these entities are NARCISSISTIC because they REFUSE to complete any ascension work, believing in their own SUPERIORITY and POWER OVER others. It’s the MASK of INSANITY!

Humanity as a species is creating the new reality, through THOUGHT and INTENTION and this is how your new reality will appear. These entities will not be able to access you once you have passed through into 5D, because in 5D, only LOVE is needed, no parasites or beings exist here that WANT to DOMINATE and CONTROL that’s why 4D beings will stay in their plane once humanity has moved up.

The real ascended MASTERS are ‘the Lightworkers,’ ‘the Indigo’s, Chrystal and Rainbow children,’ ‘the Star seeds,’ their work is to uplift humanity into the NEW paradigm.

LOVE will always win, and only LOVE can drive out the darkness.

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