Sociopaths, Lost souls or Soulless!!

Are Sociopaths Soulless, or LOST SOULS?

A sociopath is a master of their craft, a master manipulator and a damaged child. the sociopath experiences childhood trauma, and it is this trauma that creates the CORE SOUL WOUND which their fragile soul cannot bear to face! The trauma of a childhood that was fragmented, abandoned and even abused, grows up into a fragile adult, afraid to face the mirror if their true self. The truth is –  we all have childhood wounds, so we are all Traumatised to a degree and if we CHOOSE to ignore and REJECT our own inner child and the wounds of the past, we will forever be held hostage, to our own DEMONS!

A sociopath is a traumatised child, unable to face their pain, so they look outwardly, to others, to fulfil their own needs and soothe away the wounds they are unable to face. A master of their craft, they learn at an early age, how to manipulate their caregivers, which leads them down a spiral, where they essentially lose themselves and become enslaved to their own conditioning. They build walls around their ego, to hide the fragility of their persona, preferring to wear a mask, because their true authenticity and broken soul fragments are too much pain for them to bear…

They are masters at their craft, due to a lifetime of avoiding their own insecurities and abnormalities, they NEED victims, or innocent people that they can OWN, POSSESS and CONTROL.

In the beginning, they appear interested in you, your life, your history, your family and friends. The mirroring of their experiences with yours, builds a false sense on trust between the sociopath and the empath, two tribes at war in love and the pursuit of control. Without TRUST, you are nothing to them because trust is the binding glue that entraps into a false relationship of love and romance, yet the mirroring of the sociopath with the empath, offers a powerful lesson to either party, because they wouldn’t be able to entrap you, if you didn’t have CORE SOUL WOUNDS to begin with. This is the mirroring effect that the two opposite persona’s offer.

  • Stage one of the sociopaths grooming
  • Who you are
  • Any weaknesses in your armour
  • Any unresolved hurt and pain from the past
  • Any issues from childhood
  • Who you’re support network is (who will stand in the way)
  • Ultimately what YOUR CORE SOUL WOUND is?

Everybody has a core SOUL WOUND, (trauma) and these wounds are created from childhood, or sometimes from a trauma later in life, these wounds may look like,

  • You are not good enough
  • You do not deserve….
  • Inability to trust
  • Fear of Loss
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Feelings and Fear of Rejection
  • You are too ugly/Fat/Thin/Old…
  • You are stupid!
  • You will amount to nothing in life
  • You are not worthy

Sociopaths carry a CORE SOUL WOUND from childhood, often this wound is being out of control and that NOBODY can be trusted, due to a trauma they had in childhood and having no SAFE ADULT to confide in, so they ultimately learned  not to CARE because nobody cared about them. As an adult, they only feel in control by having control over others, which is possibly why you felt sorry for them because you SAW THE BROKEN CHILD inside the adult and were pulled in to how they played the VICTIM! They need this control  and they get this by discovering YOUR CORE SOUL WOUND! Some call it narcissism, but ultimately – sociopathy is a fragile child, unable to TRUST!

They do this by hypnosis, luring you in so they can take possession of you and they seduce you by soothing YOUR SOUL WOUND.

  • If your wound is you believe your stupid, they will tell you you’re clever!
  • If you feel dull and boring, they will insist you are alive and vibrant.
  • If you have suffered loss, bereavement or abandonment, they will promise to always be around and never leave you…
  • If you feel you’re not good enough, they will treat you like you’re the greatest prize and how lucky they are to have you…
  • If you feel you will amount to nothing in life, they will encourage you with false business plans of grandiosity…

They soothe YOUR CORE WOUND and you will likely feel relaxed, calm, loved, accepted and most of all VALIDATED. The process of ownership has begun.  You will feel like you’ve met you’re soul mate, the love of your life, the person you will spend eternity with!

However; the sociopath has a background of NEGLECT and ABUSE and their need for control is because during their childhood, when things went ‘well’ the rug was pulled from beneath them. Inside they have a REAL NEED for security, they are unable to FEEL comfortable with it, because of their childhood trauma’s. They never truly experience security, or trust, so when things go well, they revert back to a behaviour that is both destructive and damaging to both parties!

The catch or the red flag, is once they have earned your trust, and things have been good for a while, they will sabotage everything that has been built and created with you. and this is where they are re-living their own past pain and conditioning. Having nobody SAFE to turn to, their world as a child was destroyed by their caregivers, which is why their BEHAVIOUR is maladaptive in the relationship.

When the sociopath does sabotage what you have built, and you pull back, feeling hurt, the sociopath will try to seduce you again, to regain control again. Because losing control over YOU triggers the sociopaths CORE SOUL WOUND and this is where you will witness NARCISSISTIC RAGE, followed by attempting to soothe YOUR CORE WOUND again.

This is the smokescreen and mirror of the relationship. Once you unravel your own CORE SOUL WOUND and HEAL those wound/s, you become whole and you begin to VALIDATE yourself. The sociopath loses their power because you no longer need their validation and you become EMPOWERED.

Healing takes time, patience and self LOVE. It is important to see the ILLUSION and the clever magic trick that the sociopath performed. Discovering your TRUTH you will learn that it was NEVER about you, it was you core wound that gave them control over you. Once you discover your CORE  SOUL WOUND, what wound did the sociopath put a band aid plaster over to enable you to  trust them in the first instance, more than you had trusted anybody in your whole life – only for you to be BETRAYED at a later date!

You likely feel emotionally raped and used, but the beauty of this relationship is that it was a HUGE life LESSON and it taught you what YOUR CORE SOUL WOUND is, so that YOU can FIX YOURSELF  and HEAL! Once you HEAL the core soul wound, it can NEVER be USED against you again, IT will no longer TRIGGER YOU, because you have healed – it’s the journey to WHOLENESS!

Only love can drive out the darkness (your darkness) and the sociopath IS the darkness to your light, forcing you to face your own CORE SOUL WOUND. And once you do the work, you will emerge from the shadows, stronger than ever before.

You CANNOT HELP THEM… that’s not what they want at all… They have to heal themselves, if they want to evolve. You cannot do this for them, you can only be a better version of yourself….

You can take the trough to the horse but you cant force them to drink…..

What doesn’t kill you MAKES YOU STRONGER!

Step one; FORGIVE YOURSELF – for allowing this to happen to you. You didn’t know the person you shared you secrets with was going to do this to you. The pain is the teacher, it will lead you closer back to your SOURCE self, and further away from the sociopath’s power of control.

You don’t need to forgive the other person, that’s not what they want. Forgiveness isn’t part of their agenda, only You need to forgive yourself in order to heal YOUR ‘self’

Step two; No contact will stop the cycle of abuse. Just cut them off, they only want your ATTENTION and once you take this away, to FOCUS on YOU, the sociopath loses their power!

You will never HEAL in the same environment that made you sick! You have to heal, to LEVEL UP, in the hierarchy of psychological MIND. YOU… It’s you who needs to heal.

Forgiveness is a very powerful method of freeing yourself from the torment and anguish that happened. Remember, it was a lesson, and what the lesson taught YOU about YOU. Were you weak, kind, compassionate, caring – all these qualities you innocently gave to them, you MUST GIVE TO YOURSELF… You have to put yourself FIRST! I totally understand that its so hard to forgive, especially experience such as RAPE and BEATINGS, in this instance, it is best you forgive yourself; you don’t owe your abuser any sympathy or empathy.

Sadly, kindness, compassion and vulnerability in this world is a quality that every groomer zones in on, which is why the world is growing ever colder by the day! Dog eat dog mentality is the cause of such destruction, both personally and universally!

Step three TRUST YOURSELF, this allows you to undo the mind control and brainwashing. The Sociopath only wanted you as a pawn to their game. They didn’t want a relationship of sharing and caring, it was all about control and power over you.

It will push you closer to you’re source and universal ‘source’ consciousness… Source is MIND…

Step Four; Your story and your life trials, trauma’s, and anything you share online about yourself is how these groomers zone in on you… they study your profile, what you do and then create a connection where they play a victim to circumstances like what you had overcome, this is how groomers bait and lure their prey. They lie and deceive, if you had PTSD,… they will claim they have it too, the lies these sociopaths tell are outrageous…. So be careful on online contacts. There are many parasites, and lower vibrational entities that suck the life force out of you, through online contact!

Be careful, stay safe and LOVE YOURSELF…. YOU’RE WORTH IT…

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