Psychic Vision of End time…FIRE…

A psychic vision in a dream, many years ago… I was shown about the world and her destruction! Prophesies talk about a third world war, where destruction will bring famine and drought… this war is not related to anything military… Its a MURDER of a WOMAN, when the world will see Fire of a totally different supernatural, kind!

A woman, was murdered, I saw her take her last breathe, as her heart beat stopped for the final time… something supernatural occured that totally shook the world..

FIRE… FIRE… Not in the forests, but in buildings… big buildings..

There is a woman who walks among you, she brings peace and prosperity, yet there are people, who want her dead, as they believe her death will bring them some kind of eternal existance… They will be told this through some type of psychic voice, a voice of GOD, Or DEMON! Something like that… And they believe her death is necessary for the survival of their species, yet this murder is of a different type of sacrifice…


As she takes her last breathe, those who BELIEVED, her death would be for their own selfish benefit, a twist of fate occurs, and within seconds, those who murdered her, will feel the fires of hell, inside their mind, they will combust, screaming in agony for mercy, yet the very mercy they seek has gone, under their malicious intention for greed, power and lust…

Churches will explode, the vatican will be blasted to pieces along with everything that is linked to the vatican church, all churches I think are in danger, only I was shown the Vatican …. the fires of hell will open, fire will surround those who disbelieved, there will be nowhere to run, as the brimstone of hell opens and claims all those whom worship money, power, greed, lust and murder…. Palaces and momumental buildings will fall, and fire will surround all the glittering opulance along withthe people who worshiped greed, lust, murder, rape, sexual offenders, the whole world will be in shock as FIRE will erupt across the land.

There was so much FIRE it was mind blowing…

The mercy that all species – not just humans, ALL SPECIES… sought for saving them, has been slain before their own hand. The event will be supernatural, and FAST.

The waters and the oceans will stand still, as fire sweeps across the earth, an act of revenge against the greed of power. The deaths will be brutal and agonizing to those who are involved, aiding and abetting, in the murder of the woman.

Within seven hours of her taking her final breath after she is murdered… the world will rise in a blaze of fury, against all of those who abused the mother… It will be an instant reaction, to an abhorant crime. JUSTICE, will be served, Supernaturally, after she has gone…

People in the room were grabbing their heads, crying and begging for mercy, for redemption, yet the redemption they sought, they ignorantly destroyed…

When the clock will stike and hell will break loose, is still unknown, it could be soon…. but it will all begin when the woman is murdered.

It will all happen supernaturally, quickly and instantly, nobody will escape their fate, those who chose to lead a humble life, will be spared, collected and saved from the fires, that will burn inside and around them… all doors, paths and exits will be blocked by a furnacing blaze and fury, a RAGE of the mother, against the ingnorance of mankinds brutality against her.

When she Blows, it will be at her death…the world will weep in bitter regret..

Gods chosen ones walk among you, be mindful of how you treat your mother. For it is a woman who will come to help save humanity, and it will be the same woman, who will be murdered, that humanity and ALL species in existance on the earth, will be destroyed…

The world was created in six days, and it will take less than three for it to be totally destroyed into nothing…

I dont think its a case of IF this happens, I believe we are now moving towards the truth of WHEN she is murdered.

So when the FIRE begins, KNOW THAT IT WAS A WOMAN, WHO WAS MURDERED and the supernatural explosion will happen, fate will flip and duality will backfire against the users, abusers, rapists, murderers and killers of all types…

These people will die by their own heart, and ultimate, their own hand.

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