The church of the poisened MIND…

Religion – is a business. Religion is for those who cannot take responsibility for themselves, or their life. Religion is for poeple who EXPECT a saviour to absolve them of the wrong things they do in their life.

Religion was created to control, and to control is instil FEAR!

People who look outside of themselves for someone to tell them how to act, what to do, how to think – if you need a book to tell you how to be morally responsible, kind, compassionate or even how to be jealous and wrathful, vengeful and hateful! Then you have no ability to take any responsibility for yourself.

Religion is for people who cannot think for themselves and look OUTSIDE of themselves for answers. Religion has been hi-jacked by psychopaths…

The book of life was meant to be a guidance tool, to help people to learn about each other…To RESEPCT EACH OTHER. So why does it contradict itself?

WOMAN IS SACRED, she is MANS GIFT. EARTH IS SACRED, she is to be respected…

The answers to all truths are found within – the God you seek is inside!

God is good and God is evil, in the bible? No, its your own wolf within that you battle with. The truth is…. the earth is your mother… the real church and NATURE is the father …. your true spirituality.

Truth and awareness can never be described, because infinity is beyond words. The creator/source/God… is beyond words… beyond sound… God/source is energy and energy is everywhere…

At birth, we descend down from a higher plane of existance – to experience… At birth, we have no FEARS!


The fears we accumulate are trauma conditioning. The mind is designed to operate the body. The soul is the stardust that we are, the seed takes its place, in the heart, the soul or spirit, enters the human body to experience.

All religions resepct the same deity, yet why do they instigate such atrocities of war against the sacred ground we all walk!! The earth is sacred, as ARE women, whom are here to lead man back to the source inside.

You are an infinite being and when you understand, you will know that you live forever, after the body has decayed… at death, you realise your freedom.

Religion is the church of the poisened mind, to absolve suffering, to find excuses, reducing the human into an obedient sheep. The temples of the head are called temples for a reason, they house the God/source in YOU.

You are far more powerful than you give yourself any credit for. You are a co-creator with source. You are made of stardust and to the stars is where you will return.

Take off the shackles of bondage, hell is of your own making. Take responsibility for yourself…Your actions….Your mistakes…Your failures…. You are powerful and no book or church of faith can give you what your soul craves…

Heaven is a place on EARTH… and WOMEN are being abused in the very same manner that the earth is abused…. (macro – micro and vice versa)

You have to go within, to journey out….

The earth IS the mother and nature is your church… respect all that is around you…all of nature…. you are a spiritual being, having a human experience.

Respect all life… animals, plants, chrystal and mineral kingdoms and people. Those who cannot respect others, who deliberately harm and maim others, through deliberate, intentional cruelty, will face heavy consequences for their behaviour.

Respect all LIFE….

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