Stockholm Syndrome, a New Age Twin flame con

Stockholm syndrome is a condition where a person can be taken hostage to an abuser and the hostage develops positive emotions or empathy towards the abuser.

Its technically called emotional abuse….

The abuser uses trauma and deception to lure in the hostage, and this is how you can identify narcissistic behaviour, as all abusers have NPD, where they prey on the vulnerable, compasionate, kind, gentle and empathetic people.

Narcissists are toxic people who have cut off, disconnected from source/god self within, unable to generate their own higher emotions, especially love, they then target people who do have this strong connection of energy, to hoover, or drain away the energy, for their own narcissistic supply of food.

Twin flames in the new age community pose a dangerous threat to vulnerable people, because this is how and where, toxic, damaged, narcissistic people hunt for their prey, and this is how, stockholm syndrome takes effect.

The hostage is usually someone vulnerable, feminine, kind and considerate, an abuser zones in on this to take advantage and to claim power over the hostage, to ensure they will abide by, or take orders and OBEY the abuser.

They use the mirroring effect to lure in their bait…

There are four types of people, (I’ll use men for my example because they outnumber women, but mainly because this is my experience)

1: A handsome man will open your eyes….
2: An intelligent man will open your mind…
3: A gentleman will open your heart…
4: A twin flame or soulmate will present themselves as all of the above, but theres also a danger!

A toxic damaged man, psycopath or narcissist, may have all the top three qualities, and WILL use these qualities as bait, to lure you into their trap.
1: A handsome narcissist will be self consumed in his own vanity, and this will be used to keep you at his side, by telling you that you’ll never find anyone better than him, etc.
2: An intelligent, cerebral narcissist will enter your mind, and use neuro linguistic programming, to rewire your neurological mind, to brainwash you. He will play mind games. he will have you chasing after him, worrying about him, he will be reckless, ruthless and vindictive in all the games he will play on you. The list is ENDLESS for mind games….
3: If he is totally psychopathic, a deviant and deceptive criminal, he will use his vanity, his status, his intelligence and all the mimd games to entrap you. He will probably use witchcraft and sorcery too… He will make you believe you two are destined to be together, that you are twin flames, so that you will accept his abuse, because its unconditional love that you both share.

Look for patterns and trust actions, not words…. these men operate on a ‘do as I say not as I do mantality!’

He wants you to love and care for him, all the while he will be destroying your reputation, your dreams will be in ruins, you will likely become bankrupt, homeless, jobless and he will likely pass you around all his friends, to be raped and abused…. this is the nature of stockholm syndrome, your a pawn… a tool in his chess game… nothing more… you’re a toy for his pleasure to abuse and use you…

He loves seeing you run around in circles, going crazy asking for homesty, its fun to him… He enjoys playing you like a puppet…

Make no mistake, he gets great pleasure by using you as a puppet on a string for his sick twisted game! You are nothing more than a pawn, an OBJECT, to be used.

The fourth type of man is the master of manipulation, a devious, deceptive criminal, a destroyer of all that is good – remember, it isnt love he wants from you… its all about control….

There is a huge difference between stockholm syndrome and a real twin love. One will destroy you, the other will lift you…. so if your life has nosedived and taken a turn for the worse, you’ve met the toxic narcissistc psychopthic person, who will use stockholm syndrome to manipulate you and take you a hostage, using the carrot and stick mentality, dangling a carrot, and moving the goalposts everytime, because whatever you give, will never be enough, which is why the goalpists contimually keep moving… its a trap into their deceptive psychopthic world of deciet, trauma, rape and ABUSE! Dishonesty and deception is his favourite tool!

A real soulmate would support your dreams, protect you, enusre you are safe and feel loved and will share the very same unconditional love that you too have and express… you both sing from the same songsheet, supporting each others growth and nurturing each others dreams and aspirations! You will both be a team, stable, honest and strong together… the total opposite to a psychopaths tactics…

A good man will RESPECT YOU AND SHOW YOU HONESTY, LOYALTY AND LOVE. A psychopath will do the complete opposite!

Thankfully, Good men outnumber these sick twisted individuals by three to one, so there is hope….

A good man is the polar opposite to the narcisstic psychopath, know the difference… heal your core wounds, take the carrot, off the stck, throw it back at the bastard and let them beat themselves with their own stick…

Learn to say NO, and stand in your power, take your power back, focus on you, love yourself and walk way,…

A psychopath, operates on the lowest calling, every man for himself… harming women in his wake.


4 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome, a New Age Twin flame con

  1. Great advice and wonderful article. But sadly very misandristic. I have a close friend who is entangled in a web of Stockholm syndrome by a very horrible woman and it would’ve been nice if this article was more even in it’s direction.


    1. Hi Bryan, thank you for your comments. I certainly dont deny the fact that these things happen to men too. As a woman myself, the post reflects a female point of view in this situation, and due to national statistics, the ratio of abuse against women is outnumbered by 4-1!
      Your comments struck me to realise how segregated the two sexes have become via social trends and conditioning!

      Im sorry to hear your friend has experienced this too. I recommend QHHT, its amazing for healing after this type of abuse? I sincerely hope your friend finds peace x


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