Feminism – protecting the mother, the feminine.

Biting the hand that feeds

Toxic relationships are where two opposite sides come together to discover each other, and to possibly work through karmic debts that have accumulated from past lives. Soulmates are people who we meet in this life, from a previous re-incarnation. And karma has to be re-paid.

Thats the purpose of life….

Toxic and dysfunctional relationships survive and thrive on feminine energy. Toxic men, are ever growing in the current climate and this is having a damaging and de stabilising effect on institutions and structures!

Its a mans world, thats why the patriarchal structures are now collapsing!

Woman are frequently abused by men because they are innately wired with love, care and affection. Submissive and subservient, due to the mothering nature of feminine energy, women, have a vital and VERY IMPORTANT role to play in all relationships.

Yet the irony to being a woman and being feminine, is that toxic and damaged men see you NOT as a woman with human needs, but as a tool for service TO MANS NEEDS!

This concept is now outdated, as the age of pisces has now passed. The old (patriarchal) world has to be destroyed, to allow the new world to form… The age of Aquarius is about balance and cleansing of old ways, traditions, values and structures.

Hence – feminism!

Without a doubt, we can see from world events how unstable the planet and population is becoming. This is all part of the grand design, to move humanity out of the draconian rulership of 3d reality and up into 5d reality. Transparency is now visible to all those with eyes to see. Old structures are being revealed, and institutions are crumbling under the shift from Pisces era of male patriarchy, to the new age of Aquarius and balancing of the two dualities – harmony! As a species, we have to evolve…

Patriarchy dominated this planet in the age of Pisces and women have been abused endlessly during this era, raped, tormented, used, subservient, submissive and inferior to man… abused for their caring and kind nature. In todays climate, this is becoming more and more evident as men REFUSE to see woman for who she truly is…

Their own anima is responsible, yet the immature damaged anima in man cannot take responsibility!

The anima is the power in all relationships…. the anima is the FEMININE…. the anima is the glue that binds us emotionally, sensually and spiritually. The anima is revealed so clearly and men can now be judged on their behaviour, attitude, maturity and also how they (respect) view women, because their anima is transparent by simply looking at them, their behaviour is expressed through their choice of woman, who either stands by his side, (stable anima) during difficult times, or in how many women, he accumulates (unstable anima) and discarded, for a younger model/ trophy!

The anima doesn’t lie. The anima is the psychological construct, and she is visible, in how man treats all that is feminine, the anima is vulnerable, generous and receptive. Which helps us to understand the dysfunctional imbalance in domestic and intimate voilence. Vulnerable women have been hardwired to be submissive, and look at what this has done to humanity. Its growing ever colder under mans harsh domination and need for power of control. True love is founded upon vulnerability, yet vulnerabilty in todays climate, is how women get killed! Infact, love cannot breathe without vulnerability, yet being vulnerable in todays climate, is no longer safe, because those who are vulnerable by innate nature, are now the prey, for psychopathic predators.

A womans highest calling in life is to lead man, back to source and a mans calling is to protect his woman. In the jungle the rules are…. A king always protects his queen! So why are women still being beaten, and killed?

The Earth herself is feminine

The anima holds all these answers.

The anima of man is expressed and embraced through the woman he treasures, because his behaviour and true face of his own anima, is revealed through her, the anima of his own inner feminine. The anima between two opposite genders is the expression of love between two people. Man sees his anima in her!

The anima is the feminine POWER… And its NOT about outer beauty! BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP! The anima is deeper than outer appearances. Something masculine men appear to be getting wrong. A beautiful woman, is NOT a true refection of mans true inner woman, any man can pick up a beautiful woman and hold her as a trophy to conceal his true inner nature. A beautiful face and body ages over time. A beautiful heart is where a womans beauty really reflects her feminine..

For example;

A man with an immature anima will date young immature girls, his anima is revealed not in the beauty, or trophy that sits at his side, but also in the many women he has dated and discarded, (a long list of women, who are changed every year says alot about a man) …. thus, his anima is revealed as unstable, he is unable to commit to any woman, because he wants a trophy and/or sex object, not a woman or a wife…

A man with a mature anima will hold women in a high regard, he will demonstrate stability and his anima will be stable, he will view woman as she is, with respect and honour, he will likely have long committed relationships too… He will respect the sacred ground of mother earth too… the inner and outer unite.

Likewise the same concept applies to women and how they view men. Feminine and masculine balances between two opposites, regardless of physical gender.

The anima IS the feminine energy, it is receptive, gentle, recieving, nurturing, protective. Lets be honest, are masculine men receptive, nurturing, gentle… no they are masculine, aggressive, hunter and provider.

Thats not to say that men cannot be effiminate, and women masculine….

Basically, love, is taught, by the feminine, usually the mother. A boy who is loved, will know how to love a woman, a boy who is neglected or abused by his mother, will go on the be abusive to women in his life, by default, not by choice. Default because he was never taught what it meant to be loved, so his definition of love will be dysfunctional, due to his own early programming. Not by any fault of his own!

Men who do abuse women, have inner wounding from the damaged relationship they shared with their own mother. This is then played out later in life with women in their life.

This rule doesn’t apply to psychopaths! These are the predators among humanity, hungry to devour anything, woman, child, anything vulnerable….. this is my experience, so i appreciate its not fact for everyone.

Femininity is sensual, soft, receptive and has an empowering effect on confidence for the developing females. Feminism is not about segregation and seperation from men. Burning bridges between the two genders is conduicive to balance and harmony between two energies, when in actuality, it is supposed to build bridges between man, woman and lead nack to source.

Sadly, segregation seems to be where we as a species are heading, and this is of no fault to women!

Men have been biting the hand that feeds them for centuries and this has now usurped against them. When you keep biting the hand that feeds you, eventually the hand will stop feeding and you end up starving of the very emotion and affection men so desperately crave! This is due to early programming, societal expectations and mans inner masculinity.

Two genders are supposed to harmonise and balance each others inner energy signature, and males or men, are innately masculine, which is where feminine women play a vital role in their mens anima development.

If only men could drop the egoic belief of being the superior gender, harmony, balance and stability can be restored. But if men continue with patriarchal control and power over women, the inevitable segregation of two opposite genders will occur.

Gender, is dual natured, like everything in society. Gender has two poles, gender is two opposites, and life is about balancing the two opposites to create a whole partnership, that of male and female. Receptive to aggressive etc… It doesn’t matter if its same sex relationship or not, the energy inside has to match if any harmony or balance in the relationship is to take effect.

Feminine women have a leading advantage, as we are now heading into a new era, of fifth dimensional earth, where Love, Femininity and women, will move up, leaving only men, to play with men, left behind in 3rd density reality. Traumatising all that is feminine and vulnerable will not move humanity forward to the era it is destined to go…

But then again, is this what men want!! Do men refuse to accept that they have to change too….

Therefore, feminism isn’t about power over men, or control, its about PROTECTING THE FEMININE, SOMETHING MEN HAVE CLEARLY FAILED TO DO… feminists are fighting against rape, mysygony, philandry and sexism, not masculinity! Feminists are protecting their fellow sisters and all of what it means, to be a woman…

Feminism is a vital movement, that intends to PROTECT, the vulnerable, weak and all that is feminine…. Without feminism, the world, mothers, and the feminine mother earth herself…. is in danger of being destroyed and relationships are in danger of becoming extinct… men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and lets not forget what happened to the planet Mars!!!

Earth does not need a repeat of this… so give the feminists some slack, as they are only protecting all what it means… to be a woman, protecting the feminine..

We should be lifting up humanity, not destroying all each other! This is what feminism means to me… To be a woman, and to know I am safe, with being a woman, to be able to express that I care and not have my compassion, or gentle nature, used against me….

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