A cult ritual sacrifice…

A true account from the dark side of the unseen world..

Be careful who you connect with. Some people may project themselves as nice kind people, but may well be the devil in disguise. Who have malicious intentions towards you.

***This post comes as a warning***

The internet is not only a tool we use for communication – it’s also a tool for dark, entity attachments, who can, and will, cause you more harm than you can truly realise.

As above so below. As below so above – DUALITY. EARTH is the middle ground for all things to manifest. Dark and Light.

What is below is coming up to the surface and what is above is coming down to balance that which is played out on the earth plane!

Hell, if this is the right phrase, has opened to let darkness into the playing field. To balance this, heaven has opened to bring down PROTECTION, against dark forces.

Think Star Wars – Luke and Darth Vader!

We are energy, yet some of us have more dark than light and others have more light than dark. It’s really about self control and self care! Those trapped in the dark, who are overpowered by their dark side, Dr Jekyll was a saint to his patients yet Mr Hyde lingered in the shadows, murdering people!

We live in a matrix system, where there are many dimensions in the game of life.

The key aspect of the game is discovering your connection to oneness, source! We are all connected via the heart, we emit electromagnetic energy and this is how we ‘emotionally bond’ with each other.

Emotional abuse is the master manipulators tool…..

However. Emotional bonding and emotional attachments could cost you. Your life!

There are entities that exist here in this matrix, some call them demons, others call them enemies or opponents. Some call them psychopaths., soulless ones. Whatever name resonates to you. These entities or attachments, attach to you, via the Ethernet or Internet. This is how they connect to you and they will use your higher emotions, such as kindness or compassion to cause destruction to you, and your life.

These entities can be quite dangerous, their objective is to pull you down into the lower regions of the astral plane, where they feast off your vital Life force energy.

As an empath, I do also have psychic skills and a strong intuition, which makes me a target in todays deceptive environment!

An experience I had with an entity/dark attachment, was playing out in the astral realm without my conscious knowledge. I sought expert help in uncovering the dark, deception that was used…. against me….

It all started last June.

I had boundless energy levels until something happened last May – June Last year, my wellbeing and vitality was getting weaker. Or rather – my aura and inner life force was damaged. I was starting to lose my vitality and energy for reasons I couldn’t explain, I could FEEL, something was terribly wrong on my inner energy body. So, I went to see a shaman and mediums to see if I could get help in understanding what this attachment was!

I remembered details, there were four entities in black long gowns, with their faces covered, they were pinning me down and my memory was vague as to what they were doing, I could only share, what i was feeling on an internal level, and relied on my intuition to help me decipher what was going on… there were three men and one woman, and would you believe it, they all picked up the exact same identity and scenario, the energy attached to me was heavy, dark and dangerous. All our images of this scene correlated with each other, and shared with me, the exact same identity that I witnessed.

They had blood smeared across their face, the blood was smeared with two fingers across their cheeks, and they were beastly. I was used in some form of cult ritual, on a table or alter of some kind. I was stabbed, and this entity attachment was still attached to my solar plexus – where the injury took place.

I saw several different healers and the result was the same. One said I was used in an occult ritual in a previous life! They all felt the dark heavy energy and we used different methods of removal. One medium said it was a betrayal, a past love had tricked me and used me in a sacrificial ritual.

They all said started JUNE 2018, when the first astral attack started. And FEBRUARY 2019 was when another event occured, everything started to fall into place when I had specialist comfirmation, but there was more, since the second experience in february, distant reiki was used on me, and this experience explains so much about the past twelve months.

A past life memory? Thats if you believe in re-incarnation?

So after we had recalled all the details, the identities and dates, which were all the same, I was given healing…. then I explored further…

I meditated and asked my guides what and why this happened to me.

This is what I was shown.

I was in A & E… (therefore in recovery from the entity removal)

  • It said….
  • You will be shocked when you find out who did this to you!
  • Ex (the mediums were accurate – it was a betrayal)
  • Reiki Master
  • Spell – ‘you will always be in poverty!’
  • (Hmm, I wonder if this guy is living the life like a king then?)

Well no wonder my life had nose dived… It all explaims why I never seemed to move forward in any way, why nobody answered my emails, job applications etc… and the ethernet attachment was still patronising me long after his attack…


Ah, this explains the internet/Ethernet attachment. Reiki can be performed at a distance – through any means of contact. Implied consent occurs through any type of communication – even innocent replies to comments on posts!

It also explained the coccyx buzzing I felt and the dark energy that made me feel sick in the solar plexus and sacral plexus, when I wasn’t doing any meditating or the like. This demonic, dark attachment not only used me in a ritual for a sacrifice, but recently also used distant reiki…. to cast another spell!

Reiki is a healing tool and the reason for this post, is to show you how everything has a shadow, even energy healing, such as reiki.

What reiki is supposed to do is relieve you of blockages in your chakras – what dark magicians are doing is the very opposite – putting blockages INTO your chakras.

Now I get it. Now I know why my book never moved forward. Why all the literay agents never replied. Why everything I attempted – failed! It was all making sense now.

It also explains why three men and one woman were the only people making comments on posts?

It was a spell, by using reiki! This person was clearly dark and deceptive as this was HIS energy the mediums and shaman picked up.

Then, the other day I was asking for more clues, as they didn’t want to name him straight away, I think the shock may be high!

The Devil is a public figure that is loved by the public. With a squeaky clean reputation. He will deceive and con you, by attaching himself to a Good Cause, all evil people do this. To hide their dark dangerous shadow. And the public will be conned by their public ‘nice’ figure, yet this man is ruling in the astral realm, claiming lives in the shadows like a thief in the night! Where like my experience clearly shows, your astral body will be taken for a cult sacrifice!

This is the level of deception that MEN will go to, to harm women. I know this because those people who have contacted me ARE MEN, in all their correspondence they have a very clear and distinct issue with their mother. Whom they all hate?

The interent isn’t quite as safe as we realise, these entities or dark shamans have found a loophole to cast spells, harm children and also wreak havoc on your life….

Be careful with who you contact and talk to, there is such a lot of deception happening in the world, and children are vulnerable to predators like these….

How do you counteract such deception….

All is not what it seems…

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