The Heyoka’s Mirror of Truth!

God is a comedian, playing to an audience who is afraid to laugh.


A true  Heyoka is the embodiment of the trickster, one that contradicts both sides of duality, from clown to monster, between the mask of insanity to sanity, walking both sides of passion and compassion, the Heyoka sees through the bullshit and her medicine is the truth of chaos, being both the creator and destroyer of societal and cultural norms!

She is the giver of fire and the creator of worlds, her skills are walking the paradox of duality, with one foot in the sand and the other in the sea. The Heyoka is either loved or hated, there is no in between with this role, she walks the middle path between each dual side, in both the visible world and the invisible worlds, the ego is the veil between humans and in a world full of delusions and illusions, the Heyoka comes along to break the mirrors of illusion.

She is loved by those who have a healthy sense of self esteem, empathy and kindness, because she reflects this quality back to the other (mirror). Hated and despised by those who are wounded because the wounded ego is ANGRY at seeing their truth, all the unseen aspects of the Ego, are reflected back to the MIRROR (other), parts of the soul that have been disowned because of self righteousness, contempt, over inflated ego, envy and arrogance, using the mirror of truth, those whom are wounded and sick, despise the Heyoka, for these obvious reasons!

Her skills are to open the mind by using shock tactics, humour and contradictions, to show the absurdity of life!

Being a Heyoka is a lonely path, simply because the world is full of conditioned norms, and the ego is indoctrinated at such a young age, the wounded, fragile, weak ego, cannot bear to be around a Heyoka, because the mirror of truth is too painful to see.

God/Source or Father, Creator, whatever name resonates to people, is not the angry vengeful God that the bible has conditioned people to believe, in one book it states, an eye for an eye, and then in the other book is says turn the other cheek. The contradictions of the bible are how the Heyoka is viewed, admired and despised because of the paradoxical nature of her role is n walking between two opposite worlds!

Life is a joke, and when you get the joke, you UNDERSTAND God’s dream inside the dream.

A true Heyoka UNDERSTANDS the painful SHADOW of the SHAMEN, she walks between both worlds in the same manner that the Shaman works with the invisible realm. The Heyoka is the polar opposite to the Shaman! In the same way the Angel is the polar opposite to the Demon! Life is a dual natured, in every sense of the word.

The invisible realm being that of the fourth dimension, (collective unconscious) which has three layers, the lower realm is that of purgatory and here demons exist, the Heyoka is both light and dark, walking in the darkness to expose or make the unconscious, conscious. She smashes the mirrors of delusions between the veil, that exists between two worlds.

The Heyoka’s POWER and CHOICE is to build bridges between two opposing dualistic sides/polarities or she can burn the bridges as her medicine is chaos, she can create, or destroy the norms! She uses Shame as her power to tell the truths.

Tell the truth -shame the devil – that’s what my grandmother always used to tell me!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that, hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. Martin Luther King!

Making the unconscious -conscious!

The collective unconscious is darkness!

Creator source, is a supernatural being, he will show you the wonders of this world, when you realise you are merely a tiny drop of the ocean, Source will take you and show you to his wonders, from being a drop in the ocean, to becoming at one, with the whole ocean. From a tiny spark of light, to being the whole cosmos, these are the wonders of source and his supernatural abilities. Source is the water and ocean, the sky and the air, the lighting that ignites the stars and the rain the falls over earth. There are many layers and levels to source’s amazing creation, the wonders of the world, the higher levels of heaven, and the lower levels of hellish regions are all part of the grand design. Source creator is the giver of life, he is the oxygen we breathe, and the earth is his finest creation.

In the lower astral realm, or fourth dimension, the Shaman work with spirits, yet there are also dark magicians/Shaman’s who roam this lower realm to abuse and maim, innocent humans during the vulnerable hours of unconsciousness (sleep).

People who are connected to source creator are connected via the heart’s electro-magnetic centre, and this is connected directly to the head. When you move around in the astral realm, you will discover in the ‘mirrors’ of the astral world, this truth.

The Shadow of the Shaman! Every wonderful and perfect ‘famous’ large figure has an even larger shadow they try to hide?

Dark magicians, or disconnected entities, feast on source energies and attempt to destroy and maim them and it is here, in this darkness that they feast. Psychopaths and sociopaths are soulless, without source connection and they NEED and FEED from source suppliers, much like the narcissists needs attention and admiration to survive! The ultimate trick of deception – by use of trauma and deception! Psychopaths have NO source connection, and this is part of the illusions in the reality game.

The villain or the enemy, is the bringer of truth, they really do, set you free.

The painful shadow of the Shaman!

On one out of body experience, I was at home and the dark Shaman’s Shadow came to asphyxiate me, I pulled myself away, asking others for help but it was too late. The dark shadow suffocated me, the last thing I remember was choking for air, then I was abruptly awoken.

I asked source creator, during meditation to show me what had happened, and I was shown by my guides something quite horrifying, I was told ‘Manipulated Suicide’ and ‘medieval sorcery,’ was the source of the dark magician’s intention. The next meditation, I was shown the dark magician/Shaman chanting over and over, manipulate suicide by using medieval sorcery! And, he’s still chanting his sorcery!

The dark sorcerer is disconnected from source energy and casts his spells in the lower astral realm to trap innocent source spirits. This could shed light to why people are committing suicide!

For the record, I am not suicidal, I never have been in this low state of mind, I’m sorry if this post upsets you, I can only offer compassion and empathy for those who are tormented by these dark thoughts. I only hope this post may help you see through the illusions/ delusions so that you may find some peace, for your mind. Why would MY SHADOW suffocate ME???

I couldn’t make out WHY I was being targeted/ attacked by malicious evil, although I have worked with some young people who talk about shadows that attack them and tell them to commit suicide, so it opened my empathy up further for these innocent people. It certainly makes you stop and think about those who have committed suicide and if they had done this intentionally, or whether someone (dark entity) forced this onto them? Open your mind, not everything is black and white!

For me, as a sensitive empath, the implant was obvious, the left hemisphere of the brain in the aura is the creative brain, so it makes sense why the energetic implant was placed there in the first instance.

How do I know it is sinister, how can I prove its not my own shadow? Well life was going great before the etheric entity attachment occurred? Then I lost my job, my home, my whole life fell apart, nobody will answer my emails, all jobs that I apply to – ignore me, (even roles i am over qualified for) etc… the list is endless!

Not everything is as it appears to be, there is so much deception and trauma occurring in the world today, including abusive practices happening in the lower, astral realm of the unconscious!

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