Accept Your’self’

Accepting yourself

One of the biggest challenges we each face in this life, is accepting ourself. The real self.

Acceptance has a powerful effect in freeing you from any outer burden. It enables you to see yourself, it allows you to embrace all your weaknesses and flaws and most of all – validating yourself frees you from any one else’s opinion towards you.

Not every follower in your social media account is a friend or a fan! A?nd does that actually matter? Is it important to have likes on your picture, or page, do you need validation from this? Or is it more important to you that you share something of value! Ask yourself why you care so much about other people opinions, or is that you crave ‘attention?’

Stop caring about what people think of you, unload that extra baggage weighing around your ankles, holding you back!

It’s a little like not caring what others think of you, without removing the heart. By not caring what other say to us or about us, has a truly freeing effect on the inner world we each inhabit.

The universe is all inside of each of us, the war is within! When you conceptualise the delusions you can then see the illusions and acceptance of self, and of others is easier than ever.

By truly accepting yourself, nobody can hurt you, because you will have healed those inner wounds and past triggers, needs, desires etc validation, confirmation, and acceptance become your new outlook. Co-dependency falls away and you learn to trust – yourself.

To accept yourself you have to be honest with yourself. And honesty takes courage, seeing all the ugly, vile parts of you and accepting them is difficult, but worth it.

Accepting yourself enables you to really accept others too. By accepting others and honouring them on their journey in this life existence is empowering to both parties. Not everybody is experiencing the same things as you, some souls are young, others are wiser – Acceptance is one of the key ingredients to a successful interaction and peace of heart and mind!

let no man/woman pull you low enough to hate them!

People can, and will be mean and rude to you, but just step back for a moment and look at the reason behind the interaction or rudeness. They’re either jealous of you, and envy is such a damaging virtue, or their hurting in themselves, and want to project their hurt into you, to make you feel hurt too, to have some power over you, to make themselves feel bigger and more powerful etc fill in the gaps…

Hurt people need love the most, because they’ve been hurt, (and love has this powerful effect to either hurt or heal) they don’t trust anybody because of their own past trigger wound. And that’s ok, you can’t change this for them, they have to come to the conclusion that they can trust you not to hurt them again! Maybe they won’t trust you, and that’s ok too, don’t take their behaviour towards you personally, it’s not you, it’s nothing about you, it’s just that they don’t recognise their own inner pain and how they are projecting this pain at you!

Some people are going to like you, some people are going to hate you, and soon enough you will come to the conclusion that its not even about you!

Let it go…

The earth Is a school, a playground, a dream inside the big universal mind of god/source, universal consciousness.

Some can teach you, and nobody is more HATED than he who speaks the TRUTH, One of the common phrases I always say is – you can take a horse to the trough but you can’t make him drink! You will face your inner demons when you’re ready!

This phrase applies to everybody that gets triggered – you can’t force someone to change, you can only accept them as they are. When they are ready to change, they will do this in their time.

You can’t change someone else’s opinion about you. You can’t force someone to like you or even fall in love with you, and you can’t change someone else’s perception or perspective – you can only change your reaction to what they say or do to you.

Change happens with you!

For me, I find that acceptance is such an empowering value to have, because it allows two different people to move away from defensive behaviour and allows real communication forward towards understanding and teaching.

Accepting yourself makes room for you to find the greatest gift of all. Learning to love yourself. I mean to really love yourself! Including the darkness that you hide behind with your social mask!

Accepting yourself and where you are, in your life’s journey gives you so much freedom from outer sources. You will realise that you’re not everybody’s cup of tea, or shot of brandy – and that won’t matter because really loving yourself allows you to see others, and accept other people as they are.

Truly accepting yourself means only YOU can validate yourself. Nobody’s opinion or rude comment can ever hurt you, because you come to the understanding that only YOU, can allow others to hurt you and to allow others to hurt you with words or actions, indicates you haven’t accepted yourself.

Rage, anger, jealousy, bitterness all of this inner pain, and this pain is part of your childhood programming from outer sources when you were young and vulnerable. That’s not your fault, but you are responsible for healing the past hurt to find freedom from any triggers and pain.

You weren’t born with rage and anger inside of you, it’s a defensive reaction of the ego. We are only born with two fears, loud noises and the fear of falling! Anger is not part of our natural state!

Accepting others allows you to realise you have no control over why they treated you the way they had, and this is where anger and rage are created in the first place, you can’t change what happened in the past, you can only change how you react, and once you free yourself from past hurt, pain, rage and anger, your eyes will open and you will truly see.

You will SEE with your eyes, the truth between the lies!

Rage and anger are one letter away from danger, you weren’t born with this emotion, it’s part of your early psychological programming – rage and anger are hidden traumas that are ignited by other people’s opinions hiding a trigger which is designed to evoke your reaction, and your reaction is what could lead you down into danger.

Free yourself, just forgive and forget….

Words are powerful, they have the power to hurt and the power to heal, but once those words have been expressed, you can’t take it back, angry words are just as dangerous as a loaded gun or shiny knife. Once the action is completed, only regret awaits your fate!

Life’s too short for regrets.

Acceptance of our differences, culturally and psychologically allows two opposite forces, to collaborate, communicate and contemplate the others point of view.

So please – accept yourself and find the love you crave and seek!

It’s all happening WITHIN.

Love you, all of YOU. You’re all you’ve got!

2 thoughts on “Accept Your’self’

  1. I think I’ve entered the acceptance stage (of abandonment) Kelly, it’s quiet and calmer here. She’s never coming back. And I’m going to see my therapist (Dr B ) today at 4:00. I dunno, maybe my identity is hiding under her couch. Peace to you wise woman.

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