Rejection is re-direction!

Rejection – is Re-direction.. Re-frame your inner wounds and empower yourself

One of the core wounds that many of us experience is Rejection!!

The fear of rejection limits our potential, restricting us from taking a risk, or a chance, with something we want to do, or achieve. And rejection has this powerful, debilitating cause, rooted deep in a childhood (forgotten) memory, which then unconsciously directs – behaviour, attitude and personality or character.

And yet it hurts, being rejected. We feel destitute, in the throes of despair, our mind starts making up stories that we’re not good enough and the fragile ego begins to build this wall, a defence to protect the wounded inner child! Protecting the perfection of our source self, playing small because we don’t want to get hurt like that again!

How can we overcome one of life’s inevitable seetbacks – rejection!

Reframe the concept!

You can look at this from a number of angles, and re-framing the experience helps you to become more emotionally resilient, and stronger. It will also help you not to take things so personally, and have greater control over your emotions.

Mastering your emotions is a huge challenge, when so much of our life’s experiences are relatively unconscious, buried traumas from a time we cannot remember.

Rejection is re-direction.

Sometimes rejection is a clear and distinct NO…. Not your door, not your path… It’s a definite NO. And as the saying goes, as one door closes, another opens…. Trying to force open a door that isn’t meant for you could have catastrophic consequences.

‘Don’t push too hard, your dreams are like china in your hand’! Rejection might not be a clear NO, it could indicate protection from going through this door… therefore, rejection could well be the higher forces, protecting you! Or maybe you are out of their league, and they couldn’t see that!

Some people don’t appreciate or recognise a good heart until it’s gone!

Think of the situation as a wrong door. Not your door, not your path!

We all have doors, inside our mind, and as we grow and progress through life, different doors open, and throughout life, we are taught to ‘chase after our dreams’ and set goals…

But what if you do all these things and it’s still a clear NO…. Then it’s definitely not your door. You’re either going the wrong way, or, you’re being divinely protected from who or what’s behind the door you so persistently want to push open!

So, if you have an underlying fear of rejection, instead of letting it create further negative self talk, such as ‘you’re not good enough’! Reframe the situation.

Rejection is just confirmation that the other person or whatever the situation was, did not see what you had to offer. It’s nothing personal about you and is often a problem on their behalf. Critical, negative people, reject because underneath their own ‘perfectionism criteria’, their inner wound of rejection is too raw to face, so they probably saw your talent or skills as a threat, to their own, inner damage!

Being rejected can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. Don’t let rejection upset you or make you feel small and insignificant, just re-frame the situation and accept yourself as you are, you tried, you did your best, that’s all the matters.

2 thoughts on “Rejection is re-direction!

  1. this morning i was wondering what you were painting. i understand the paradox of love too. it’s so quiet now/here/there. and sometimes i/we can say hello and send good wishes across the seas

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