Your IMMORTAL SOUL – the fractal of your SOUL

Death… we all have to die at some point in our lives and what is it about death that you are afraid of? Death is an ending for this physical existence, but it’s NOT the end of life? Not for your soul/spirit.

You are more than just this physical body, you are a multi dimensional being having a physical experience. There are many layers and sides to the human condition that few can truly fathom. You have an emotional body, which is programmed during the formative years, 0-7 and you also have a mental body, an astral body, an elemental body, and aura there is sooo much to you than just the outer physical body and the internal organs that fuel the vehicle in which you embody!

This reality is a stage, or the playground and we are all fractal aspects of the same source. The same oneness of which we can refer to as THE GODHEAD. First you get the test, and then you learn the lesson! And life is a series of tests and lessons.

Your higher self exists at a much lighter and higher dimension, than this dense 3D reality, which is too dense for the higher body to exist, on its own, it needs YOU in your physical form and your job on earth is to connect you, with your higher self. Your higher self communicates to you through your intuition and your dreams.

Once you realise and maybe experience the journey back to the ‘GODHEAD’ or SOURCE, (which is neither male or female, its beyond anything dual, because this playground is DUALITY), when you die, you return back to the GODHEAD, those of us who have ‘DIED’ are trying to share this with those whom are afraid of dying…. Your fractal aspect of the godhead is immortal, as are YOU. You are an atom, within the DNA of your body, and this atom, this tiny tiny fractal of you, is your soul essence, and dying is a return back to the ‘GODHEAD’ the huge mainframe of this universal structure. The journey back is beyond comprehension, it’s the best journey you’ll ever take. Nothing in this reality can ever compare to the experience of death and returning back home… when you can truly comprehend this… you no longer FEAR DEATH or dying, because you KNOW where home is.

I’ve had NDE and I can tell you with 100% conviction, you soul lives on long after you leave this physical body. You are formless, and you are here to re-connect back to the GODHHEAD. We are all interconnected via the same fractal connection to the same source. Like a web, we interconnect via the heart.

This reality is the opportunity for you to discover what your soul is…. What does the soul look like? Well once you SURRENDER to the WHITE LIGHT at the point of death… (actually, you don’t really surrender, you fly faster than lighting speed, into the electric ball of light… it’s like being in the entire white light, and you are a blast of lightning…  you will travel at break neck speed UP a tunnel and it is here where the WHITE LIGHT consumes you.

EVERYTHING IS LIGHT. Tesla was right!!!

This light is a spark in your heart, and you job in this life is to connect this spark up into the brain.

YOU are IMMORTAL and your experience here on earth is meant to help you discover your immortality, long after the body has decayed and returned to the dust on the ground. Your physical body isn’t immortal, your soul IS!

Our physical body is born from dust and to dust it shall return, but the soul… lives on and returns to SOURCE, the GODHEAD.

When you SEE your SOUL, you will fully comprehend what it means to be in ‘GOD’s IMAGE’

The soul is the light … it lives in the heart until it is AWAKENED… To awaken, is to DIE!!

Your dream world is another aspect of your multi-dimensional self. Your dreams help to guide you when connecting to your higher self. In your dream world, you can achieve unimaginable feats… just like NEO did in the film the matrix.

You can fly… you have the powers of a ninja warrior… you can be anything you want to be in your dreams.

Your dream world is the KEY to UNLOCKING your full potential.

It’s all ONE and we are fractal aspects of the same source, existing and experiencing in this wonderful EARTH PLAYGROUND. fffffffffffffff

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