Take the MIDDLE path…

Take the middle path… stay close to SOURCE/GODHEAD

To get closer to SOURCE or the CREATOR of all that is, you have to get closer to your inner being, your true self. And to achieve this, you learn to take the middle path. The neutral path of non attachment and non-judgement.

Source or the GODHEAD is neutral… to source, there is no good or evil, it just is! Source does not take sides, it’s all a divine play and we all have our place in the grand scheme of this dream play!

Source is all knowing, all powerful, all seeing.  And when you die, you will understand this truth for yourself. Death is just another door, into another world. You don’t die, you just change form…

Life is a play, a stage… a game of two halves…duality! When you overcome DUALITY, you begin to look at life from a top down perspective instead of a single side view and you will not only see the BIGGER PICTURE, you will also see beyond your emotional and physical body.

The view from the top of the mountain is totally different when you step back and DETACH! By detachment, I mean, you see both sides of the story and become non judgemental. Because all judgements stem from prejudice. You learn to understand what duality is all about, how and why, two teams fight against each other.

In this physical material reality, it’s the five senses and your deep-rooted trauma’s causing negative emotions that keep you trapped.

Your emotions are the root cause of all your triggers and although the EGO does a good job, protecting the source or fractal aspect of you, protecting your soul from deep wounds, it can overtake your life and cause more damage than good… and this is where the danger lies.

The ego hides all your buried traumas from your childhood and your past. This is what is called an EGO WOUND, and ego wounds cause a great deal of PAIN. ANGER…RAGE…HATE… ENVY…LUST!!!  All these negative emotions stem from a buried, hidden trauma from your childhood… and by entering the CAVE of YOUR MIND, you can purge and release these wounds that no longer serve you.

Early trauma’s and childhood abuse cause you so much pain and misery… they drive all the psychological mechanism which poison your inner being. Trauma’s are the root cause of addictions and sadly, misunderstanding’s between two opposing perceptions, or perspectives. This early abuse shaped your perceptions, and inevitably…your own prejudice… which keeps you locked into the duality game, which fuels your emotions, making them either unstable or unpredictable, and your emotions can cause a whole lot of destruction if you can’t contain them.

When you can control your emotions, you become more adept at controlling and mastering your mind and ultimately… YOURSELF. Emotions run on EGO wounds and DESIRE’s, WANTS….NEEDS….DEPENDANCY.. SELF RIGHTOUSNESS…

Walk the middle road… non-attached!

Once you release the trauma and heal, you free yourself from any triggers that spark your anger and rage… and by freeing yourself, you find you are no longer at the mercy of your prejudiced beliefs about yourself, your emotions and the world!

Emotional triggers are the effect of deep-rooted traumas against the fragile ego during the formative years. Forgiveness and gratitude will free you from your prejudice and the bind that has enslaved you in the 3D game or play of life.

Some people would argue that we are here to bring justice to the world… justice is a dualistic element to injustice!

Duality is the battle you have with your ego, a battle for the soul to live or to die! Conquer your traumas and you free your source self! Your immortal self! You have to strip away the layers… the labels….. the traditions… the beliefs… strip it all back and you will start to truly SEE.

The ego thrives on all inner psychological mechanisms, tricking your mind into believing your perception and prejudice is right!

The middle path is neutral, non judgemental, non attached and allow you to detach from the outcome so that you can fully experience the lesson. Cause and effect is the pendulum of life, everything that is created here on Earth has both a positive and negative aspect to its creation.

This reality is the material creation of the immaterial essence of what and who we truly are, at the core of our being. We are multi dimensional aspects of source, this world…. is not your true home… Source is the electro magnetic ball of light, that drives everything here in the world.

  • Light is LOVE
  • We need three things in the life on EARTH
  • Laughter for the MIND
  • Joy for the HEART and
  • LOVE for the soul.

Find your soul and you find SOURCE! Or fins SOURCE and you will discover what your SOUL fractal looks like…. that’s where and how, You FIND LOVE.

Happiness isn’t something we can buy or bottle, it’s inside, its YOUR role to find YOUR happiness and sing your won song. Love is happiness and happiness is the gift…. of LOVE.


4 thoughts on “Take the MIDDLE path…

      1. I knew about Sophia

        why do they keep this from us?
        i seek unity
        but Kelly they keep pushing me back,
        clouding me, us, everyone
        and gender confuses me
        and how can source be from inside yet we seek connection/s outside
        and we can feel source both inside and out
        please teach me
        please help me


      2. We are all unique walter, source is who you are, your true self, unity is achieved within. Integrating the ego, the persona, and shadow. The inner world is a projection you hold for the outer world.


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