The Four corners of your MIND!

The four levels of the MIND and how it controls your 3D reality

Sound and Sight, Cranial nerve 1 + 2 is related to vision and nerve 8 is related to sound. The three DNA strands that a majority of humanity operate from!

There are four separate waves, or vibrations that contribute to this manipulation of the human DNA and they are

  • Alpha = Energy PROJECTION
  • Beta = Emotional AMBUGIUTY
  • Delta = AWAKENING

Alpha is everyday programming and interaction. Alpha is energy projection and what we pay attention to is where we spend our energy. The TV is emitting these alpha waves continuously and the celebrity culture on the world stage are TEACHING YOU THESE. When you see pictures of the latest celebrity covering one eye, they have a hidden meaning behind the picture..

  • Left eye indicates – pay ATTENTION to ME
  • Right eye indicates – Listen to ME.

Both concepts are REVERSED esoteric symbols designed to programme you! It’s futile blaming the celebrities for this, because it isn’t their fault! Hate only begets more hate. We can never really know their reasons behind why, (maybe they are manipulated too?) and judging them is only fanning the flames of hate, prejudice and malice, and there’s too much of that in society already. Instead, look at them as TEACHERS, showing you the TRUTH about the REAL SINGLE EYE OF GOD!

We exist and learn in this 3D reality via these three cranial nerves, which are further manipulated through TV and Radio manipulation.

Beta is emotional manipulation, which connects to the Mid Brain and Amygdala and this is how we are programmed through childhood.

Theta is the subconscious and this is the inner child/Id and the programming of obedience and compliance is imprinted during childhood and throughout life, with FEAR conditioning, all this happen sub consciously.

Delta waves are the AWAKENING phase and the re-igniting of the PINEAL gland and the other 9 strands of doormant DNA.

Albert Einstein theorized that all energy is emotion.

The PINEAL gland is the HARD DRIVE of your MIND which operates, and RECORDS all data and Sensory information through childhood programming! The four corners are the four different states.

We have three brains, that covers and protects the PINEAL gland

  1. The brainstem and cerebellum = survival instincts
  2. Limbic system and Amygdala and Hippocampus = feelings and memory instincts
  3. Neo Cortex = thinking, language reasoning and logic

These three brains we have inside our mind are controlled y intrinsic conditioning. Memories are buried in the childhood and as memories surface, so too does the knowledge and what each stage of development means.

Behaviour of the adult are formed out of early childhood traumatic experiences with a father or father figure. The same applies to males and their perception of woman, due to their own mother and her affection/ attachment styles.

Breathe is the elixir of life.

Pranayama breathing into the body and the internal organs is how energy create vibrations.

Vibrations are controlled via FEAR (subconscious) programming and conditioning.

Journeying deep into the MIND and past history will allow memories to be assessed, healed and released. Ou the freedom or relieve you of past traumas. You have to face yourself, your MIRROR and also re-claim your ABANDONED CHILD.

There is no Pill, surgery or therapy that can give you real redemption. Wholeness is healing the past, forgiving and forgetting the pain and purging all KARMA and NEGATIVE imprinting. This is path from 3D earth into 5D earth, the soul’s true enlightenment.

The body is the TEMPLE and the ‘spirit’ lives inside the HARD DRIVE – Pineal Gland. As the two serpentine snakes (DNA) entwine around the primordial egg at the base of the spine, the connection to GOD/source, is connected via the spinal cord as the energy rises into the PINEAL gland, showing you the TRUE kingdom of GOD.

The four corners of the MIND, and the Three layers of the MIND take you to seventh heaven – the KNGDOM of GOD!

You have to HEAL from within…

7 thoughts on “The Four corners of your MIND!

  1. Very intriguing also very surreal Kelly when the mind has had memories suppress deep within others feel those affects by confronting their emotional responses . Where others that the mind been fractured with trauma go into flight or my case fight . In which you never wear your heart on your sleeve , always accelerating forward not allowing it to phase you or break now Pandora has revealed her Box back with vengeance and will do everything to shattered you into nothing so only fragments are left behind.

    So many see things as black and white there is absolutely no intellectual logic because if everything was meant to be as so then there would be no need to complexity of human responses to adversity in enduring the proverbial Storms of L I F E .




    1. I see your point about not wearing your heart on your sleeve, wise words I should of heeded that in my past. Sadly, Empathy, Compassion and Kindness are all too quickly abused these days! A sad fact, but true…. Trauma and Deception is what life is all about, repairing the Mind from STORMS that others have put upon us takes courage and conviction, it’s the bravest path a trauma survivor has to take, but for peace of mind, the journey to healing begins within… Many do see life as black and white, and I agree, there is no logic to this state of mind… they fail to notice the grey abyss in the middle, if there were no grey area… we would not have room for human error? Mistakes are part of life’s lessons… how we find peace in our mind depends on how well WE HEAL, from trauma, abuse and deception…

      PTSD is not an easy psychological trauma to heal from, and we are not responsible for the trauma’s and storms that have been put upon us, but we are responsible for our own emotional health… a fact many fail to acknowledge because chasing other material luxuries are more appealing. The emotional core is the beginning of the minds fractures, and only the brave, courageous and strong will dare to venture there, and repair the fragments of ruins!

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      1. There is no overnight fixes when the mind has suffer rapture of trauma . Just as I referred in Gladiator the athlete will always hold more value than human element but without the person filled with flaws character weakness, strength there would be no athlete something many fail to realized Kelly



        Liked by 1 person

      2. So true Alex… So true. The athlete and the physical element is always regarded as superior to the emotional element we each have and our soul . The strongest are most flawed, because they lived the experience and were built by the trials x

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