The Divine play of the SELF, Shadow and Persona!

The ego protects us from full knowledge of the shadow and to the extent that it does this it also blocks us off from super-consciousness as well. 

Here’s the catch – we have Two!!! A lower ego, consisting of all things relating to selfishness and self serving behaviours and traits, (Narcissism) and then we have the upper/higher Ego, consisting of selfless and of service traits. (Empathy) Bridging the two is what leads us to our own salvation. Yet achieving this, will either make you – or break you!

In moments of Mindfulness, we can start to comprehend what awareness is, and in times of deep meditation, we can begin to understand the layers of our multi-dimensional self. We have many layers to our human existence, including the cognitive functions – how we think and what impedes thinking and then we have the emotional layers – the psychology and neurology of the ego falls into this bracket. The body is physical, the mind and our thoughts, are mental constructs, in between we have so much more than the physical vehicle we live inside.

To achieve self actualisation, the mind has to wrestle and balance, the two Ego’s into the self (heart) pulling the higher ego down to the heart and bringing the lower ego up to the heart, we achieve wholeness, oneness and full actualisation.

During meditation the ego disappears in these extreme experiences because of the extreme energy going through the hindbrain, sensory-motor cortex and limbic brain.

During Traumatic and fearful experiences – especially in extreme traumatic situations such as fight-flight chemistry, the prefrontal lobes are disengaged in order for the more instinctive parts of the brain to deal with the danger.

During an emergency, and even NDE, the sense of danger is internally generated. Often the autonomic shock is many times greater than that which we could ever experience in the normal course of a human life.

Just as a virgin only has a limited grasp of what it is to be human prior to having sex, so to those who have not experienced the ecstatic inner-conjunction or a Dark Night (depression) also have a limited perception of the height and depth of reality. These extreme events in consciousness make the ego more sober, respectful and humble because of this reorientation of what it is to be Human.

This adjustment is largely biochemical. There is both vast expulsion of stored tension-energy and extensive reconstruction of the brains hardware that is brought about by these events. And it is this chemical, energetic and experiential reformation, which leads to what we know as Ego Death…whereas really it should be known as an expansion of the tight boundaries of the Ego to encompass a larger felt-sense of humanization.

The ego never truly dies, unifying all three aspects of the inner ego drives is what leads to expanded consciousness and soul evolution!

What is Ego Death?

Ego death represents the neurodetoxification of mental repression, removing the friction and futile cycling of the nervous system, allowing a higher pattern to form. From our subjective point of view our self is composed of the parent=superego, adult=ego, child=id. In ALL STATES.

That is waking, dreaming and deep sleep, plus altered states. To this triad there is both the dark-bad-Thanatos (shadow), and the light-good-Eros (Love) living inside the Persona. Coupled with the Unconscious, conscious and Superconscious. And all these factors interact to create the self and the Self.

The lower ego, the higher ego and the soul self within! Unifying all three, leads to full consciousness and awareness of ALL THAT IS!

Heaven is a blank Canvas, and a masterpiece waiting for the human soul to utilise the resources of mother Earth, and the painter or creator, is YOU. Love is the glue that binds the two into a dance of divine wonder, comedy, tragedy and Awe…. Life is a Gift, and Love is the quest…. this is the true path of the two ego’s and the seed of Love, is the heart’s true calling… to achieve full self actualisation.

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    1. Hi Sheila, it depends on personal perspective too, shadow and persona, some people are aware of both and can control their shadow, others are consumed by it. Like leviathan vs Quetzalcoatl!

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