When Love and Hate COLLIDE

Narcissism causes division, and we all have this aspect of narcissism, its called an EGO, it separates us from our true self, and sadly, from each other. Blaming the other – the mirror.

Love –  the chemical reaction that occurs from an ego perspective… from ego desires and cravings.. an illusion of the mind’s wants and desires. IS THIS LOVE!

Love is not a possession and it CANNOT be possessed, a trick of the ego and a function of narcissism – is to possess, own, claim, control…

Love cannot be controlled!

The truth is, we don’t OWN anything, all of life and all it’s treasures, are a gift. Resources we use. Relationships –  they’re a lesson for expressing love, for discovery of ourselves, discovering what we hold dear to us and a blessing, for learning. Love, is the glue that binds one heart to another. We don’t possess anything but the body we encompass, this is all we truly OWN, ourselves…. All of what we meet, greet experience… it’s a gift from the creator/GOD/Source. Love can never be captured.. like the butterfly that beholds such beauty after transforming from the caterpillar, growing wings, it takes flight. Beautiful to watch, difficult, if not impossible, to catch.

Love can never be possessed, controlled, bought with money, or owned, like a butterfly, it has it’s own wings and it’s own agenda… Love, it’s the essence of the story of our lives and gives our life, meaning, purpose and substance.

I was talking to a reverend a couple of weeks ago, where we discussed an amazing tapestry of Jesus in the cathedral and the four corners on the artwork. How the picture was androgynous, much like the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo DaVinci, and we discussed all the different religions around the world. All the religions have a specific Deity/GOD, and I mentioned that all over the world, in all cultures and religion, the GOD that is known by a thousand names is the same Deity in all religions, just like the Lotus Petal has 1’000 leaves, (the pineal gland and the correlation to the pine cone) Its all the same Deity that is revered the world over, yet this deity, to different cultures is the cause of wars, tragedies and again, where two sides, two teams, two nations, fight against each other in the name of their deity!

We all honour the same Deity, so why is there so much war between two nations, two countries, two people!! We all fight a war inside, a war with ourselves, and that war, is about being RIGHT!

Hate breeds further hate, popularity breeds contempt, and religion is meant to enable man to seek that which is higher than himself, to seek the god within and without.

The creator is infinite… everywhere and nowhere… A paradox of polarity.

GOD/source, it’s part of us and part of the earth in all existence,  to DIE is to live and to live is to die, the paradox of life is the riddle we each have to conquer. Our mind is the challenge, the distractions are part of the tapestry in life… nothing is GOOD or BAD, everything has it’s purpose and place…

In every saint there is a sinner and in every sinner, hides a saint. We are both light and dark, good and bad…

We are so small really, we are just this tiny, tiny atom, inside this miraculous machine we call a body…. so small and insignificant really, yet the ego and it’s grip of narcissism takes over and demands to be SEEN… HEARD… NOTICED… VALIDATED…

Collectively, we are the Beach… a grain among the sand of a vast beach… a drop in the ocean of cast water… we all interconnect and interrelate… A star amongst heavens so high –  we are all these elements within and without…

There is no right, because one believes it is right, the other is wrong. Both sides are wrong because neither side can be right! Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin. Two opposites, at war with each other, man against wife, race against race, pro-life, anti-life, pro vs anti, all the ‘isms cause such suffering across humanity.

Such suffering causes more alienation between nations, countries and humans, we cannot walk the earth and show respect to our fellow neighbours, we let bitterness eat away inside, harbour grudges against those whom we call an enemy – THERE is NO ENEMY…. This is the BATTLE we each wage each day… A battle of LOVE versus HATE!!!

This same battles is what ravishes inside each of us is the same battle that takes place on the field – NOBODY WINS. Because those who are right are equally wrong and those who are wrong are equally right!

Inside we all battle with these two opposing forces, and balance is necessary for peace within! Non attachment is how we free ourselves from the illusions and delusions of deception and brutality that exists within our minds and outside, as we walk among the planet, as equal brothers!

Heaven is a blank Canvas, and a masterpiece waiting for the human soul to utilise the resources of mother Earth, and the painter or creator, is YOU. Love is the glue that binds the two into a dance of divine wonder, comedy, tragedy and Awe…. Life is a Gift, and Love is the quest…. this is the true path of the two ego’s and the seed of Love, is the heart’s true calling..

2 thoughts on “When Love and Hate COLLIDE

    1. Hi Sheila, it depends on personal perspective too, shadow and persona, some people are aware of both and can control their shadow, others are consumed by it. Like leviathan vs Quetzalcoatl!

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