Sexual trauma and Kundalini

Sexual trauma and sexual abuse both have devastating consequences regarding kundalini!

This extraordinary force, latent in every man, can act constructively and also destructively. This KUNDALINI SHAKTI, the sexual force itself may enslave or free you from the human limited condition.


The kundalini is alive during early childhood, where she experiences life through each child, until trauma or fear steps in, eventually creating a split of the mind, or a split in the psyche. This split then becomes the two-faced nature of the persona. With the shadow, hiding in the unconscious!

Kundalini sexual energy and trauma during childhood, especially sexual abuse or sexual violence can cause the kundalini to act destructively on the psyche, causing a huge rift in the MIND and perception of the developing child.  

The psyche, ego or persona, is created the moment we are born and as has a dual nature. One side is towards what we perceive as good and right, the other is the shadow, and all the opposite polarising traits and personality features of the individual. Therefore, when we are born, we arrive all new and shiny and cute, with a psyche that inevitably splits, during childhood because of fear conditioning and ABUSE!

Society is currently experiencing a shift of consciousness and a rise of kundalini energy, many are discovering the benefits of Kundalini SHAKTI, and some are suffering, from the experience. Could this be because of childhood sexual trauma? Or could it be the false spirit of Leviathan!!!

Schizophrenia is a split mind, where the person reports to hearing voices and seeing people, being told certain instructions, many believe schizophrenia is a split or dual personality, and this is totally false and misleading. Schizophrenia is a split of the ego, and the psyche has two ego’s, one of a lower nature and one of a higher nature. When Kundalini energy is rising, the objective is to unite with SHIVA, in the brain and overcome the lower nature of the little ego.

For people with schizophrenia, the opposite appears to develop. Where the lower ego, overtakes the psyche of the person, causing the fragile ego to fear the rising energy, the lower ego takes over to protect the psyche from further harm or damage.

Just as the kundalini can be constructive or destructive, it would be fair to say that the person traumatised from early childhood abuse, along with a genetic predisposition, maybe at higher risk of developing full blown schizophrenia, due to the fragile mind and age of the child!

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