The Hopi ‘9th’ prophesy

Awakening the GREAT SPIRIT has two outcomes – and now the 9th prophesy is upon us all, everybody is being given the CHOICE, to follow the great spiritual ways, or suffer the insanity!

I repeat – it is a personal choice. The option you make is the difference between living in Heaven, or burning in Hell! YOUR CHOICE.

Before you awaken, you were not aware of demons, both inside of you and also in the public sphere. This is the 3rd dimension of reality. As kundalini rises, you begin to realise you have demons too and these demons are your past behaviours. As the veil gets thinner, the demons within and without rise to challenge you. They are the inner demons of your own making! You cannot move into 5d until you purify all that is evil within yourself!


In the astral realm, demons flock to the newly illuminated because his/her vibration is really high and is seen in the astral realm like a lighthouse. Demons see this bright light because the astral is really dark and because most humans are asleep. These demons feel threatened by this energy and thus, flock to torment the illuminated person (voices in mental health)

Demon possession happens in the astral realm, if a person doesn’t protect themselves. The possession also happens because the purpose is to stop the person from WAKING. This is what the great awakening is about and has been prophesised by the Hopi.

Your awakening will show you the TRUTH. At first you will have to go through purgatory (hell) to reach the other end. (White light)

You cannot fully awaken unless you face your demons both within (astral/ dream state) yourself and in the (society) material world.

The more impurities and dark behaviours/ attitude and contempt a person has, the worse the experience the individual will endure. This is why many fall into either ‘demon possession’ or ‘schizophrenia.’

If the awakening is FORCED whilst on drugs or leading an IMMORAL life (narcissism, rapists etc) the experience will be so hellish – they may not survive, or ever recover.

There are many that cannot handle this and commit suicide or become mentally unstable and imbalanced. This happens to those who are full of impurities, evil intentions or to gain special powers for their ego and selfish gain which are their own inner demons.

The FORCE (fire) burns all the impurities and when the work is done the crown chakra will close. Although the experience may lead to psychosis and maybe schizophrenia, the process of rising the kundalini IS NOT a demonic activity, it is part of the self actualisation.

The force rises up the spine to burn all the impurities, which is different to how demons work. Demons enter through the nose, mouth, eyes and if they possess a person, the person changes and acts like another personality.

Nothing like this happens when it rises up the spine, it burns the energetic blocks it finds along its journey, which is the purification fire.

You will likely feel heat from each energetic block, which is nothing more than a neurological pathway – these movements are the natural, less traumatic way of rising kundalini.

Headaches and ears ringing are the visual and audio symptoms.

Kundalini is neither demonic or dangerous, it is a purification FORCE, which when the job is complete, she lifts the veil for you to know TRUTH.

When the job is done, kundalini descends back into to root chakra and will now rise to make its home, in the heart chakra – to stay there.

The outcome of a successful kundalini

You become emotional ally stable.
You rarely get taken out of balance because both hemispheres are synchronised.
Your mood is uplifted.
You can FEEL the Holy Spirit inside.
Worldly problems no longer have a strong hold on your mind.
You are protected by the divine and are loved.
You are connected to source – GOD the creator.
You have no attachment including beliefs.
Your learning and understanding abilities increase.

No matter how much you prepare yourself, it’s an event that cannot be compared with anything else you’ve EVER EXPERIENCED.

It will leave you changed…. FOREVER.

The energy – is bioelectricity.

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