The 4 stages of kundalini

To awaken kundalini out of potentiality is to start a new world which is TOTALLY different from this 3D world. A successful kundalini rising is the door to infinity.

Each chakra is a world in itself.
1 root. = survival and most of humanity is stuck in this stage.

2. Sexual desires and sexual expression = the growth perversion of the paedophiles and rapists

3. The Red Sea of DUALITY = purification.

4. Heart. Self reached higher consciousness

If humans collectively connected with this level, the mass psychosis of this modern era would vanish completely. But the devil doesnt want you to know that!

The earth is the conscious world but it is also unconscious to instinct and desire.

Once she (force) rises, the energy travels up the spine and into the centre of the head, it then splits itself at the two eyes and goes back down both sides of the nose and upper lip, down the throat and down the breastbone, into its lower abdomen.

The purpose of the exercise is to see a light in the head.

The motion of the unconscious self through kundalini and the motion of the ANIMA leads into the depths of the unconscious on an imaginary figure, projected by kundalini. Usually a giant ouroborus snake, and you have to defeat the demon!

The ouroboros – in esoteric schools in Africa, is the snake swallowing its own tail and this is an exercise which energy is seen to be generated in the lower abdomen directed by breathing.

Inhalation of breathe, focusing in the perennial area first, sensing then directing the energy, up the spine to the back of the head. Then it curves over the skull and in exhalation, begins its descent on a downward path. That’s the the true path of kundalini – the rising of the HOLY SPIRIT.

The danger is rising the false spirit!

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