Finding YOURSELF during Kundalini awakening

We are robots in a cold chaotic and indifferent world/universe. And the inner holy spirit, is rising up, however, there is also a catch – will you raise the holt spirit, or the evil one!!

All the makes you FEEL ALIVE IS A TRICK, to the lower ego which convinces you that you have free will, to keep on living.

Schizophrenia is distinguishing what is real and what is imagery/illusion. And this is the negative outcome from a failed kundalini rising.

The mind is trying to process multiple realities simultaneously, which creates DISSOCIATION = nothing is real!

  1. You will crave silence
  2. Wanting to meditate
  3. Astral projection

The mind is ego and is shouting for conformity as you frantically go into a state of denial and comfort. As you shed the layers of conditioning, the mind-ego is fighting back to maintain control.

The edge of insanity is the ego being intimidated by new experiences you are having, although you are remembering. The ego is losing control as you feel torn between the old consciousness of duality and the sudden birth of the new singularity.

You mind feels like it is losing control because you are ripping away old consciousness in place of the new evolved consciousness.

It’s a process of that is creating a death to the old worn out conditioning that held the soul captive.

Dissociation occurs as ‘mind’ begins facing unconsciousness wounds that are connected to our soul blue print.

Letting go and surrendering to to the process, acceptance, forgiveness and processing emotions through observation is the key to your survival.

Once you face and heal your wounds, it triggers the sub conscious long term memory and starts activating hidden strands of DNA.

Endocrine glands and nerve bundles – ganglions in the brain, secrete hormones into the body. Kundalini stimulates neuroplastic activity in the brain to see and experience life beyond the physical/material.

We experience the world subjectively with the five senses and with language. Behaviour is understood from these experiences including verbal (speech) and non verbal (body language) Behaviour can be modified by manipulating these sense based representations.

Consciousness is an experience which is split into two polar opposites the subjective experience is that which occurs outside the individuals awareness and is what is known as the unconscious mind.

A conscious experience is the objective experience of the individuals awareness.

Technically, you are not having an identity crisis, you’re ‘finding yourself’ by digging into your subconscious long term memory.

During kundalini awakening – you must find the connection between two worlds and merge them together.

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