Judgement, Duality & Narcissism!

We’re quick to judge something, whether it’s an opinion, a criticism, or a judgement against a person, when we don’t actually know the real truth behind their actions! We judge because we have a different opinion, perspective or perception, but we really can’t know everything about something? There’s always a grey area in between, someone may not have had the same choices, or even the same opportunities, and often, judgement precedes the ability to think independently, so judgement and discernment are one and the same, because the polar opposite of judgement, is discernment.

Judge, and you will be judged!

Judgment is actually an umbrella term that includes discernment as part of it. Judgment is just a word that has multiple meanings, and in many cases judgment is synonymous with discernment!

To judge – is the ego speaking! PREJUDICE from previous experience.

To discern – is the second, gut brain speaking! Intuition, higher self guidance.

Even the idea of discernment, many people can still discern wrongly, which also means to judge wrongly, usually because they discern from a personal past negative experience. The word judgment has been used to mean discernment in many places such as the Bible. To try to separate the two words to mean different things is just plain impracticality and stupidity. Even when people take the word judgment to mean forming an opinion about something, the same argument can be made for the term discernment. Therefore, it is not about dropping judgment, but it is about improving judgment and suspending judgment when appropriate. Also, do you ever notice how many of those who are against judgment are actually very judgmental towards judgment?


Duality – Some would claim that duality should be eliminated and as long as there is duality, one is not enlightened, ascended, fully aware, know the truth, or any other statement you have heard of.

Duality creates judgement!

In 3D reality, people tend to be stuck in seeing things in only one polarity or the other. Duality is Polarity, a game of two sides or two halves. Beings of higher awareness or in higher dimensions are able to transcend duality by seeing one polarity, and the other polarity, and seeing the connections between the two, then seeing whole that the two are made up of, then seeing all of it, simultaneously. In a multi dimensional manner.

As one goes higher in awareness and dimension in terms of 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D, (and there are 11 dimensions) one is able to perceive and experience more and more the connection, combination, underlying unity and wholeness of things.

There are those that believe to be enlightened, the Ego should be eliminated. The truth is Ego is the boundary that makes up your individual consciousness. Without the Ego, you would not exist as an individual. To be really egoless is to be a robot, vegetable or brain-dead. However, the ego is a trickster and the ego can limit your potential, (because the EGO like to JUDGE) restrict your growth and keep you stuck and trapped in this 3D reality. The Ego is easily usurped and controlled by narcissism (the shadow) so its important to fully understand the POWER the ego has, over your MIND! Your ego will trick you into believing this is all there is –  creating fears about life and death. The ego, will deliver you to your death if you fall for the trap of narcissism!


Ego is Personality! Its’s dual natured and your job is to bring the ego into wholeness. Balancing narcissism with empathy is the role of the ego.

Without balance, there is no wholeness.

Narcissism is shadow behaviour, it drives you to self love and vanity go hand in hand, and before long, you will find you are always comparing yourself, narcissism lies, to others and mainly to YOU, the person staring back in the mirror. Narcissism is an over inflated ego. Narcissism is a masculine trait, encouraging competition, aggression and demands to be in the spotlight. Narcissism dictates to others – its my way or the high way. Narcissism cannot see or know love, because that’s not what it is designed for, and the more narcissistic you are, the further you drift away from truth, and real love.

You die by your own (narcissism) SWORD!

Ego is the whole reason why you exist individually. Your soul created your ego so that you can experience your individuality with personality, likes and preferences. People sometimes get stuck in 3D also get stuck in Ego perspective and think Ego is all of themselves that exists, and are not aware of the larger or broader aspects of their being in higher dimensions.

Your Ego is a focused extension of consciousness of your Soul, which is an extension of a larger Over-Soul, which in turn is Source. Transcending Ego does not mean eliminating or removing Ego. Transcending Ego simply means coming into awareness and operating with larger aspects of Self. Those who exist in higher states of spirituality or in higher dimensions still have the Ego if they are to exist as individual consciousness. Theirs would be finer and finer states of Ego where they encompass their own unique personality and separate point of view, while perceiving the oneness between Egos, and perceiving the underlying unity and connection between all other Egos, like circles within circles. You begin to see the bigger picture and how we are all interconnected.

The soul is a fractal of the over soul, and a fractal again of the source or God, whichever term resonates with you. A bit like a dream, inside a dream inside the big dream!

Without all the parts of the human, including body, emotions, ego, mind and soul, the whole is not whole. In this world, the challenge is always to operate at multiple dimensions of Self simultaneously as we are, multi dimensional in many aspects and connected through the over soul, to source.

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