Trust the TRUTH within

We are a super highway of a collective species of spirits. Originating from our own star system. What one preacher or teacher tells you may well be there own learning and belief system. But – IS IT YOUR TRUTH!

That’s what you have to question. What is YOUR TRUTH.

Truth is the small voice within, your inner source that talks to you inside, the voice comes up and talks or guides you. Often found in the flow, when in the zone of focus, and during meditation experiences.

Everyone in society is dual natured, embedded with a positive and negative personality traits. Everything created is dual in nature, for every good deed and bad deed is also integral to that creation. This is the challenge we have in living here, in this land. To overcome the challenges of duality.

The word is your sword. Every word spoken has the capacity to harm and as duality, it also holds the capacity to heal. Words are weapons of destruction or words of wisdom! It depends on your perception. One cancels out the other. Words that Provide wisdom also destroy the false belief and acts in duality, as the weapon.

Life, is the school of hard knocks, we’re here to learn, from each other. Everybody is a mirror, a reflection of the self. Who you interact with and what they teach you is a valuable lesson in life’s school and this playground we all play among.

It’s life’s most difficult trials that are responsible for having the greatest impact on shaping us into who WE ARE!

The world is a stage, a world within a world, or a prison within a prison. Depending on mindset and perception, and once you open your mind and expand your perception, you begin to discover the world outside.

The inner reflects the outer, and all energy is created within. change your mindset and you change your outlook and perception – on life! 

Tesla teaches us that the energy works in two conduits. The conduit of the sexual energy which is connected to the nervous body, the endocrine section inside the human body and its this internal body – that records and stores all memories.

The cells we are at a fractal level is minute, at an atomic level, we are so tiny, so small that all the world is held within the grain off sand. Within this tiny grain of sand a whole new world exists. 

The atom inside the neucleus, which is the tiny atom inside the six protons and electrons is the nucleus, we call this a neutron and this neutron is the god we have within. This god particle is inside a world inside another world.

The god particle is what tesla based his works upon, by bringing the inner into the outer. The neutron becomes the leading factor in the human body.

Religion for aeons has taught us the god is out there. That we should bow to a human who declares that they have been anointed by the great higher power!

The truth is we all have this aspect of god inside all of us, we have to find it. The treasures of the fruit from the tree of life exists within. This human world is the lesson and the teaching of who or how we find god or creator source.

The demons are all around us and within us. We all have God and Devil inside. The true god, the real kingdom that we all seek and desire to worship lives inside and we can access this anytime we like, did you really think that the world of Shambala was a physical place, its earnt, through deeds and working on evolution of the self?

I don’t dispute that this world is hard, we have to walk with one foot in the water and the other one in the sand, to survive. Yet, its all about perception, is life a gift, or do you think life is a curse! Both concepts reveal the mindset of what or who you think you are and what you believe you are entitled to! A bit like the optimist, verses the pessimist. Go neutral instead!

Arrogance is a fickle concept to grasp, and ignorance is mans biggest challenge. Ignorance of himself and his ignorance to his own omnipotence and power. 

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