The Fated Ones

The energy experienced between two reunited Twin Flames is like a wild beast. It can’t be captured. It can’t be contained. It can’t be tamed. Instead, it burns fiercely with an unquenchable form of intensity that is both exhilarating and formidable. The fire between two identical flames burns like a furnace, fanning its flames in the midst pf raw passion and erotisism.

The energy experienced between Twin Flames is like Holy Fire: it burns you to ashes, making way for the phoenix to rise above the embers, rising and emerging out of the dust, it also forges you into a new creature.

Your Twin Flame is the mirror of your soul, which is why the relationship is so intense and powerful. Your beloved is the mirror soul, – your soul reflecting back to you. That means you get to see the raw “stuff” that is there for you to work on so that you can bring more light into the world,

Meeting your Twin Flame can be emotionally crippling and excruciating, which can cause great internal turmoil. If you have met your Twin Flame, there is work for you to do. You will meet your own Shadow. Which is why shadow work and exploration is imperative, it won’t be all fun and roses. There will be many lessons to learn until the final re-uniting ceremony can begin.

Similarities Twin flames share

The same values, desires, beliefs and dreams
Your twin flame knows everything about you, you are the very essence of each other.
Time doesn’t exist as a sensation in your relationship
You balance everything, skills, strengths, weaknesses and gifts, with each other.
You both think you are both meant to be together, an unconscious recognition takes effect..
You forgive each other easily, you don’t hold grudges or project blame, if you had a huge fight, no matter how many times it happens. Forgiveness is a given.

Stages of Loving in a twin flame.

There are certain stages of loving your twin flame. In the first stage you are preparing yourself for the meeting, by completing shadow work and by clearing and purging your own emotional pain and baggage. The twin is the true love who is just for you. They are out there, and they are also waiting to be reunited with you. In this stage, you go on a journey to ready yourself for them.

In the second phase, you realise your twin flame is an actual person, a real life, breathing human, not someone who kept invading your dreams and showing themselves to you.
You will know at your first meeting that you’re destined to be with them forever.

In the third stage, you fall in love, and not the kind of love experienced by the majority of people – but the type of love you never thought was out there. This will likely blow your mind, because the energy between the two of you, will be electrifying, out of this world, something so unreal that you never knew existed, something which can be described through the words ‘truly, madly, deeply’, it takes on all levels, emotional, physical, sexual, mental, psychological, astral and etheric! The twin flame journey is the end of reincarnation in this world, they venture on out together, becasue their energies are cemented. Inseperable in all levels, on all realms.

In this stage, it feels unreal, like a fairy tale, something out of a perfect book about a perfect relationship. Romances like this dont happen to everyone, they are the ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY!

In the fourth stage, if there is still. more psychological purging, and ego work to be completed, things might start to get a bit bad; your ego emerges, maybe even some fears and insecurities, but you need to get over these to mature. Some twin s at this stage give up, and leave the relationship, in one way or the other, either emotionally or physically.

The one who isn’t so mature and emotionally balanced will run while the other chases after them.

In the final stage, issues are resolved, and everything returns to normalcy. Twin flames find eternal bliss when all their bodies align. The purpose of the twin flame romance is
– Heart to Heart Telepathic connection, via a spiritual connection known as the silver cord. It stretches from our heart chakra, out across the spiritual plane, and connects with the heart chakra of our twin flame.

Astral travellers will acknowledge the silver cord, this cord is elastic, flexible and, key to the twin flame relationship, it will be unbreakable. The cord cannot be severed. Although it can be strengthened, weakened, muddied and cleared. And therein lies the importance of the heart chakra to the twin flame relationship.

Physical sensations of the Twin Flames
Heart Flutters – When with our twin flame or are about to be, we might experience heart flutters. This is a familiar sensation is akin to the feeling of palpitations or our heart racing in our chest, may even be overlooked as anxiety!

This is the excitation of vibrational energies from the heart chakra that is activated most heavily when the silver cord that connects our twin’s heart chakra to ours is concentrated into a smaller area. We are all connected in this way to the creator, each having our own individual silver cord – with the twin flame, the relationship is more profound, because the two have been soulmates in many lifetimes, where they both tried to ascend and failed.

Dizziness & Disorientation
We may also experience dizziness or disorientation, especially when physically close to them, because the sheer energetic power of the twin flame relationship can cause us to experience a vibrational overload. It’s the same sort of sensation we might experience when we are overcome with emotion.

Hot & Cold flushes
The intense vibrational energies are buzzing with spiritual energy, and this increase in body heat is a manifestation of it. However, we may find ourselves feeling very cold when we are away from our twin flame. This can take some getting used to but will go away eventually.

Feeling pressure in certain parts of our body, when around our twin flame, or shortly before or after being around them. Commonly attributed to chakra imbalance. The balance of chakras are important for the spiritual journey, and the twin flame relationship’s purpose is to take us along that route, so interacting with our twin flame can cause us to become more conscious of the imbalances in our chakras.

We should take this as a sign to engage in some chakra healing meditation and aromatherapy.

Pain & Discomfort
The most common physical sensation related to the twin flame relationship is pain and discomfort. This is unfortunate, but it is the nature of the beast (as it were). Popping, gurgling and bubbling sensation, especially in the spine where kundalini rises, bursting through each chakra.

This can happen whether we are with our twin flame or not and this is a manifestation of the telepathic connection. You are feeling their pain and discomfort in addition to your own, and the same is true for them too, such is the nature of telepathy between the two of them.

This doubling up of pain sensation allows increased empathy and signifies the close spiritual connection between twin flames. Through many synchronicities in life twin flames begin to recognize that these events are a symbol of their connection. Initially, many think it is simply by chance, eventually, when they have a better surrender to this deep connection, they place their ego aside and understand that it is certainly not by chance.

Once that is understood, they begin realize that their paths were put in purposely in the same place, at the same time for a reason. When they are both at the exact same phase to increase their understanding as well as their growth.

Another sign of a twin flame synchronicity is allowing them to see that they are part of the same path when they cross together. They might live different lives, the mirroring triggers the twin flames to feel their close bond which in turn acts as a driver to growth as well as understanding of the soul.

Twin flames aren’t your average soul-mate relationships. They are knotty and inflict an immense amount of pain on us to propel us towards spiritual illumination. Enlightenment demands emotional and spiritual struggle of the highest order. Without it, you cannot deem yourself worthy of eternal bliss – as the phrase goes, no pain no gain.

We need a reason to escape our ivory towers of hate and insecurity, which is where the twin flame is so powerful. After we meet our twins, we learn to let go of the hurt and the pain and align with our higher consciousness to become an integral part of the cycle of the universal source.

For most people, it’s really hard to deal with the estrangement of their twin flames. Their memories continuously brood over their subconscious. At the back of their minds, they’re always thinking about them. But, trust me all of this happens for their own good. No matter how many days you spend without them; you’ll always wait for their safe return. You’ll come to the realisation that this isn’t a normal relationship; it’s a fated union. The universe, in the end, rewards you with perpetual love and light.

Your twin will show up more vividly in your dreams. Twin flames begin to reunite on the astral plane before they do on the physical plane, and these dreams are examples of that. Strange urges and being drawn to new places. Your spirit guides are trying to bring the two of you together, so listen to your gut and follow that guidance.

Synchronicity becomes constant. In other words, you see things that remind you of them more and more frequently until every day is just a chain of things that remind you of your twin flame.

Then, suddenly, you feel yourself pull away from your twin flame. Like a snap, one or the other will run…

This final one happens more often than you might think.

The point of the twin flame separation stage is to allow both twin flames to reach a spiritual state where they are ready for the journey to come.

For the runner, this is often accepting the twin flame journey and realising the wonder and brilliance of it.

But for the chaser, it is realising that they are going to survive just fine whether they have a reunion or not. Once you don’t need your twin flame to feel whole, your twin flame will return.

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