Runner and Chaser – Twin Flame dynamics

A twin flame relationship occurs in stages, and one of those phases is the ‘Runner and Chaser’ stage. Most often, the woman is the chaser, because she is more spiritually AWARE and AWAKE and the male is the runner, because he is not so in tune with the feminine energies, and more prone to narcissism, because of societal conditioning.

This runner/chaser stage isn’t unique to just you; it occurs for all twin flame relationships. The twins are mirror’s of each other, and that is oftentimes scary, especially if one is still stuck in narcissistic behaviour and beliefs. The ego, comes into play and one partner decides to build a wall.
Meanwhile, the other half of the relationship tries to tear down that wall. However, unless the cause is eradicated, the two of you, will be at a standstill because for every wall you break they build a new one. Fear plays a big part here, because the purpose of the twin flame is to bring forward the new blueprint for what a true love between two people truly is. Often the runner chaser dynamics occurs because of the 3D reality, indoctrinated rules about marriage and sex and societal conditioning and values.

Twin flame runner ego:
As mentioned above, twin flames are mirrors of one another, and the other person replicates every aspect of their personality. However, since the relationship is inconsistent, one partner may feel a few feelings more intensely than the other. the lower ‘Ego’ is one of those feelings. While some female twin flames develop a strong sense of ego, it’s usually the male partner that develops the ego in the relationship.
There are many reasons why this happens. It usually stems from the pressure of keeping up with societal norms. Being the man in the relationship, they feel an evident need to keep up with the image stereotyped for them. And males are more prone to fall victim to narcissism, which hinders their opportunity to ascend into 5D.

In almost every twin flame relationship there is a runner and a chaser. What is notable is that in almost every case the runner is a man.

This stems from a lack of spiritual intuition. That is, they lack the powerful intuition that women have about spiritual and emotional matters. They make up for it in other ways, of course, but not in any way that helps them to see the value of the twin flame relationship. 

The best thing we can do for our male twin flame is allow them to come to terms with this reality that is so alien to them. They’re so conditioned to believing the old stereotypical patterning of 3D that the thought if moving into 5D and total freedom in love – scares the hell out of them. It might take a while for a man to leave his comfortable, physical plane for even the briefest of moments. But once the male is spiritually aware and fully awakened to the twin flame relationship, he has one more task to complete (other than the myriad tasks that both twin flames have to finish regardless of sex/gender).

The two must balance masculine and feminine energies. 

These energies are rarely able to be entirely balanced, but it is vital for a man to develop some feminine energies in order to engage with the spiritual plane fully. Merely being around their twin flame – who, regardless of sex/gender will have matching complementary energies – will help to bring them into balance. But they can speed up this process through meditation and contemplation, and by learning to adequately communicate with women if they are struggling to do so. This will foster feminine energy.
The thing to remember about male twin flame awakening is that it is a struggle for him. 

We should forgive men for being less spiritual than women – it is simply their natural state. In time, that will change. As the move towards 5D grows ever faster this year, there should be a massive shift in awakening for humanity, due to the work these dynamic couples are completing. 

The twin flame journey is no easy task, but if you can handle the journey, and the powerful energies exchanged, the reward of the two into a blissful union is the blueprint for creating HEAVEN on EARTH! 

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