Let (the emotionally abusive soulless bastard) go…

If you have to ask a man, ‘where he is going,’ you’ll find the answer is nowhere, or it wont be an answer you want to hear. Players will set you up, get you paranoid and make you chase, stab you in the back, as these little ‘boys’ haven’t learnt gentleman rules. Men are innately driven – like hunters, and once they know what they want, they go for it, no holding back they just go. There should be no second guessing, no ‘if this,’ or ‘but you said that.’ If he wants you to be his girl, he will ask, and if he wants to propose, he will propose, its really that simple, everything else is imitation and mimicry. There is TOO MUCH EMOTIONAL ABUSE , happening in relationships today, your emotions will be the bait to enslave you! LET HIM GO! 

Don’t beg, harass or obsess over a man…. ask yourself is he actually worth it! Because in that moment of reflection, asking yourself ‘is he worth it? you’re going to see the reflection of his intention towards you – does he see your worth? Probably not. 

ITS A TRAP GIRLS! There is an ascension occuring and if your man is not on the same path, then he’s the distraction to block you… LET HIM GO, the bastard would see you dead before facing his own evil soul. 

When you understand the mirror concept, you will understand and SEE, that all the language and behaviours he emits, is actually his limited level of emotion and empty soul! turn the mirror on yourself, love YOU. LOVE yourself. That’s one of the greatest lessons these soulless wankers have to offer, they drag you to hell because that’s where they live, they can’t find heaven because they’re BARREN, EMPTY and COLD.

Yet, the irony of the relationship… the pain and suffering… is a huge gift. The gift of showing you the depth of your love… and the lesson is that you must love yourself more…. 

Real gentlemen DONT PLAY MIND FUCK GAMES! Only immature narcissistic, sociopathic damaged boys do that! He has no conscience…. He does not care! Period.  

Obsessing over what he’s doing, where he’s going…. You start to create this life in your head, with him, and he may even be quietly perusing someone else and not thinking about any loyalty towards you….. He may have another girlfriend, and you’ll want to get mad at both of them…. This tells you that all along, he wasn’t interested in you! It was a distraction or a lesson. He didn’t belong to you, and on top of that, he never showed you he was actually interested in you…. Stop the madness of war in your heart, and in your head. You deserve better than an immature player. You should have enough self-respect to understand that. Whoever god has in store for you, won’t want to lose you, and he will make it abundantly clear on this…. He isn’t the ‘one’ until god shows as well! 

You shouldn’t have to ask a man if he is YOUR man, look deep inside yourself and respect YOURSELF, once you do this you will realise when someone is mature enough for your level of maturity. Respect yourself and walk away from a man, (or psycho robot) who doesn’t know, isn’t quite sure, or is still thinking about it, even if your affectionate gestures have gone unnoticed. (This is a red flag – to MOVE ON)

RUN…. Please dear fellow Empaths…. RUN… 

YOU ARE NOT A REHABILITATION SERVICE FOR A BADLY RAISED MAN WHO CONSISTENTLY IGNORES, STONEWALLS, BETRAYS, REJECTS, (add in as the list is endless) in their emotional blackmailing over you. You want a  MAN, not a PROJECT! that’s how they SUCK YOU IN…. with their pitiful woes of how badly they were raised….. It’s a GODDAMN TRAP…. Pity is an expensive emotion, don’t spend it on cheap people… Emotional abuse is the buzzword of the decade…. and that’s their weapon!

The bastard will happily (yes, he’s laughing and enjoying seeing you suffer) Your feeding his sick twisted psyche, he LOVES to watch you drown while stonewalling you in IGNORANCE! Turn the mirror back on him! 

You are more powerful than you think…. You DESERVE better…. Find source  love and you’ll never feel empty or lonely again, source love is all you need! 

Ladies, trust me, I’ve been there, done that, got the T’shirt…. You cannot help these men, so PLEASE DON’T waste your precious life trying… it’s impossible… they have no love to give you, they’re an empty shell and need you to get all twisted up inside, obsessing over their childish games… Its EMOTIONAL ABUSE…. 

Once is an experience, twice is a mistake, three times…. well now that’s a habit and a MASSIVE RED FLAG. It’s an established pattern! 

Real Men always go for what they want, and they do this hard…. So, if he isn’t going hard for YOU, you are NOT what he wants. Just let him go, you might discover it was a lucky escape! 

Get out of that blazing fire, girlfriend, cos he’s quite happy watching you BURN! Your feeding his beast… his shadow …. his empty, barren heart… The best thing you can do is stop playing the game. 

So if he isnt going hard for you, let him go! Walk away with your head held high and your dignity intact! There’s someone special out there, just perfect for you, who will love all your scars, wounds, lumps, curves and flaws. He’s the right man for you, not some immature player, who finds enjoyment playing with your emotions and feelings!

Don’t waste your time forgiving and forgetting, only to repeat the same cycle of dysfunctional behaviours, you will end up doing ALL the forgiving while they continue forgetting ALL their actions and behaviour… don’t tolerate what is unacceptable, damaging and outright even abusive…. you always have a choice in these situations, stay and take the bullshit or wake up and walk away.

As the saying goes – you’ve got to ‘woman up.’

GOOD MEN don’t play mind games, only players do that! So if you have a player in your relationship… RUN….

Run for your life… you were not put on this earth to breed… 

Run girls… and protect your heart…..  there are more wolves in sheeps clothing than you realise. Your the sheep, the prey and the wolf needs your love…. step up, step out, and step away…. walk into your future with your head held high knowing…. YOU DID IT


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