Energy, Frequency & Breath

The geometric shape of the toroidal field is how a vortex of energy forms, which bends back along itself continuously, refreshing itself constantly.

Toroidal energy fields exist around everything -people, plants, trees, the earth, planets and the solar system, even the galaxies. Basically, the toroidal field is the energy that gives us all -life or PHI.

In humans the energy flows through the head, flowing out and re-directing back in through the feet, it flows in a clockwise motion and then anti-clockwise.

Classical physics attempts to describe reality in concrete terms, whereas quantum mechanics deals with probabilities and wave functions.

The quantum leap is how we try to explain consciousness through quantum mechanics, although it doesn’t account for consciousness, it aims to bridge the gap. The dance of Shiva and Shakti is an atomic fusion, where atom particles within each cell is the same concept as quantum mechanics, although profound and beautiful.

Just as the eye cannot see the mind, but can be connected with it, when mind thinks about it. This is how the finite knows the infinite, only by the grace of the infinite.

Therefore, the godhead is both personal and individual and at the same time, at one with, and also different from, it’s energies.

The toroidal field in humans is activated through meditation, by activating back to zero point. The centre of the toroidal field. The physical vehicle and the human anatomy, including the biological and neurological, all operate and function in an interactive manner, and this includes four ‘battery packs’

The bodies four battery packs

  •                 Muscles – the fascia around the muscles serves as the bodies wiring 
  •                 Cells – membranes in the cell called capacitors
  •                 DNA – Which absorbs scaler energy
  •                 Mitochondria – where it is called the ATP/ADP

These four battery packs within the human body are how we function, along with the breath, which pumps the heart, which then feeds into the above-mentioned organs. Thus, breathe being the 5th element that is required for the human vehicle to function, with all the other biological systems in the human body.

The stomach is a meridian circuit, which powers the spleen, and this then connects to the stomach,

The stomach is the second brain, (hence gut feelings). The stomach being the thinking part of the motor brain, which also controls the eyes, thyroid, parathyroid, breasts and male genitals. (chakra system) 

The energy then supplies ‘voltage’ to the reproductive system, endocrine system and the thinking part of the brain.

In the brain we have 12 nerve pathways, and only nerve 10 leads through the pineal gland, into the stomach, thus connecting the stomach, to the brain, taking nutrients and data, up to the brain.

Awakening Kundalini starts with diaphragmatic deep breathing to slow down the heart rate, which has the effect of relaxing the body. And since you cannot influence or control the heart rate directly, you use the diaphragmatic deep breathing capability to make your breathing more profound and more regular. What do I mean by more profound and regular? Profound means still, as in silent; regular means rhythmic.

Be still, like water and know that I AM

Shallow breathing merely fills the chest. Deep breathing  fills the lungs, the diaphragm, the belly, even the pockets behind the kidneys. With diaphragmatic breathing, you not only take in more air, you slow down the inhalation-exhalation cycle to the point where breathing becomes entirely silent.

 Only the heart must be conscious of the flowing in and out of breath; it must not be heard with the ears. Like the diaphragm, the heart is a muscle we cannot isolate or control directly.

The nervous and respiratory systems trigger a host of metabolic and somatic activity in the human body, especially in the internal organs. Through Kundalini Meditation, the nervous system is stimulated, and the natural chemical substances of the body are used for self-healing, rejuvenation purposes and greater overall awareness. But it all starts with breathing …

That which is form is that which is emptiness and that which is emptiness is that which is form.

Being and non-being are mutually generative and mutually supportive, for the imaginary terror of Western man that nothingness will be the permanent universe. The void is creative, and that being comes from non-being as sound from silence and light from space, being from non-being is the creative process.

  • When everyone knows beauty as beautiful, there is already ugliness.
  • When everyone knows good as goodness, there is already evil.
  • To be and not to be, arise mutually.
  • Difficult and easy are mutually realized and long and short are mutually contrasted.
  • High and low are mutually posited, as before and after are in mutual sequence!

The biological framework is the physical expression of the personality and the blue print for the soul to evolve, is encoded inside the DNA of each individual, the key – is to RE-MEMBER! 

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