NDE – The journey to the after life!

During an NDE, people travel in space-time through a tunnel, which is basically the journey within, into the intraverse (i.e., intra-universe wormhole) which can takes to the outer edge of our universe. This tiny tunnel (in diameter) is connected to the traumatized/dying physical body and is held open in part by one’s own energy. Could this be the true reason for the kundalini energy, Is kundalini energy supposed to ignite after the body has stopped working? Therefore – being the bridge or passage from this world to the other’s. Igniting the electro magnetic centres, blasting through a tunnel, in the same sense as the inner universe, connecting the person, to their immortality and face to face with their soul energy or bodiless being. 

During NDE, people are no longer dots of energy but, more likely, ghostly copies of their physical body. The NDE enables the person to walk around, outside their body, like a ghost, due to the density of the veil, the energy of the ghost can see you, but you as a physical human cannot see the ghost. I remember my sister saying ‘she’s gone, Kelly’s gone,’ and I was walking around saying ‘No I’m not, I’m here, I’m here.’ (I was only Three at the time, so I had little to no understanding of what I was seeing back then.)

I’ve read some NDE reports where people have mentioned they have seen two huge tornadoes appearing as an immense ‘hourglass’: Some sources have mentioned that this hourglass represents the ‘Time of the 3D reality!’ The upper tornado is spinning clockwise and outward, the lower tornado is spinning counter-clockwise and inward. And one, seems to be a lot bigger than the other. Time is exclusive to the 3Dimension only, as you ascend, time collapses. 

According to Stephen Hawking, one theoretical astrophysical model of two adjacent universes is an ‘hourglass’. Such an ‘hourglass-model’ has an upper tornado and a lower tornado; the upper tornado is spinning clockwise and outward, the lower tornado is spinning in the opposite direction.

Stephen Hawking

In the heart of the ‘hourglass’ is all energy of the cosmos. Zero point is the beginning or the border of a  black hole.  (A black hole is far from black, however, it is surrounded by light—much light.)

The assumption is this blackhole forms the beginning of an inner, inter-universe ‘wormhole’—a wormhole between universes. This hourglass is two different universes; one of them is our own and the other is an astral universe whose essence is a variety of subtle vibrations of light.

The heavenly universe is huge and mainly lightweight, warm, immaterial and light. Our universe as the opponent is small, dense and mainly heavy, cold, immaterial and dark.

I read somewhere that in the centre, at the edges where both universes meet, there is another wormhole (formed by a black hole and white hole) that is different from our private black hole and tunnel through space-time; it is the beginning of a big inter-universe wormhole or ‘door’ to another astral universe (an entrance  not private but common). At the border of the inter-universe wormhole, NDE-people are stopped; they don’t cross the border and enter the (common) inter-universe wormhole to ‘heaven’. They are still stuck to their physical body by an endless string of very elastic energy, this being the astral silver cord.

The event-horizon of the big inter-universe wormhole is surrounded by light, a genuine/concrete magnetic force. One meets the ‘ghostly reflection’ of deceased loved ones, likely also composed of indestructible photon bodies. The communication is almost immediate and seems to be telepathic as informed (non-local) photons are exchanged. This is why meditators all try to explain how the ‘silence’ is the true path to discovery in the outer inner-verse.

The life-review (or life-prospect) is made possible by the relationship between photons and the information they carry and holographic phenomena. And the fact that light = information may explain why one becomes aware of the answers to all questions of humankind.

All information is available here, likely including the information about everything that disappears behind the mist/fog/stardust/light near the blackhole and wormhole to this other heavenly universe.

It appears due to severe trauma/sickness whereby deep down in our physical body, at the (sub)atomic level, a fundamental process starts, which releases a great amount of exotic light-energy which forms our new afterlife body and our new broader consciousness. (Kundalini maybe?) The NDE becomes more profound and more complete (with all features) as the trauma/sickness grows more life-threatening. 

The first three phases of the NDE form the first part of ‘eternal life’. Life after life is – in general – the same for everyone, all over the world, regardless one’s view of life, culture, race, sex, social class, etc. Life after this life, is much the same, only on a different plane, or dimension. 

Earth is a special place, as this enables souls to release and work through past Karma, Trauma and other past life experiences to be re-calibrated and perfected, allowing the soul to continue to journey on, into the other higher dimensions. Those of a lower density and vibration, will continue their souls rehabilitation, in a lower place of existence, because all KARMA that the soul has accumulated, has to be repaid!

Those who have abused and harmed another, will directly experience the same trauma and abuse they have created against another, through re-incarnation. They may return here as a pig, if they were greedy and selfish, or they may come back as a different species of lower vibration such as, an animal, fish or beast! Whatever the life path and choices that the individual made in this reality, will inevitably need to be re-paid, through their own KARMA…. You can’t cheat or buy your way out of your own consequences which you created for yourself!  

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