The splitting of two timelines

The dissolution of society and the split of the two worlds.
Duality is one half of the world’s perception and experience, duality will be the downfall of society and the collapse of the old structures that have dominated the earth planet for over 2000 years. The split will literally be of two opposing sides, one side being that of love, compassion, and oneness, the other side being firmly rooted in duality, a dog eat dog mentality, or competitiveness, such as pitting one person against the other.

The seven chakras relate to the seven endocrine organs which are also directed or activated via chemical reactions in the body and organs. The lower three chakra’s (root, sacral and solar) keep the body firmly imbedded in the third-dimension reality of duality or the material world, these being shame, desire and selfishness, etc.

The seven senses we all have, are how we relate to this world we live in, sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, intuition and emotions. You could say the senses are the bridge between internal experience and external stimuli. Bridging the gap between the outer material world into the inner perceptive world, with the senses being the data streams to interpret these changes. All these senses are interpreted individually through personal perception and interpretation.

And we as a species are a slave to our sensory experiences…. The taste of sweet chocolate…. the bitterness of the ale….. the uncontrollable urge of sexual lust…. these are the senses we are enslaved to! 


The third eye and the heart must connect the bridge to integrate the soul. The throat opens you to fifth-dimensional consciousness of spirit, to infuse that energy that comes in through the crown. It’s coming in through the heart chakra of the person in micro and to the planet in macro, because it must come in to be integrated into the solar plexus.

The most important etheric chakras that you must open are the solar plexus, the heart, the throat and the third eye, as all of that has to be brought in through the seventh ray of consciousness to be given form. This will prepare the soul through magic, through illumination, through revelation and the integration of psychic and intuitive abilities. The psychic abilities are about the transformation of the lower three vehicles, the physical, the emotional and the lower mental. The intuitional energies are accessed above that in the heart, the throat and the third eye.

This will all then be grounded into the second chakra, the sacral centre of the body, or the sexual life force and the kundalini energy, is opened, awaiting her rising.

(kundalini is NOT SNAKE energy, per se, it’s an electric energy, life force) The reference to the snake is because when you charm a snake, she stands upright to the seduction of the melody, and this is the same concept when arousing the energy within. 

Then you will gradually raise the kundalini energy along the spine. This is the expression of the creative (Source, Divine or God) force in the physical, joining with the soul.

The kundalini flows from the base of the spine, connects with the occipital lobe at the base of the skull, joining the spiritual energies coming in through the crown, interpreted through the bridge of light becoming consciousness in the third eye and finally begins its descent to move down the front of the chakra system.

This is the breaking open of the seven seals of the chakras which is reported in ‘the Book of Revelations’ in the Bible. The opening of the seals of the chakras, brings forth the God force as a Heaven on Earth.

We each have soul potential which is unconscious, and it needs something to activate it. What activates it is the bridge in the solar plexus, heart and throat. The heart activates the soul through the expression of the ‘perfected personality.’ – Your individuality through your truth and integrity.

Certain qualities of the personality must be developed. You do that through the use of ‘will.’ Your generating energies of the will and then your truth is embodied through the expression of your will, your strength, your stability, your balance, your commitment, your motivation, your principles, your perseverance and your trust. They are all developed through the sustaining energies of your integrity that build the sense of self.

These are the female energies, the unity energies. They include your receiving side, your receptivity, your grace, your neutrality, your intention, your detachment, your patience, your values, your openness and your surrender (least favourite).


Truth can only be integrated through integrity, being the balance of the male and the female within each of you. This is how you embody your individuality. This is what is required to prepare you for this third initiation or re-birth, the ‘Transfiguration on the Mount.’

What is going to happen to people who don’t know this information, who don’t have a clue. What will happen is that the world will split ‘quite literally’ into two halves.

One half will be trying to hold onto the struggle of duality and separation. They will be playing with the forces of control, manipulation, defence, morality, judgment, blame, ambivalence, the scheduling of pain and pleasure, the gratification of desire and shame. The other half will be free of the oppressive forces, and although they will be in the world, they will not be of it, basically, they become untouchable and unreachable to those below them, or trapped in the lower 3D density world! 

These are the generating energies of duality and separation. These maintain the ego defence structure of our world. This world is based upon that of duality of linear time and space with an ego defence system. This is the 3-D that you have known for two thousand years.

It is all based on survival, resistance and fear.

Anger, rage, hostility, greed, intimidation will be that half of the world. They will try to maintain the old structures of duality. What those of you who are unconscious will experience is the breakdown of all form that is in duality, not in integrity and truth. (This is the balance of the two sides, giving and receiving, male and female.)

You cannot integrate that which is in duality, because it is based on separation through fear. The old systems will fall apart. Because the energies that are coming into the planet cannot sustain those energies.

It is tremendously dense energy here in 3D, that is required to sustain duality. Earht’s gravitational fields are maintained through polarities of north and south, east and west. That polarization maintains your density.

As you begin to shift, so do your (internal) poles, your gravitational field.

The opening of the vortex in January 2012 was an activation of the pole shift that began in 2012. It was done through the Great Pyramid, because it was built to maintain the Earth on its axis.

Then… when this shift takes place the Earth will not wobble off its axis. Earth’s soul body is being prepared as well. You are the microcosm of the macrocosm.

Experience is Mental… It is the stuff of which all else in the world is constructed! 

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