My Love is…..


My Love is….

My love is warmer than the sun, A smile free for all who stop to see.

My love is innocent and unpredictable, my love is young, wild and free!

Chasing rainbow’s after the storm, to bask in colour rays.

Oh, the youth and marvel, of long hot summer days.

In my wild and childish abandon, such joy of being alive, and free.

I daydream about the one I love.

Yet the other side of love is forsaking myself to thee.

To which I am held captive, for fear of loss is unbearable for me!

My love is bound by chains of loss, as big as death itself.

I realise the power of love, which breaks the dam in me.

Without passion love is reduced to dedication, Love without nurture, is how love dies.

Love a paradox, because love is free, Yet love is what bonds you and me.

Love cannot be bought or sold and there is nothing that love cannot face.

Love is life’s greatest blessing, and heavens finest grace.

And we love not by finding a perfect person, but learn to see an imperfect person perfectly.

War. Pain. Lies, hate, can suffering, set us free?

For those hurt and maimed, have the loudest voice, screaming to be seen.

The wounded soul needs love the most, Love that carries us our from pain

My eyes well up with tears, bittersweet memories in how love shaped me.

From the outer edge of the universe to the inner most vessels of the heart,

You cannot find anything more beautiful, in Love knows no boundaries.

Love has no religion, colour, gender or a culture.

Love only knows to love.

But love can be unpredictable, to cause the most ferocious pain of the fragile heart.

To know love, you must be able to see and experience both sides of the sun,

To feel the rays of warmth or the sting of blindness from the light.

It is in these moments that the heart learns to fly, Soar so high, above the skyline.

Love cannot be shamed, beauty can be found in the darkest lair.

I suppose what I am saying, dear soul mate is, I love you.

It matters not that you love me too,

To say these words breaks all chains to express all that I hold dear for you.

Dear cherished love, if our paths never cross and our eyes never meet,

If I never hear you say these words I will still cherish and love you.

And I hope where you are, you are being loved in all your entirety as I love for you.

Be assured and never forget, that my love is true, beyond any mountain, valley or sea,

I wish you love, joy, laughter and happiness,
And never forget ….. I will always love you…

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