Kundalini rising and higher consciousness

Kundalini, the biological basis of both science and religion.

‘A man’s spiritual consciousness is not awakened,’ said Sri Ramakrishna, ‘unless his Kundalini is aroused.’ Kundalini is the vehicle for superior health and greater consciousness; it is the ultimate principle of spiritual development. This has been known for centuries. The challenge has always been to find a safe method for Kundalini activation. Up to now there hasn’t been one. Gopi Krishna recognized this when he declared that ‘we have yet to discover, …the safest method for awakening Kundalini.’

Without a doubt, the sexual sublimation, the process of distilling sexual energy and drawing it up into the brain, is the basis of Kundalini activity, which, in one way or another, is the basis of self-actualization and what some people call spiritual transformation, transcendence, enlightenment, soul, samadhi, nirvana, enlightenment, Brahman, Atman.

Hidden channels can open in various ways, intentionally or unintentionally, triggering a flow of sexual energy to the brain. The energy of kundalini calls on all the body’s resources to supply energy, sometimes even from the lymphatic system.

What does it feel like? – It’s a sensation at the base of the spine, at first it may feel tense, tight and painful, this is good as it indicates it is opening up, like the cracking of a small egg and then the eruption of its contents. The energy will either trickle out of its home and slowly begin to climb the spine, increasing each time during meditation or, it will be a fast, vast supersonic explosion. What was this energetic fluid eruption I asked myself? I can’t physically describe it exactly, it was such a charge, an eruption at such a fast speed that it TAKES YOU, up through a dark blue tunnel like dimension and towards a bright, permeating light, the journey through the white light. Then it was as if my mind was being pulled into the tiniest black hole and all of a sudden with a burst it was as if I had expanded and entered the universe. I felt as if I were one of the stars. They were everywhere glittering beside me and then I saw the moon in all its brilliance hovering in the distance.

For those choosing to travel this pathway, you need to understand that this energy must be summoned, whether by intent, such as meditation, or by accident, through trauma or an NDE, and it must get to the brain. I know it first hand as it happened to me.

What else accounts for the spontaneous eruption of neuroplastic energy that revitalized and re-engineered my physical body? What other energetic entity could regenerate a degenerating body? What other power could quick start a non-existent creativity? The ultimate experience in neuroplastic brain development might be the bodiless brain or the ethereal brain or the bodiless being, as this is what you will see, how we exist in bodiless form.

Ancient adepts learned that sublimation, the practice of redirecting sexual hormones to the brain, was a powerful factor in longevity, in effect, a substitute for castration. People ask me about the optimal time in life to begin Kundalini meditation, the best time to evoke this energy is after child bearing years, as this allows for life maturity and life’s experiences to be processed.

How it moves;
Kundalini is Sexual energy, and this sexual energy has two purposes: reproduction and neuroplastic brain development, aka, Kundalini activation. There must be a balance between these two ends. Imagine if everyone took to raising Kundalini to the exclusion of reproduction, civil society would collapse. But think about evolution for a moment. Where is it headed? Look at the millions who are striving for spiritual release. IS Evolution and those attempting to raise Kundalini not headed in the same direction?
One of the big differences among realized practitioners is permanency of Kundalini energy. In some, the energy keeps pumping slowly and continually, like the dependable oil well that never seems to dry up. In others, it comes and goes. Regardless of how the energy acts upon the individual.

Kundalini is related to sexuality, it is difficult to talk about in an everyday social context. Those who don’t succeed in raising Kundalini are blocked at the 2nd chakra. It could be that some people are blocked at the second chakra because they gave away their power.
Whether for anatomical or Karmic reasons, some people make it and some don’t. Is it because some little valve at the base of the spine got stuck? I don’t know. Whatever the reason, the inability to activate Kundalini shouldn’t be considered a failure. It may not be in your life programme, or it may be because you have more life lessons to acquire?

Some souls here on Earth have been here many times before and are what you would consider, ‘old souls,’ who remember the ‘old ways,’ to living a holistically.
I would certainly suggest completing shadow work on yourself, if awakening your kundalini is what you are seeking to achieve, as clearing away old patterns and paradigms will enable a smoother, less traumatic opening of kundalini energy.

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