Without a Soul…

Everybody that is created and born, has a soul. They may not have a spirit but do have a soul, unless they’ve been cloned then the flat answer would be no, they’re effectively a robot!

The soul is developed over the lifespan, and offers the person an opportunity, here on the earth plane, for growth and evolution. so we have two types of people, one would be the soul potential, (attending school) and the other would be the opponent, or soul portals – a vacant empty vessel!

Therefore, the soul potential is the student seeking answers, learning and graduating at each level of their existence and the portal is another game player, enjoying the material reality. We as humans, all have choice and free will, the choice’s we make will determine if our portal becomes or rather ‘remembers’ their true soul origins, whereas the other, will forget and become fixated in the material reality, missing the chance to uncover the soul within and unfortunately, living without purpose, instead being programmed to current existence.

One type has a soul, the other one is soul-less, so to speak. With no difference on the outside in terms of personality, physical features etc., it is the inner life which is vastly different. The inner life is developed along the journey for the awakened soul. No one is better or worse than the other, but all are part of this evolutionary cycle.

The soul is something that many religions, philosophers and spiritual teachings talk about, which exists in the pineal gland and referred as the ‘third’ or ‘all seeing eye’.

The question is, what is the soul and does everyone have one?

Often the phrase psychopath is the label given to the ruthless dictator, the serial killer, the corporate CEO etc, in essence, they are an open portal. When we evaluate people like this we often say that they have no soul. But is it true? Are there actually humans that lack the fundamental ‘essence of being’ that which we call a soul? The very idea is repugnant to many people, and can easily lead to a judgmental or falsely superior attitude if a person interprets this information in the wrong way.

Are there Soulless humans in our society? – Yes and no. In order to truly understand the question, we need a deep foundational understanding of Universal and Soul evolution.

Open Portals, and Soul Potential Portals and everybody else is asleep. An Soul portal has the soul potential to ascend and unite with the higher mind, an open or empty portal, cannot! Whether this is because of bad choices or whether it was never aware of its true potential.

Everybody born has soul potential, although not everybody will activate this, and soulless ones, are people who can only activate the lower materialistic centre, therefore, keeping their identity firmly in the 3D density, one needs to open the higher centre, to self actualise. 

They cannot ascend and nobody can force them to? We all have FREE WILL, and CHOICE!

We all are Open Portals to one degree or another as the ‘matrix’ works through all of us until we make the conscious effort to gain self-knowledge and work on ourselves, fusing our higher and lower centres, sloughing off old paradigms, programs, mechanical behaviours and social conditioning so we’re able to use our will in a consciously awake manner.

For the open portal and the world in which we live gives us the knowledge necessary for getting out alive, in a literal sense or through just being alive to our true nature as souls locked in material bodies, all of this is in order to learn important lessons that only this world can teach.

Gaia is our mother and her fertile land is a playground and a school for learning and experiencing.

Everybody’s path is different and personal to them, therefore, one size doesn’t fit all! Everybody who is on the soul evolution journey is at their stage of development. This is not a race, its a journey. A journey to enlightenment.

The Hu’MAN’ is literally a portal through which the Matrix works and tries to keep man in his place. Think of Agent Smith in the film The Matrix – where he could transmit himself into any character as he kept trying to stop Neo from awakening (blind people who are asleep) when plugged into the Matrix, the grand illusion, becomes the tool to make sure no one jumps out of line. It’s how the sheep control the sheep!

Morpheus says in the film – ‘You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so injured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.’

How does this apply to narcissism??

The internal structure of the narcissist is an open portal missing the higher centres, having only the three lower centres which form the Personality, the ‘I’ (ID, – selfishness) the ego ‘I’ (MIND) and the ‘I’ of the body, with a sexual centre, cut off from the other higher centres. Lacking in empathy and conscience, entrenched in sexual gratification, as they lack any self control of the lower energies (so higher energies are inevitably WAY OUT OF their radar!!) Consumed with a Envy against those who do have higher access, their objective is to block, maim or hinder that ‘souls potential.’ Think of a Narcopath or psychopath as ‘Agent Smith’ and life is the game they want you to lose!

Having a limited inner world the psychopathic OP depends and, ferociously believes in everything physical and material, unable to comprehend or even care about the emotional and spiritual nature of their existence, devout of feeling and lacking in heart consciousness, he becomes talented in mimicry and imitation only, to mirror and move through 3d density, without being noticed, or called out on their behaviour.

The OP lacks any conscience and can easily imitate, consciousness. Even when he has none! Like all the great actors on the stage, the narcopath learns from the stage performances!

This is very clear when we look at the question of consciousness itself. The ability of humans to be self-aware and the question of consciousness is one that has troubled the minds of philosophers, psychologists and scientists since time began. Today more than ever consciousness is one of the most perplexing problems in science, yet one that reflects on our very nature and relation to reality.

Because the Soul potential portal is intelligent, observant, and analytical, they are able to describe for us how they see the world and their interior life very accurately and in great detail. At the bottom of this is perhaps the answer as to the source of one of the most enduring debates of human history i.e. good versus evil. DUALITY!

Why is it that there is so much strife in the world, why are so many divided over the promotion of war or peace, respect or disrespect, environmental protection or destruction, in short, it’s either a purely materialialistic self-serving outlook or a spiritual serving of others outlook.

Conscious efforts are needed, gaining knowledge and applying it, separating truth from lies in oneself and in the world, activating the higher centres through esoteric work, so the fire can ignite the transmutation of Lead into Gold, fusing the Magnetic Centre, the Holy Grail, is the Path of Ascension, which leads one away from carnal love, and leads the initiate to Love of the Absolute.

This work is to be done for the ones who are called to awaken and there are forces that do not wish that to happen, thus using OP or narcopath’s, to work against them as well as many other traps and temptations put into the path of the seeker to divert him/her in order for the OP not to lose its food -energy source supply.

It’s a spiritual war and we need to be discerning in our relationships, who we engage with, the spiritual and new age teachings we come across and so on. Without discernment and mastering the real ‘I’, from the false ‘I’, no spiritual progress, and ultimately no ascension is possible. The death of the EGO is essential in progressing as a soul and ascending to higher realms of existence.

The journey for the soul, is to unite, the upper three chakra centre’s with the lower three centres and coming back to the heart, balancing the two opposites of masculine and feminine, upper with lower, as above so below – polarity and duality is united to embrace unity, balance and wholeness.

The seat of the Soul is based in four principles, the heart, the head (pineal) the spine and the stomach. The conscious element is the third eye (HEAD) the emotional element ‘I’ in the stomach (Gut Feeling) the spine is the conduit for the connection between the self and the god self, and all three are connected through the heart, which emotionally interprets the conscious and emotional parts of the whole. The emotional centre is what is lacking most, in those afflicted with narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy!


8 thoughts on “Without a Soul…

  1. Interesting right from the beginning! I thought every human was a spirit having an earthly experience, and each with a soul (fractal or essence from the divine) whether they knew it or lived in alignment with it or not. But, you have given excellent points for me to ponder. ❤️🦋🌀

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    1. We are spirits having a human experience, yet to connect to source isn’t a given. We have to find our way back to the soul fractal and connect to the universal source of consciousness.
      Remembering and reconnecting is the key.
      Society has conditioned us all to believe we are here to work work work, trying to make us forget the purpose to why we are here and the true path back home x

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      1. You always say it how it is Kelly , I respect that when you just take a look around is there anyone that truly real or is the main objective to be wanted , have validation of social acceptance so how can think for a second .Your life is really yours when your living through spectrum of what others think.

        Life is not meant be easy if it was what would be the point of living ….Think about that for moment everyone ?

        This is why I struggle and can feel like I am overwhelmed surrounded by sheep because no matter how much the Storms unleash on me or cast on by others I will never compromised my true self and my code of testament to fit in or roll with deception on what society thinks .

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      2. Well Said EOS, I couldn’t agree more. It’s quite sad to watch isn’t it, seeing people needing validation and needing to feel wanted for that validation!
        And if it was easy, what would be the point, life and all it’s trials is the challenge.
        I was talking to some young people the other day and the common theme was how social media falsely projects the perfect picture, which likely took 100 different shots to achieve? Crazy world!
        and you’re right, there is so much deception around us.
        Well said x

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      3. I say it how it is , I will never sugarcoat nothing for the sake of feelings . If you ask me so many need to grow a spine and not feel they are entitled. Someone said ” I want to be burnt toast with cinnamon and spice because I feel this way you need to respect that …..Are you kidding me . Either X or Y not ABC DGF period.

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  2. Just took a look at how co-dependent society is on technology, for so many ask to do a simple task without a device is next to impossible for many. This is the state of conscience that is the reality for those that decide to flock and follow others let others dictate their actions than standing on their own and making impactful influences others around them. The essence of being a leader is rising others that have fallen and resurrect them to absolution. Kelly https://evolutionofselffeedyourhunger.wordpress.com/2018/09/18/mountain-peak/

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    1. Yes I agree with you, society is co-dependant in many aspects, technology has its advantages with those who are disabled or need assistive devices! Lifting the fallen and helping the wounded is something we could all do collectively, the basic senses we have, such as listening or watching others, I fear may become obsolete!


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