144’000 and the kundalini energy!

The story of creation and Logos lies hidden in the world within, journeyed through the chakra’s. Those who embark on the spiritual path will discover this during each chakra enfoldment. Spiritual seekers must understand and also be warned that the information discovered is often veiled, misleading, and also contradictory because of the potential dangers awaiting the universe in their premature attempts to awaken this force would be catastrophic, in the wrong hands. God/source is in control and those that seek to open their kundalini without the respect this energy deserves, will be rudely awakened to another reality altogether.

Abusing the Kundalini for egioc gain will either burn and destroy the form or wreak havoc on the psyche and psychic development, to those who have not developed the wisdom, or the moral purity to direct the energy correctly. This is God teaching you a powerful lesson for your ignorance.

Whatever subtle, uncontrolled desire or base quality that exists in the person, unqualified, or without prior clearing, will be greatly enhanced and exacerbated, distorted and enflamed by the awakening energies. Hence schizophrenia, either in mind, or emotion!

Inside you there are 72’000 kundalini energy pathways, 72’000 on the left and 72’000 on the right, which act as male and female or Adam and Eve, when both of these pathways unite, the 144’000 is achieved. And opening these gateways will allow for additional energy, which will benefit the universe as a whole. This is the marriage, or the combining of the two energies, forming a third field, with the Divine.

Many become stuck on the sexual chakra and sexual fantasies, which stunts the development and hampers the journey, again, God is in control and those whom only seek sexual gratification, will find themselves burning out and entering the mental health ward, faster than they realise. The most important lesson to learn in spiritual awakening is that it must me done with GOOD INTENTION, otherwise the universe will teach you another lesson, one more painful.

Virgin means pure of heart, not necessarily as in never had sexual contact. Soul expansion and awakening is simply the soul graduating to another appropriate level and each level is all part of the journey, which should take you on adventures, beyond your wildest dreams! Past lives also need to be acknowledged, and this is reached through this third dimension revealed via dreams, mediation and through past life regression. All souls have a past life form, which is veiled once they re-enter the body, or baby, during birth, through the fontanelle on the top of the head, or the crown chakra!

Dreams will also reveal your true form of what YOU look like and where you are from. A full kundalini awakening will allow you to become a conduit for universal love, which it is meant for. Cleansing chakra’s and yoga poses are not a quick fix for getting high! The chakras are gateways to other dimensions of reality that the soul travels along, opening up the seven centres and discovering the highest ideal that is God, higher self or God self. The late psychologist Jung has written so much about this subject.

Some teachers may be using the spiritual practice as a fashion statement or as a trend which is followed out of lower ego. If this is the case, the kundalini will remain stuck, in the lower ego, thereby forsaking the true depth and extent the energy provides.

These spiritual practices open doors to the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, and those who awaken this force, whether through immaturity, or through egoistic pursuits, are not ready for the revelations and many go on to develop schizophrenia, due to practicing spirituality without clear understanding for the magnitude of these experiences, because spirituality is a multi-dimensional form of mastery and to achieve mastery, you must have a great deal of patience.

Opening the chakra’s opens you up to your own past trauma’s and wounds, and also embodying the energies of those around you. Picking up on thoughts, frequencies and emotional states, making the boundary between you and those around you, convoluted.

God does not punish those who seek to find life’s mysteries and develop their spiritual gifts, he does however know our intentions and tests us in many ways. Many embark on this journey because they are searching for answers within through spiritual and mystical exercises, since we are disillusioned and distracted with the corrupt religious institutions and false leaders, idols, charlatans and false prophets often populating the media channels and news streams. ever searching for the meaning of life and the mysteries of the universe, kundalini will be the vehicle to transport the initiate, across dimensions and realities and give optimum health, healing and vitality to the seeker.

Once kundalini rises up through the spine, which is the staff of Hermes, the two-opposing forces of gender, duality and polarity unite, forming the third field, or triad, where the phoenix rises out, from the ashes, and is even more beautiful and alive, than before.

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