Let her down easy…. boys..

Let her down easy…. Don’t hurt her…. not on purpose, that’s emotional manipulation and that can really affect a girl, because girls are very emotional.. don’t change her… that’s not why you chose to date her…  accept her as she is, accept her weaknesses and ride out the storms during tumultuous moments….. for she rides the rapids of the oceans within her…. Some come as storms and others come as tears…. She’s a girl, with emotions and feelings….. don’t analyse her and don’t expect and demand more than she can give. She is human too….. Smile when she makes you happy, talk to her and tell her what she needs to know when she makes you angry and mad….. Sometimes she may be raw and tender, which is exhausting I know…. but if she isnt what you want… let her down easy….. let her go and play fair…

Close your eyes….

Now imagine you are a father, and you have a daughter….. She’s the apple of your eye….. you dote on her…. now picture her dating a man, who is just like you… He does everything that you do to the women you date…. still smiling about it?

If you are, you have a long way to go to reach maturity, and that’s the gift she brings to you…. to help you grow up and reach maturity….  but of you’re not smiling, then take action and do something about YOUR behaviour, as no woman, girlfriend or wife can force you to change your attitude or behaviour, only YOU have that power. LOVE… It’s a life lesson in growing up and behaving like a boy, to becoming a MAN!

Because a good women will have your back side and front, on all levels. But once she’s done, SHE IS DONE.. she’ll walk away…. People have their limitations, including a good woman and once these limits break…. She wont come back….. and in that moment, you may realise you lost the world for putting tears in her eyes and breaking her heart…

Learn to be a gentleman rather than a player!

Women are innately emotional, and it’s this gift that woman brings to man, showing him the true depths of his heart…. so please, spare her any additional heartache and pain… be a man, and let her down easy…



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