Duality and Polarity

When groups become divided against each other, such as that of man and wife, or masculine and feminine, it becomes easy to support one end of the spectrum of division to justify hatred, killing, murder, rape and war, overlooking the other end of the spectrum and losing the self in the process.

The reality of this world is based on judgement; Judgement of light against dark, good against evil, us and them. We’ve been conditioned as a species to embrace the good and avoid the darkness of ourselves. As a result of these dualities, we have deep rooted conflicts, psychological complexes, and wars occurring both inside ourselves, due to gender imbalance, (not gender identity) and also in the world.

The milligram experiment demonstrated how we are all unwilling to question authority, the test showed that ordinary citizens were ordered to inflict pain, sometimes severe pain because someone with authority commanded them to do it. This experiment demonstrated how humanity seeks to be controlled as opposed to having self-control and the ability to think for themselves about moral and ethical instructions. The experiment clearly shows that if someone else requests that you carry out an act of destruction, you can avoid ‘responsibility’ and ‘blame’ it on the commanding authority, overriding your own free will and moral judgement!

Blame, guilt, avoidance and responsibility is evident among society….

The purpose of our life existence and the true task of the soul is to take responsibility for our actions and behaviours, therefore demonstrating ethical and moral standards in the soul of the person. Clearly the milligram experiment demonstrated a schism in how humanity will unwillingly question authority and remains submissive to outer power.

This applies to both men and woman!

When we don’t live with clear intentions, people are pulled down into destruction by circumstances, pressure from authority and even governmental propaganda.
Both creation and destruction live within all of us and sometimes it is necessary to destroy outdated things, structures and old ways, to make way for the new.
Darkness is a powerful teacher, with its own purpose. We all want meaningful relationships, by welcoming back these parts of ourselves – these parts being things we judge, blame, and avoid, we not only allow deep healing to take effect, we also inadvertently promote deep transformation and a shift to a new paradigm.

Duality has five different levels
Physical – relating to the senses
Mental – relating to thinking
Pranic – relating to energetic
Higher mind – relating to archetypal figures
Non dual – relating to ecstatic

When we connect to source, we realise we are not human in the biological sense, we are soul’s being perfect that is our source essence, here on earth attending school. Yet we do not know this until we experience imperfection, life and duality, trials and tests, for the soul to discover its real self and the oneness of connection to source.

Source God is so apparent in all aspects of reality. To look upon the vast and mysterious universe and not see the intelligence in everything we can see and sense is a blind state of denial. I never discovered anything besides endless questions in religion and religious texts, but in beauty and love, I see the face of the creator.

The division is within the self!

As humans, we have a responsibility to ourselves in seeking source, or God. As a baby, the soul enters the human new born via the fontanelle, or crown chakra, and this soft spot closes shortly after birth. New born babies, only see light! The soul, takes its residence inside the pineal gland, where it connects internally via the endocrine system, and connects chakra wheels to glands in the physical vehicle. The soul, through life development builds the physical vehicle, which is the second body, the soul travels with, here we are subjected to physical laws, in the astral, its a different set of rules.

The crown is the portal in how we enter into this world, and this is closed, or veiled around six weeks after we are born. The immune body is the vehicle in which we seek out the source connection, this is the inner body and the physical body is the vehicle we are given, for traveling and learning here on earth.

The outer body, is the digestive system, as this is where the second brain resides. By feeding this system, toxins and foods designed to take the body away from an alkaline environment and into an acidic environment is what causes diseases.

The immune system, and the digestive system work together, as the outer and inner need to function together for optimum health. The body is the temple in which source or God lives, and each individual has to seek source, from working through silence and stillness, to open the door of the finite self to connect with universal consciousness.


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