Lucifer, Atlantis and the Feminine principle

The suppression of the feminine principle applies to both males and females. ‘Male’ does not necessarily mean masculine, as both genders have both polarities within them.

Masculine is left brain, including logic and reasoning, whereas feminine is right brain intuitive and creative. Inspiration for any discovery originates in feminine energy, and the masculine energy is what brings the inspiration to fruition. A harmonious marriage of two opposites, working together in unity. This is true gender balance and the path to enlightenment.

Science, in particular physics, explains that magnetic energy is associated with the feminine polarity, and the masculine with the electric energy. The term is referred to as electromagnetic, whereas the correct expression should be magnetic-electric, because without the inspiration of the feminine energy, the masculine cannot perform its function.

On a cosmic level, the masculine energy is led by Orion, the father and the feminine energy is led by Sirius, the feminine energy. In the times of Atlantis, the race was so advanced in technology, where the Atlanteans were functioning in harmony, with perfect teamwork giving support for all, some would say in an excess of feminine energy. The rebellion of lucifer, was to bring the earth plane into a more balanced society, so the great experiment on humanity is all part of Gods original plan.

Sirius – Feminine
Orion – Masculine

The story of Lucifer is the polar opposite of the feminine and was designed to encourage the natives to act for themselves, create tools, etc. not in accordance with harmonious principles. Thus, what we see in terms of lucifer rebellion, is actually acting against the feminine principle, creating division and separation in the two sexes, and also in the wider environment and the world at large. Different cultures are patriarchal, and others are more matriarchal.

It is the feminine that is connected to course, not masculine. Therefore, this makes accessing source particularly difficult for men, especially alpha males and is the reason why many enlightened men of our time such as, Tu-PAc, John Lennon, George Michael all praise and some would say, gave honour and worship to the woman! They knew in their own enlightenment that it is the feminine, the woman, that leads man to his heart and ultimately back to source/God.

In the times of Atlantis, Lucifer’s concepts appeared attractive to the people. The masculine energy, from a higher spiritual perspective, has been ‘allowed’ to dominate, and push the race towards greater independence and individuality. Our species has achieved the goal of exploring and developing individuality and independence, but this appear to have gone too far into separation.

The women’s liberation movement is still reflecting the masculine energy in societies approach toward the problem of gender equality. Woman are being enticed to become more masculine with the illusion that this is what equal rights is all about. True feminism is not about women doing men’s jobs or developing muscular bodies, it is actually about personality, the psychology of the female and the feminine principle. Hence why Freud and other prominent scientists focused their work and analysis on the female!!

The soul of the world is feminine, all species are born out of the feminine and the feminine is the only connection to source! Therefore, this explains why for aeons, the suppression of the feminine and the demonization of women has ruled over humanity, distorting perceptions and beliefs, through religion and other deliberate masculine organized crimes.

The female has been on the losing side for so long that it’s a natural subconscious reaction to copy the other side when trying to take an assertive position in humanity, this is another aspect of the trap, as history has revealed, masculinity and patriarchy has demonized and suffocated the feminine principle and woman, through indoctrinated cultures, applying and initiating that women are beneath man, trying to equalize man via job equality is futile because the two energies are totally opposite in force and nature! Creating an imbalance in the two genders and also in personal attitudes regarding control through outer forces, as opposed to having any internal locus of self-control.

The two energetic principles are totally opposite in composition and expression. The feminine is intuitive, creative and receptive, whereas the masculine is action orientated, logical thinking and sometimes aggressive in their pursuits. It is therefore sad to see the educated woman attaining an equal position to man, such as professorship, able to think logically like a man, and having eliminated that ‘irrational intuition’ in the process of attempting to become the masculine equal, in attempting to obtain equality with man, she loses her inherent femininity and the true essence of her being.

Even in society the masculine influence on people reflects this imbalance; the left brain engages in heroes with images of materialistic success, competitiveness, obsessiveness, emotionless and unfeeling behaviour. These are all characteristics of polarity and the absence of the benign feminine energies.

Why would god allow society to become so violent and dysfunctional? Is it all part of the grand design, probably yes, because without violence, how would we ever know true source/god the creator, how would we ever learn that violence within never resolves violence in society? The nature of violence is all part of the creator’s grand design, in that it teaches the soul about themselves and their connection with source. Without a villain in our life story, how would we ever truly know what or who source is. How would we ever see past duality and polarity without the villain showing us this!

What man proposes, God disposes, and through the man-made wars, conflicts and other egoic damaged behaviours, it is easy to comprehend that Source/God is in control, Lucifer’s role is to tempt and lure men and women away from their true source of feminine essence, encouraging man to be out for himself, selfish and in the false belief that he is a God! All of which will be his own fall from grace, man then becomes the embodiment of Lucifer and his fall from heaven.

The villain is part of destiny on this stage we all call life, such rogues are the test from source/God to see if you can find your way back to his loving presence, or if you believe, like Lucifer, that you are bigger and better than he is and choose to follow the laws of Man.

Lucifer is the ultimate trickster, villain and hero, three people in one, leading you away from the true love of the father of creation and further into your egoic omnipotence enhancing your own self-absorbed narcissism, or his lesson will alternatively, lead you back to source and into the arms of Orion – the true creator.

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