Sophia, the mother – ‘The soul of the World’

History records that the concept of Anima Mundi had its origin in the philosophy established by Plato, but it has also manifested itself in other philosophies and religions. Anima Mundi, is the Latin name for ‘the soul of the universe’, and the link, between Spirit and Matter.

The Law of Polarity has a corresponding polar opposite, in what is referred to as Animus Dei, which is one of many names to define the so-called ‘active’ side of what may be referred to as the Universal Mind, or All-Originating Spirit. The marriage of the feminine and the masculine, or the uniting of the two polar opposites. Essentially only two processes through which any object can come into being – namely, CREATION.

Like many other examples found in Nature, the masculine (Active) and feminine (Passive) are not direct opposites to each other, but rather, they are actually complimentary, or polar opposites, and neither can accomplish anything without the other.

The soul of the Universe is known as the mother – Sophia.

She is the mother, or the mother of the living as coming from above, from which all souls draw their origin. She stands in the top of the high places, by the way of the paths of the seven chakras. And above this, has her own dwelling place, on the heights above the created universe, sitting in between the upper (higher mind) and lower (ego mind) world where she sits at the gates of the almighty, guarding the seven circles above and the seven circles below.

The great mother principle of the universe appears first as a woman, the womb out of which, all creation exists, she is the holy spirit moving over the waters, and also as the mother of all other living beings – animals’ plants, minerals etc.

In gnostic texts, Sophia is the highest ruler over the visible universe, yet at the same time she is a schism between the upper and lower realms, she shapes this universe after the heavenly archetypes and forms the seven-star circles or chakras. (seven realms above and seven realms below!)

She seeks to preserve her light spark from being injured by the lower (ego) and elements, the lower chakra’s and the materialistic world, and raises herself, by her power to the upper spiritual world, (kundalini rising) spreading these out she forms out of her own bodily part – the dividing wall between the visible world and the invisible world. Creating Maya – or more easily grasped, as above so below. DUALITY!

Sophia/Gaia breaks free from patriarchal bondage and ascends back up to the true light of life, raising humanity with her ever so slightly. But she refuses to abandon the sad world of humans, and so divides herself, keeping a part of herself in the duality below, ever present and available for the enlightenment of all, when unity is sought after.

Sophia would then spiritually morph into the physical planet, walk the Earth and be a bridge between the higher and lower, in order to protect us from the lower creative (patriarchal) male force and all the agents and aspects that emerged from him.

From Ancient Sumerian, tracing back into the origins of how this was affecting life, this point of Duality was already an issue and led to the Goddess Inanna, another name for Sophia – plunging into the 7 gates of Hell from the more upper planes of Heaven.

Sophia, the feminine personification of wisdom, lives happily with spirits of light (above), in the unified limitless potential of her Father’s radiance, created by twin powers of Depth and Silence.

The spiritual seeker who is finally seized with a longing for higher light, finds in herself the power to raise up higher than the heaven of her own forming, where she becomes the ‘woman from woman’. (Kundalini)

Under Sophia are four material elements – water, darkness, abyss and chaos. Combined with two supreme masters, the father (godhead) and the son (Christ), the union proceeds into the imperishable light, the third factor has been created out of union. The original twin flames unite as bride and bridegroom unifying the three aspects into one field.

The Goddess energy of Sophia is our missing link, as her story isn’t just one of feminine power in the World – she also represents Cosmic power whose origins are in ‘the creation of all Worlds’

Sophia/Christ Consciousness exists within all things living… This force has been intentionally suppressed so that we are not in our divine essence and true power. To put extra focus on the feminine allows us to awaken the Shakti power and recognize her force and the Sacred Union and marriage of Christ with his true bride!

This is the twin flame journey, where the lion lays down with the lamb! The stories and myths are endless, but the main characters when trying to explain Creation through archetypal influences, would bring to mind names such as Christ-Sophia/Isis-Osiris etc.

The names of archetypes are endless, in how the divine feminine is portrayed, sisters and daughters of the Goddess Sophia, such as – Magdalene, Lilith, Diana, Quan Yin, Ariadne and Kali, Hathor, etc. And the same goes for the Christ with his many aspects, names for brothers and sons such as – Osiris, Ra, Seth, Thoth, Horus, etc – they all have different functions and roles.

However, it is the divine pair we as humans are looking to, to restore balance and unify polarity within ourselves.

The Union of the two energies in balance within you is the what preachers mean when they preach of the return of CHRIST! You are the Christ you have been told is returning. It happens within YOU! We are all divine Christ energy and all of us represent both feminine and masculine within.

Understanding that you are source, that you are the likeness of god/goddess, you now understand that YOU are the twin reflection of source. Magdalena and Jesus are the twin reflection of the energy in balance of the feminine and masculine of Christos energy. The first twin flames that ever existed were the personification of Sophia and Christ! Which is what Plato and other philosophers were referring to!

As within, so without, as above, so below, as the pendulum swings between duality and polarity, inner balance, harmony and universal love awaits each seeker!

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