Empath Vs Sociopath

Empath and sociopath are two opposites of the same, one functions from the higher three chakra centres and the other from the lower three centres, the sociopath needs the empath like the body needs water to survive which is why they target people with a high level of empathy, as this is valuable supply.

To observe another and to be genuine in our interaction and communication is to absorb and empathise. Empathy isn’t to say ‘oh yeah I know that feeling’, empathy is where we feel the feelings of the other and interpret them from the silence, between ourselves and that of our environment. A type of telepathy that acts as an antennae that allows us to discern who is real and who is without a soul!

When we empathize with other people, when we can feel their emotions, our mirror neurons are involved. As these mirror neurons fire in our brains and aura, it also effects all of the brains and auras of the people, empathising with the emotions and the feelings of others, and ourselves. Empathy is a function of our soul, and both are embodied together as a part of the virtues we gain when connecting with our higher consciousness.

Empathy is the anti thesis to narcissism. Empathy is a non verbal communication tool that enables non verbal, to communicate. An intuitive language that’s felt in the heart when two people connect without words.

Many say they empathise but do you really understand what empathy is! Can you genuinely state that you can feel the others inner pain! This is what empathy is! It’s how you know when a person’s body language or silence is emitting signals their inner state that proves they are calm, happy, sad or angry? So much is and can be said without words, and god or source, speaks through silence!

To feel good vibes or bad vibes when walking in a room or a certain demographic location? Mirror neurons hold the sensory information from the consciousness memories that we have gathered and interpreted by continually observing people and things in our environment.

Compassion and empathy are the cornerstones of love, they are the fabric that interconnects us to all people and things, connects us to all life, and form the foundations for connecting with the intuitive language, felt in the heart. When we are capable of putting ourselves in the other person’s body and imagine what it would feel like to undergo exactly what they are experiencing, we are practicing compassion.

To empathise is to observe and to absorb. To feel emotions and all that is real.

Sociopathy on the other hand is the opposite. It is to be disconnected from the emotions.. disconnected due to lack of empathy, competitiveness and callous with powerful narcissistic tendencies. The sociopath, is the end personality structure for the narcissist. Meaning, not all those who have narcissistic personality disorder are sociopaths, but all those with sociopathy, do have narcissistic personality disorder. Sociopaths are created out of trauma, they are not born evil or bad, they are made this way through cold and absent parenting, genetics, the environment, and other types of dysfunctional learning due to their talent for mimicry and imitation.

This means, they are the equivalent of a psychopath, callous and with no remorse for their actions. The sociopath, is made through societal dysfunction, whereas the psychopath is born this way, through genetic inheritance.

The sociopath has lost all connection to the heart, has no remorse for their actions and basically has no empathy. Because they lack any heart connection, they can pass lying detector testing with ease. They simply – don’t care! But as they are talented actors, they can pass off as caring!

An educated empath is the anti thesis to the sociopath, and often the two entwine into a dysfunctional relationship. The empath, comes away from the interaction bruised and battered, due to the psychological games played on their emotions, and the sociopath doesn’t care if the relationship continues or not. The relationship field is a playground for narcissistic supply, and the empath has emotional energy in abundance, whereas the sociopath isn’t able to generate emotions, therefore uses the empath, to feed their needs. However, once the empath decided to leave the relationship, the sociopath becomes the victim and the empath is now a villain, for deserting them and taking away their ’emotional’ food supply.

This is the reason why many go off the rails when a relationship ends. Their life force has been removed and they become, volatile, unpredictable, and suicidal, using these tactics to suck the empath back into their cold, empty, emotionless world. The empath is the narcissists life force, whereas the sociopath is the empath’s, worst living nightmare!

To counteract the sociopaths psychological tricks of deception and cunning, you have to remain neutral emotionally, to keep yourself safe, you have to stop caring, as this is what harms them most. By not caring, you effectively keep your energy supply intact, and the sociopath starves, because they cannot suck anything out of you.

If you have had the unfortunate experience of having a relationship with one, the best form of revenge is to continue with your life as if they never existed. They will attempt to defame your character, destroy your reputation and ruin you in every way possible – detachment and discernment are the keys to unlocking your freedom and repairing your sense of well being and self esteem.

One of the most valuable lessons that can ever come out of such a damaging and dysfunctional relationship with a sociopath is that they teach you how to spot them, what the psychological tactics are and how to call them out on their behaviour!! Never forget, they are the victims, you were just a pawn in their game!

4 thoughts on “Empath Vs Sociopath

      1. Now though – I’m grateful. Without that nightmare I never would have learned what gaslighting is.
        Now I warn others. Projection & gaslighting is, sadly, used by many in places of ‘authority’ to manipulate, control ..
        I cannot stand seeing people be deceived. That’s a big reason why I started blogging, I felt compelled to pass on what I’d learned so far 👯‍♀️

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      2. Me too… I’m so grateful and thankful for the journey and the lessons I learnt. I wouldn’t be the strong character I am today if it wasn’t for the psychological games I conquered.
        It’s all about trauma and deception!

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